URGENT! Russia & China Decline G7 Invitation | Afghanistan Inaugurates New Government | Only SIX Countries Invited: Who’s In, Who’s Out | LADA RAY ANALYTICAL PREDICTIONS REPORT

Fascinating timely info Lada, happy 9-11 everyone! 😉

Futurist Trendcast

Friends, the Taliban may be inaugurating its new government on 9/11. At 3 am ET this morning I rushed to release to my members here on Patreon my new comprehensive report, whose implications go well beyond today or tomorrow! 

However, I have also just published, FREE on FuturisTrendcast blog, a substantial excerpt from this new report!

Read it here – available to all!


Afghanistan Inaugurates New Government – LADA RAY ANALYTICAL PREDICTIONS REPORT

It may seem like a paradox, but Afghanistan continues being a litmus test! The saying that Afghanistan is where empires go to die is yet again proven by the US. 

But Afghanistan is trying to remake its image, and it’s about to create a new EXCLUSIVE CLUB: those who are in, and those who are out!


9/10/21 9:39 AM

ADDED! THIS INFO JUST ARRIVED – will help you with the rest of the report…

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