4 thoughts on “Asking Cops The Same Silly Questions They Ask Us – Arizona Cop Gets Flustered short version

    • Very cute, but this looks like a hoax. The nurse would be alot more freaked out if this is for real, instead they’re both joking around and putting on a show. Tik-Tok is known for fake funny skits like this 🙂


    • Sorry, but it’s clearly a hoax. Hospital scan tools read digital bar codes, QR codes and the like. It cannot pickup magnetic readings from a “chip”.
      You are partially right in that the graphene oxide that makes up 99% of the vaccine are carbon nanotubes/ nano-particles that are magnetically polarized, and can self assemble with the right frequencies, like with 5G microwaves and soon to be 6G pulsed-array technology.
      In order for the hospital to have a nanotech “reader”, they must be privy to the plandemic. If they are truly members of the globalist depopulation psychos, they would NEVER reveal their true agenda to the public! CIA & DARPA can set this up as a possible false flag event to get more ppl vaccinated, but not to show their hand as a funny gag.
      It’s common sense.


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