Urgent Social Media Breakdown Alert! FB ‘whistleblower’ & YT Video Removal!

Social media is indeed dying a slow painful death as more content creators and viewers are getting de-platformed or shadow banned due to political/ woke censorship. Fascist regime = US dictating policy to social media tech giants. Comply! Luckily we have alternative platforms like Rumble, Bitchute, Brighteon, Telegram, all offshore of course.
Wake up and smell the jackboot ppl!

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I was planning on a different content today, but this is very important: it has begun affecting my own channels and content!

We are likely facing a breakdown of the entire US Social Media system. I think I predicted this a while back: it had to be expected as part of the Inverted Collapse, with censorship overtaking everything. This also is the result of an astrological configuration of Saturn in Aquarius, as discussed last year.

Want to alert you all to some very strange things happening on YouTube and Facebook.

You probably heard about the Facebook ‘whistleblower,’ who said that FB needs more censorship and who was given facetime on 60 Minutes, NYT interview and a Senate hearing. I can tell you, if said whistleblower was saying we need more freedom, she would have been silenced.

The way it looks to me is that she has been set loose…

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