Pathogenic antibodies? Vaccine-induced antibodies now believed to be causing catastrophic harm to healthy tissue

Friday, September 03, 2021 by: S.D. Wells

(Natural News) A new study from scientists in Hangzhou, China reveals that the antibodies that target Covid-19’s spike protein are turning against the immune system of the vaccinated and attacking body tissues, and this has been evaluated for all three of the CDC “emergency approval” Covid vaccines – Moderna, Pfizer and J&J. This attack is triggered by not only the experimental jab, but by the virus as well. In other words, you get the Covid vaccine, still catch Covid, and both the jab and the virus cause your newly injected “spike protein” antibodies to attack and destroy your own body tissues, including vital organs you need to survive and to fight infection.

Which is worse, getting the virus or its so-called preventative?

Here’s what happens when you get the deadly Covid jabs. Antibodies are triggered by a pathogenic virus that end up binding to your lung cells, both the damaged ones and the healthy ones. These antibodies binding to human lung cells can cause autoimmune damage, and two of the antibodies tested by the Chinese researchers bound strongly to both healthy and damaged cells.

In animal tests, those same two antibodies, the ones that bound to the human lung cells, bound to the animal lung cells and did EXTENSIVE DAMAGE to the mice’ tissues, as well as their babies’ tissues. The antibody that attacked the healthy human lung cells, a.k.a. REGN10987, killed close to 50 percent of the mice in the study. That’s almost half of the animals, and these mice have 96 percent the same DNA as humans.

Do American doctors know this? No. Will any future Covid vaccination test subjects (any human who gets the Covid jabs) be warned of this? No. Mainstream media will block this out entirely from all news. Pregnant women especially around the world should know about this study and take heed. It is their right to know.

Western Medicine worshippers love to talk about how great vaccines work to produce antibodies, but antibodies can target the lungs, heart and brain also, not just the disease

People who come down with a bad case of Covid-19 are also commonly known to have auto-immune antibodies that target the immune system, blood vessels, the brain and the heart. If you’ve seen coverage of vaccinated people suffering from myocarditis and then still contracting Covid, here comes your explanation.

The CDC, Fauci, and all the rest of the talking heads at the top of the vaccine industrial complex, always repeat the same lying mantra about “safe and effective” jabs, but a real look at the science reveals that researchers have long known about how certain proteins our antibodies lock onto can be found in our own cells, instead of the virus.

Antibodies can be fooled by cells or pathogens that look like or mimic our natural ones. The only truly “safe and effective” vaccines are ones that kill the pathogens without binding to your body’s tissues and cleansing organs. We don’t see that with today’s vaccines, especially Covid jabs. The spike proteins clog the blood vessels and invade organs, while mRNA ‘technology’ instructs your cells to create more and more.

The spike protein is not harmless. The Covid vaccine manufacturers would have everyone believe these are just harmless little fragments that fool the body into making antibodies that will be ready to attack and kill SARS-CoV-2 virus, and lessen the impact, but it’s all a lie.

Doctors are finding out there are billions and sometimes trillions of spike proteins in their patient’s blood from the Covid jabs, whether by payload injection (J&J jabs) or mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna jabs) creating them in the body. An international team of researchers published a recent study in the journal Circulation Research, and revealed to the world that spike proteins can damage the endothelial cells that make up the inner lining of blood vessels, including arteries, veins and capillaries.

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AHAjournals.orgPrevious :New Polio-like “Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome for Children” (MIS-C) could be created by injecting Covid spike protein vaccines into children, paralyzing their arms and legs

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