Oppose COVID restrictions? You might be a terrorist

August 20, 2021
Bahia Beach, Puerto RicoAre you ready for this week’s absurdity? Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, risks to your prosperity… and on occasion, inspiring poetic justice.
Oppose COVID restrictions? You might be a terrorist.Leading up to the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security is warning about potential terrorism.But for some reason, it’s not focused on foreign terrorists harbored by the likes of the Taliban— now back in power in Afghanistan.Instead, the DHS is focused on domestic extremists, saying:“Such threats are also exacerbated by impacts of the ongoing global pandemic, including grievances over public health safety measures and perceived government restrictions.Wait, what?? “Perceived” government restrictions? It’s as if these people think the restrictions aren’t real. We’ve apparently been imagining all the restrictions over the past 18 months.And anyone who does imagine these “perceived” restrictions, like mask mandates for school children, must be a domestic terrorist.That makes perfect sense.Click here to read the bulletin.Bill introduced to ban unvaccinated from domestic flightsA US Congressman introduced a bill earlier this month:“. . . to ensure that any individual traveling on a flight that departs from or arrives to an airport inside the United States or a territory of the United States is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. . .”Click here to see the bill on Congress.gov.The bar for ‘heroism’ just hit an all-time lowLast month, at least 51 members of the Texas House of Representatives fled the state capital in order to prevent certain legislation from being passed.Because the politicians left town, the House of Representatives no longer had the minimum number of members required by law to hold their legislative session and vote on the bill.The Speaker of the House issued civil arrest warrants to have them recalled, so the absent members then left the state for Washington DC— most of them via private jets and chartered planes— where they cozied up with their federal colleagues in Congress for several weeks.The situation was finally resolved yesterday when a handful of them returned to Austin so that the legislative session could begin.The returning politicians, though, congratulated themselves in a public statement, saying:“We are proud of the heroic work and commitment we and our fellow Democratic caucus members have shown in breaking quorum in May and again over this summer.”There you have it: for woke politicians, spending other people’s money to run away to Washington DC on private jets is considered “heroic”.Click here to read more.Food Stamp benefits increased permanently by 28%Since 1975, increases in Food Stamp (known as SNAP) benefits have aimed at keeping up with inflation.But this year the largest ever increase in Food Stamp benefits will not just keep up with inflation, but actually increase the purchasing power of the SNAP assistance.The US Department of Agriculture, which runs the program, says this is to more closely align with the higher costs of eating healthier.The average monthly benefit for the 42 million Americans on Food Stamps will increase by $36.24 per person.That is a jump of about 28% from pre-pandemic levels, which “only” adds an extra cost of about $18.3 billion per year.These days, anything under a trillion is chump change.Click here to read the full article.Australia descends further into authoritarian Covid hellThree weeks ago, Australia sent its military out into the streets to enforce lockdowns at gunpoint.Two weeks ago the Australia state of Queensland’s Chief Health Officer told her citizens that they shouldn’t shop online. In her view, online shopping spreads COVID because it means the delivery people have to work, instead of stay home to cower in fear.Now the former Premier of the state of Victoria, which has been under the country’s harshest lockdown conditions, says that new, even harsher lockdowns across the state will be imminently announced, and will last until the end of the year.This is what free society looks like in 2021…Click here to read the full article.To your freedom,
Simon Black,
Founder, SovereignMan.com

Health authorities are pushing booster shot extermination plans to hurry and kill the masses before they fully awaken to the covid scam

Friday, August 20, 2021 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) For anyone paying attention, it’s abundantly obvious now that the entire covid “plandemic” scam is a global depopulation scheme to scare people into taking spike protein bioweapons shots (“vaccines”) that will kill them over time. What the globalists didn’t anticipate, however, is the rapid awakening to the truth that’s now spreading like wildfire across the landscape of medicine and science. With more doctors, PhDs, nurses and health care workers waking up and blowing the whistle every day, the globalists are in a panic to hurry up and kill the masses before the “normies” catch on to the vaccine depopulation scam.

Hence the mad rush into a so-called “booster” shot which of course contains yet more spike protein bioweapons to accelerate mass death across the planet.

The globalists are so desperate to scare people into taking booster shots that they’re now openly admitting the existing covid vaccines are failing and simply don’t provide lasting protection at all.

In a truly astonishing admission of all this, the New York Times ran an article yesterday entitled, “Israel, Once the Model for Beating Covid, Faces New Surge of Infections.”

The article openly admits that covid vaccines given to 2.5 billion people around the world no longer work very well, and that the people who took those vaccines are now the ones getting sick and dying. From the story:

One of the most vaccinated societies, Israel now has one of the highest infection rates in the world, raising questions about the vaccine’s efficacy.

A fourth wave of infections is rapidly approaching the levels of Israel’s worst days of the pandemic last winter. The daily rate of confirmed new virus cases has more than doubled in the last two weeks, making Israel a rising hot spot on the international charts.

The vast majority of Israel’s older population had received two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine by the end of February, and by now about 78 percent of the population 12 and older are fully vaccinated.

But some experts fear that Israel’s high rate of infections among early vaccine recipients may indicate a waning of the vaccine’s protections over time, a finding that contributed to a U.S. decision Wednesday to begin offering booster shots to Americans starting next month.

And among the fully inoculated, Israeli scientists have found growing evidence of waning immunity, particularly among the older population who were vaccinated first.

Data published by Israel’s Ministry of Health in late July suggested that the Pfizer shot was just 39 percent effective against preventing infection in the country in late June and early July, compared with 95 percent from January to early April… this scourge primarily took hold in well-vaccinated, middle-class suburbs.

Even the CDC director has now abandoned the original promise of covid vaccines

Remember the original narrative about how vaccines would provide absolute, permanent immunity and protection against covid? That narrative has now collapsed. Even the NYT is no longer claiming the vaccine provides lasting immunity of any kind.

But it gets worse: The CDC’s director, Dr. Walenksy, is now openly admitting that vaccines increase the risk of sickness. They not only don’t work, they actually make sickness worse. Here’s nine seconds of Walenksy admitting this:


This means that as the initial wave of vaccines inflicts accelerated sickness and death among the 2.5 billion world citizens who have already been jabbed, we’re going to see a wave of hospitalization and fatalities among the vaccinated. (The world’s hospitals will be overwhelmed.)

Dubbed “breakthrough” cases by the fraudulent mainstream media, these are really the result of vaccine “kill shots” that are designed to reduce the human population.

But people are waking up to the scam, so they’re hurrying their push for booster shots to kill off the masses before they revolt

Because of all the deaths, injuries and outright fraud committed via PCR-diagnosed “cases,” the people of the world are rapidly awakening to the astonishing truth of all this: It’s a scam to achieve global depopulation and authoritarian control over humanity.

As the lockdowns intensify, the people are taking to the streets and demanding an end to the scam. With hundreds of thousands now protesting in France, the establishment there is locking unvaccinated people out of grocery stores, seeking to literally starve out the unvaccinated. This will only serve to wake up the people even faster, adding to the levels of discontent that are now exploding across the planet.

We have arrived at a tipping point. Humanity is awakening at an accelerating rate, so now the globalists are trying to exterminate people as rapidly as possible to stop the spread of truth. Get full details in today’s Situation Update podcast, which also covers “no-tech” preparedness using bows and blades, along with news about the government-initiated nursing shortage that’s already worsening.


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