There is NO scientific evidence that covid-19 vaccines have saved a single life

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) The old adage that “vaccines save lives” cannot, in any way, be applied to the experimental covid-19 jabs. No matter how many times the public is told to believe LIES, there’s still no scientific data to prove it. An analysis by Peter Doshi, published in the British Medical Journal, points out the obvious: The vaccine makers designed clinical trials that do not provide any data on all-cause mortality benefits. The clinical trials do not study viral transmission, viral load or prevention of severe illness, hospitalization or death. Clearly, the vaccine makers did not have enough confidence in their ability to show that the experimental mRNA vaccines could save a single life. There isn’t a single clinical vaccine trial that detected a reduction in any serious outcomes. It was all fraud from the start.

Not one, single clinical trial for covid-19 vaccines studied transmission, severe illness, hospitalization or death

Today, governments around the world are “mandating” an endless series of jabs with no scientific evidence to prove that this methodology of genetic interference can prevent a single infection or save a single life. Even worse, the vaccine makers have already wiped out the control cohort in their clinical trials by inoculating them, too. By violating the clinical studies in this way, the vaccine makers erase any potential data showing that the vaccines INCREASE infection rates, ENHANCE severe illness, and ELICIT excess death.

Nevertheless, the safety data that is being reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), debunks the current propaganda that “vaccines save lives.” The onrush of vaccine injury reports paints a harrowing picture of widespread medical malpractice and wrongful death. Hundreds of thousands of medical issues have been reported post-vaccination, including thousands of deaths. Instead of pulling the experimental vaccine from the market, regulatory agencies and government dictators want to push the jabs onto children and threaten people’s livelihoods. Equally concerning, people who argue against the shots are vilified as “purveyors of misinformation” who put the “public health at risk.” No matter how hard these LIES are propagated, there is no scientific evidence that the covid shots save a single life. In fact, there’s plenty of pharmacovigilance data suggesting the shots kill people in far greater numbers.

Vaccine makers have defrauded the world, leading people to mass graves

Peter Doshi confirms: “Hospitalizations and deaths from covid-19 are simply too uncommon in the population being studied for an effective vaccine to demonstrate statistically significant differences in a trial of 30,000 people,” he adds. “The same is true regarding whether it can save lives or prevent transmission: the trials are not designed to find out.”

The phase 3 trials were not designed to detect a reduction in hospitalization, and they cannot determine whether the vaccine interrupts transmission of the virus. The vaccine makers did not address severe covid-19 illness, but instead compared rates of mild illness. Individuals with mild, cold-like symptoms and a positive PCR test were used as data points to show the rate of covid-19 in the unvaccinated control arm. None of these assumed cases of covid-19 were confirmed using symptom-specific diagnostic criteria or Sanger Sequencing. Worse yet, these cases of mild illness were used as data to prove that the vaccine saved lives that it didn’t even save! Even the chief Medical Officer for Moderna, Tal Zaks, told the British Medical Journal that their clinical trials fail to address whether the vaccines prevent severe illness, hospitalizations or deaths. Instead, the trials simply compare random rates of mild illness and non-specific symptoms in a specific time period.

Most people who test positive for covid-19 only experience mild symptoms. Their life is not on the line. There were very few cases of severe disease in the trials, yet the vaccine was touted as “safe and effective” because more people in the control arm inevitably tested positive using fraudulent, high-cycle threshold PCR tests. These positive covid cases were never confirmed to be people suffering from severe disease and death.

In fact, a large percentage of the vaccinated cohort came down with mild and severe symptoms! These medical issues (which are now being seen on a massive scale in the population) wouldn’t have occurred, if the people weren’t poisoned by the vaccines in the first place. Some of these symptoms were severe, but this did not matter to the clinical trials and its data endpoints; the clinical trials were built around positivity rates and mild symptoms, none of them investigated severe disease or hospitalization. This is why millions of people today are recovering with natural immunity, while others who get vaccinated are acutely injured, still suffer from severe disease, or die from the shots.

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This is a leading indicator of a civilization in decline

