Even with draconian lockdowns and travel restrictions, Australia’s covid “cases” are now skyrocketing… is the science WRONG?

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson

Image: Even with draconian lockdowns and travel restrictions, Australia’s covid “cases” are now skyrocketing… is the science WRONG?

(Natural News) Something terrifying is happening in Australia. Officers of the law are dutifully carrying out the plans of the globalists and enforcing insidious rules that violate the very people they are supposed to serve. Australia has turned into a prison camp, with draconian lockdowns, bodily requirements and travel restrictions. Medical martial law has become a normal way of life, and Australians are being held down until the majority are inoculated with bioweapon vaccine experiments.

Australian governments continue to prescribe tyranny for endemic infections, and the result is always the same. As more people are locked up, the case numbers skyrocket. Australians have followed the science to a tee, but the population is getting sicker, more depressed and more violent than ever before.

Is the science wrong? Of course, it is.

Lockdowns make people sick, but Australia continues to abuse people

Lockdowns put many people in a state of fight or flight, as their careers and livelihoods are threatened. Lockdowns put more stress on people who are trying to make ends meet, limiting their opportunities and ability to interact. As rights are stripped, people are threatened to comply with bodily demands at every turn, raising blood pressure, increasing stress hormones. Grieving people need other people there for them; isolation can kill. Children and adolescents need human interaction; a lack of friendship and stability can cause depression and anxiety which can lead to suicide. All these government-generated problems break down the psychology of people and weaken their ability to adapt to the world around them. In this tyrannical environment of suppression, people get sicker in the mind and in the body.

Australia continues to set new daily records for infection, despite adhering to strict, ongoing lockdowns. From Victoria and Queensland, to New South Whales and Greater Brisbane, to South and Western Australia and the Greater Sydney region, Australia is locking people in their homes, restricting human interaction and isolating people like never before. But the nation is getting sicker and hospitalizations continue to climb. Australia beat its daily record with 914 recorded infections, and the curve never seems to flatten. The lockdowns have not worked since the beginning, and infections spike as soon as the tyranny is enacted, but governments continue on the same path, never learning, never relinquishing their ill-gotten power. In fact, Victoria is on its sixth lock down and hundreds of thousands of people are in revolt.

Vaccines cannot protect against the problems caused by vaccines, the medical system and the government

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has considered an end to the lockdowns but told the media that cannot happen until 70 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. What does it mean to be “fully vaccinated” anyway? Coronavirus vaccine programs continue to fail across the world and new boosters are now being forced onto people who were already considered protected.

“You can’t live with lockdowns forever and at some point, you need to make that gear change, and that is done at 70%,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in a television interview on the Australian Broadcasting Corp’s Insider program. Morrison believes that the rights of people are actually privileges granted by the government. In this way, the population can be subjugated into perpetuity. The Australians are beginning to learn that their rights are inherent, sovereign, that they come from God and are enforced through noncompliance and faith.

The level of coercion being used to force vaccinate people in Australia is inhumane; as it has been around the world. The world cannot be sterilized from respiratory infections, especially when the vaccines shed spike proteins and cause new mutations to manifest.

There will be no eradication of COVID because the source of transfection continues to be injected into people, weakening the population and killing off a certain percentage. Vaccines do not protect against medical error. Vaccines do not protect people against ventilator-associated pneumonia and lung damage caused by the machines. Vaccines do not help anyone lose weight, improve respiratory function or increase nutrition uptake in the cells. Vaccines do not protect against hospital-acquired super-bug infections and the failure of antibiotics. Vaccines do not protect people against the immune suppressant drugs and masks, which only weaken the body and set it up for severe disease. Vaccines do not protect against medical systems that refuse early treatment, and have never been proven to generate durable, long-lasting immunity.

The “science” will not save anyone from COVID because the science of today looks a lot like tyranny and genocide.

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God finally consents to an interview about COVID

