Not even ONE state legislature has passed a covid vaccine mandate – it’s all rogue governors and local officials doing the dirty work

Monday, October 11, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) recently put out its 2021 Annual Report showing that not a single one of the existing Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” mandates across the United States was legally enacted through a state legislature.

All of them, it turns out, were decreed into existence by state governors, state or local officials, or private employers – meaning none of them are legitimate or legally enforceable in any way, shape or form.

This is not to say that a legislatively imposed Fauci Flu jab mandate, if one existed, would be any more legitimate constitutionally speaking – it certainly would not, just to be clear. It is just that these existing mandates are flagrantly dictatorial and obviously hold no weight whatsoever.

In fact, every proposed Trump Vaccine mandate that has come up in a state legislature thus far has been shot down by lawmakers. Forced pharmaceutical poisoning, in other words, is simply not popular among constituents and their elected leaders.

“Even in spite of the sometimes divisive and hostile political climate, active citizen involvement in the legislative process to protect the human right to exercise informed consent to vaccination was the most successful it has ever been,” reports The Defender.

The NVIC found that during the 2021 legislative session, there were an astounding 473 different vaccine-related bills proposed in 49 of the 50 states. Since the NVIC was established back in 2010, this is the highest number ever, and more than double the number of bills proposed in 2020.

97% of vaccine-related bills passed in 2021 expand informed consent protections

In 2010, the NVIC launched an Advocacy Portal called NVICAP that aims to secure and defend informed consent protections covering vaccine policies and laws. This free tool helps to connect vaccine choice advocates all across the country.

Over the past 12 years, the NVIC’s Advocacy Program has analyzed, tracked and issued positions on nearly 2,000 vaccine-related bills. The group’s staff also works alongside numerous health freedom groups that support its mission.

“The NVIC Advocacy Portal team, including NVIC Advocacy state directors and aligned groups, work with families and enlightened health care professionals to educate legislators and protect vaccine informed consent rights,” The Defender reports about how the program works.

“NVIC issues action alerts and sends them through email, posts them online and shares them through social media and our text alert program.”

As of this writing, many states still have active vaccine-related bills filed either in regular or special sessions. There are also numerous bills that have been pre-filed for the next session, and all of these can be tracked at the NVIC Advocacy Portal.

During the 2021 legislative sessions, some 30 bills have been passed so far that contain Wuhan Flu-related measures. Of these, 29, or 97 percent, contained positive elements that protect or expand informed consent rights.

There are also 278 additional pending bills that the NVIC says deserve support. Each one contains measures that reiterate or expand the right of people to refuse a medical procedure – in this case pharmaceutical injections.

Of the 55 total bills that have been passed so far in 2021, they address everything from Chinese Virus restrictions (i.e., lockdowns, mask mandates) to vaccine exemptions and mandates, informed consent, minor consent, vaccine tracking, and vaccine administration.

“The breakout and analysis of bills that passed in these different categories identifies trends across the states,” The Defender explains.

“This serves as a guide to educating your state legislators and community in 2021, and it shows why it is so important to speak up and protect vaccine informed consent rights. Your voice is making a difference!”

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The great SICKOUT spreads as airline pilots, railway workers, air traffic controllers, police, firefighters and the other people who keep society running say NO to vaccine coercion and threats

Monday, October 11, 2021 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) We are watching an incredible moment in human history as professionals all across the spectrum of societal job roles are saying, “NO!” to vaccine coercion and threats.

Southwest Airlines has now cancelled nearly 2,000 flights over the last three days because of a coordinated pilots’ “sickout” protest over the issue of vaccine mandates.

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly is committing massive fraud against his own pilots, falsely claiming there is a, “federal government COVID-19 vaccination directive” that forces him to demand vaccines for all his pilots. This is utterly false. No such mandate exists for private sector employees. OSHA hasn’t published any such rule. Kelly is simply bluffing along with Joe Biden, pretending there is a federal mandate that he knows isn’t law.

Not surprisingly, many of his company’s pilots are far smarter than Kelly seems to realize. Pilots tend to be sharp people, and they aren’t stupid enough to get injected with blood clotting spike protein injections when they already face heightened blood clot risks due to the time spent on the flight deck, in long-duration seated positions. That’s why they’re saying no to Kelly and walking away from their jobs, at least temporarily.

SICKOUTS now spreading to other sectors of the economy as informed Americans say NO to the spike protein death shots

It isn’t just pilots that are resorting to this important form of civil protest, either: Firefighters, police officers, railway workers and many others are saying, essentially, “Let’s go Brandon” and telling the vaccine zealots to shove it.

Amtrack trains are now starting to be cancelled as their train crews are calling in sick as part of a coordinated “sickout” protest. The treasonous mainstream media is blacking out all such stories in the hope that the practice won’t spread. They want the American public to be ignorant, isolated and terrified of covid so that they can be easily controlled and euthanized (via vaccine).

Rumors are also circulating that American Airlines pilots and workers may be joining the sickout activities, and there’s little question this practice will spread from sector to sector as informed Americans declare my body my choice — get that deadly jab out of my sight!

We are now entering the era of mass non-compliance. This is the only option remaining when a tyrannical, pharma-infested medical police state has taken away legitimate science, human rights and the rule of law: DO NOT COMPLY with their extermination agenda. Walk away from your job and find work somewhere else, since there are a huge number of small business employers who desperately need informed people and who won’t require mass vaccinations.

Supply chain disruptions accelerate as globalists seek the total destruction of humanity

Meanwhile, store shelves are going bare in NYC, where pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS are being pictured with “barren” shelves, all due to the supply chain disruptions caused by covid lockdowns that target transportation logistics personnel.

It’s very clear that the powers that be are engineering a total collapse of human civilization. Those who are stupid enough to take the spike protein injections will be destroyed physiologically. Those who refuse the jabs will be censored and fired from their jobs (economic warfare). The collapsing supply lines will impact everyone, resulting in extreme food scarcity and energy scarcity over the coming winter.

This is the plandemic, after all, and every stage of the collapse has been meticulously planned from the very start.

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