by Jon Rappoport
As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy setting up this interview. Across the world, there are so many intermediaries, cutouts, and organizations that insist you have to go through them to get to The Man.
For example, I tried the Pope. One of his minions came back with a cryptic message suggesting I should offer a gift to the Church before formal negotiations even commence. And I’m not talking about a nice wrist watch or a crystal vase. More on the order of a truck full of cash and a personal pledge of my immortal soul for all of eternity.
Anyway, eventually I managed to work things out on my own. A direct appeal is best, I found.
The meeting place was a motel room on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio, on a warm Thursday afternoon. I made coffee, and we sat across from each other at a small folding table near the chugging air conditioner. He smiled and said, “Lucky you have a website. Nobody would believe you’re talking to me. Nobody would publish this conversation.”
And so it began.
God, did you make humans to be free? To have freedom?
Think it through. You don’t MAKE freedom. Freedom exists. You can only try to take it away. And I didn’t.
So if someone says he doesn’t want the COVID vaccine—
He’s free to refuse. But he has to pay the price. When the government or a corporation clamps down and mandates the shot, it’s a tough situation.
Where do you stand on the vaccine?
I can speak with authority on the human immune system. I created it. Vaccination is supposed to be a rehearsal for the real thing, right? The antibodies and the T-cells swing into action and neutralize the protein or the piece of the virus that’s injected.
Yes? And?
Well, if the rehearsal goes well, then why did you need it in the first place? Are you catching my drift? If the rehearsal is a success, why wouldn’t the real thing be a success without the rehearsal?
I hadn’t thought of it that way.
Nobody does.
Why not? Did you create humans with low IQ?
You can’t put that on me. People make themselves and each other smarter or dumber.
Again, freedom.
Well, yes. If every person’s IQ was 102 forever, it would be a strange world.
I take it you’re against the lockdowns.
Imprisoning innocent people in their homes? I’m very much against it.
The rationale is, “we have to stop the spread of the virus.”
I’m very familiar with rationalizations, reasons, and excuses. They tend to hide actual motives.
In this situation, what’s the actual motive for the lockdowns?
Do you really need me to confirm it? Control. Over populations.
But you yourself, when you made the world and everything in it—you were exercising extreme control.
Really? Is that what you think? I never changed or corrected what I was doing? I never stopped to consider an alternative? The bible says it all happened in six days. Do you suppose I was sitting somewhere counting? Saying, “All right, that was Tuesday, and now I’m almost in the middle of the week…”
You made mistakes?
I made changes. A mistake is when an engineer looks at his plans and says, “This won’t work. The bridge will fall down.” I wasn’t building a bridge. I’m an artist. I had an infinity of possibilities before me. I could have gone a trillion different ways.
Did you create viruses?
Cutting to the chase, eh? All right, let’s get down to it. I made a lot of little particles. Some of them can alter their forms. But in the sense you mean it, no. I didn’t make Rockefeller-type germs, each one of which supposedly causes a so-called specific disease. That’s a human story. A nonsensical fairy tale. I’m not on the hook for that. That’s a business model.
So what about SARS-CoV-2?
What about it? It’s the kind of shadow people are afraid of. They think, as they’re walking around, that the shadow follows them. And eventually, some pathetic character will say he’s discovered the cause behind the shadow—and it’s the sun. So the sun has to be neutralized. Or blocked off. Or shut down. Or changed.
So accusing the sun of causing all the trouble is like saying diseases are really genetic in origin, and in order to cure the diseases we have to re-engineer humans.
And meanwhile, a pipe from a factory is leaking into a river, and the river is filled with poison, and the fish are dying, and people who swim in the river and drink the water are getting sick and dying. But to protect the company that owns the factory, scientists say the people have defective genes and that’s the problem. Another business model.
Did you make SARS-CoV-2?
No. Why would I?
Then who made it?
Who made the shadows people are afraid of? The press, governments, propagandists.
Who made the actual virus?
I believe I’ve already answered that question.
I want a clear answer on the record.
And I want to lead you to give your own answer. What good does it do to make a pronouncement from on high?
You’re God.
And you’re free.
I was afraid we’d get into a pickle over this issue.
It isn’t just a pickle, my friend. It’s a whole apocalyptic pastrami sandwich on rye with mustard. The people of Earth have to decide whether they want to destroy themselves or lift themselves up with vital life-force—which, by the way, is the ultimate immune system.
You can’t make that decision for us.
I could, but then I would just be a super Bill Gates.
Freedom means freedom.
That’s the ticket. If you buy it, then as they say, you take the ride.
You have empathy for us?
In my own way, more than you know.
Does SARS-CoV-2 exist?
Does fear exist?
You’re saying both questions are the same? Look, these virologists in their labs—they’re working with soup in a dish, and they’re saying they’ve isolated a virus. They’re not isolating anything.
Don’t you think I’ve been in those labs? I have wide, wide experience. I’ve been everywhere. Watching the virologists is like watching a cheap circus act. When it’s over, you want your money back. I have to go now. I have appointments to slap some priests of various religions on the head. They’re taking my name in vain.
That’s a lot of priests. It must keep you very busy.
It’s similar to doing a spot-check of products coming off the assembly line.
Why don’t you just shut down the line?
Why don’t I make everything everywhere perfect all at once? Because I’m not running a puppet show.
Some people want a puppet show.
I’m not Fauci or Klaus Schwab.
Then slap those two.
Oh I have. But they like it. Sadists often do.
If a person was going to be executed…you know, killed; and he could save his life if he answered one question CORRECTLY ON THE BASIS OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH; and the question was, does the SARS-CoV-2 virus exist; and he prayed to you to give him the answer, would you?
What would you tell him?
I’d tell him it doesn’t exist.
But you would never reveal that to me.
Of course not.