November 30, 2021In early 2007, the brand new District Attorney for Milwaukee County, Wisconsin gave an interview to a local newspaper spelling out his ‘progressive’ approach to crime.He told the reporter:
“Is there going to be an individual I divert [i.e. release back onto the street] or I put into treatment program, who’s going to go out and kill somebody? You bet. Guaranteed. It’s guaranteed to happen. It does not invalidate the overall approach.”
(Actually his approach is invalidated by the data; rape, homicide, arson, aggravated assault, and other violent crime have risen dramatically in Milwaukee. His approach is clearly not working…)
But last Sunday, one such criminal– Darrell Brooks– who benefited from this prosecutor’s legendary clemency, drove his SUV into a crowd of people, killing six… including an 8-year old child.
Brooks is a classic repeat offender; he had just been arrested a few weeks prior for running over his ex. And his numerous felony convictions go back two decades.
The only reason he was on the streets was because of this District Attorney’s outrageous progressive policies.
One HUGE problem in the United States is how ambitious people see prosecutor jobs like District Attorney and Attorney General as stepping stones to higher political offices.
Kamala Harris, for example, got her start as a prosecutor, first winning the office of San Francisco District Attorney back in 2003. She later became California Attorney General in 2010, then Senator in 2016.
Jumping from prosecutor to politician is extremely common. But it creates bad incentives for ambitious prosecutors to abuse the system for their own political gain.
We’ve seen this a lot lately– prosecutors bringing up ridiculous, dubious charges in high profile cases simply to increase their national name recognition.
Other prosecutors will use their offices to make noise about their ‘progressive’ approach to crime, in an effort to win broad support from the left. Or they’ll often NOT prosecute prominent individuals to gain political favor.
This is extremely unethical. The criminal justice system is supposed to keep bad people off the streets.
Clearly there are way too many laws criminalizing non-violent acts. And the system should allow ample room for discretion to give people a second chance. But not 20 years of second chances.
People like Darrell Brooks are on the streets because prosecutors, oftentimes for personal and political gain, simply refuse to follow the law.
I’ve written about this concept a lot lately– the rapid deterioration of America’s ‘Rule of Law’.
Rule of Law is an idea that goes back thousands of years to the days of Hammurabi’s Code. It suggests that you can’t simply change the law whenever you want. Clear rules should be applied and followed equally across society, without exception.
A strong Rule of Law was once a major cornerstone of western civilization… right alongside capitalism, individual liberty, and a sense of community.
Each of these is vanishing at an astonishing pace. And with respect to Rule of Law, we constantly see new examples where government officials will either ignore the rules, or simply invent new rules, to do whatever they want.
Several months ago, for example, the CDC Director invented the authority to take control of the entire $10+ trillion US housing market.
Obviously nothing under the Constitution or US federal law grants her that power. But she arbitrarily decided that housing fell within her jurisdiction… and hence she felt entitled to issue a moratorium on evictions.
Last week the Federal Trade Commission (whose new chairwoman is a hardcore Marxist) announced they would “identify additional legal theories” to stop mergers in the energy sector.
In other words, they don’t actually have the legal authority. So they’re just going invent some new legal concept that gives them the power to do whatever they want.
Last week’s verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was another obvious example; Hunter Biden’s dad raged that he was “angry and concerned” after the jury decided Rittenhouse was NOT guilty.
Yet when another jury delivered guilty verdicts against all three defendants in the death of Ahmaud Arbery, Biden proudly announced that “the guilty verdicts reflect our justice system doing its job.”
It’s amazing that the President of the United States publicly opines on the health of the justice system based on whether the jurys’ verdicts meet with his personal approval.
And this is an extraordinary testament to the declining Rule of Law in America.
Not to be outdone, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee said Rittenhouse’s acquittal was a “gross miscarriage of justice and sets a dangerous precedent. . .” He also called for the US Department of Justice to “review” the case.
It’s no longer OK for a jury to hear evidence and deliver a verdict.
If that verdict doesn’t conform to what the woke mob wants, the government will ignore the law, legal tradition, and the entire system of justice, to demand the outcome that it wants.
As a final example, several months ago workers at an Amazon facility in Alabama voted whether or not to organize and form a union.
The vote made national news, because government officials all the way up to Hunter Biden’s dad were pleading with the workers to unionize.
The workers, however, had different plans. And they voted by an overwhelming margin to NOT unionize.
But yesterday afternoon the US National Labor Relations Board decided to invalidate that April vote. And they are now requiring the workers to hold a new election.
If you say anything about an election being unfair or fraudulent, then you’re a conspiracy theorist who is a threat to democracy.
Yet if the government doesn’t like the outcome of a union election, they’ll just invalidate the vote until they get the outcome they want.
I cannot overstate the importance of this issue; strong nations have a strong Rule of Law.
And history is full of examples, from Rome to medieval Venice to the Ottoman Empire, which show that a deteriorating rule of law is a leading indicator of a civilization in decline.
To your freedom,
Simon Black,

De Blasio doubles down on jab mandate for NYC subway travel, even though covid “vaccines” aren’t saving lives

Monday, November 29, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has tweeted a new decree that would seem to call for all riders of the subway to show proof of “vaccination” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) in order to ride public transport.

Claiming without evidence that “[w]e know vaccine mandates work – New York City is proof of that,” de Blasio announced that it is time to “go even further” by mandating the jabs for citywide travel.

“I’m urging @GovKathyHochul to institute an MTA vaccine mandate,” de Blasio further wrote. “Let’s do what we can to keep our city, our residents, and our workforce safe.”

De Blasio’s request has not yet been answered by Hochul. If it is, then riding public transport would join going to the gym, eating out at restaurants and watching a movie at the cinema in requiring a “vaccine passport” for participation.

While some have suggested that de Blasio’s tweet was aimed at MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) workers, the tweet clearly does not single out just them. On its surface, the tweet seems directed at everyone who wants to travel on the subway.

“You are doing everything you can to bring the rioting taking place all over Europe to NYC, aren’t you?” asked one person in response to de Blasio’s tweet.

“That’s what you’re worried about?” asked another about de Blasio’s obsession with vaccine passports.

“Trains have a worse in time performance than in 2017 when we had a literal state of emergency, bc of 20 min intervals mid rush hour there’s dangerous overcrowding, and you’re worried about a mandate?”

Another asked when de Blasio’s term is up so they can once again visit New York City.

“Nope. This is insane,” wrote another.

“You are not instituting an internal passport with conditions for free movement around the city that disproportionately impacts the homeless, brings everyone into greater contact with the NYPD, and is logistically impossible anyway. Are you high?”

Covid has disappeared in Africa because nobody there is getting “vaccinated”

In Africa, meanwhile, the Chinese Virus has all but disappeared, even though only around six percent of all Africans have gotten injected.

According to the latest reports, Africa currently has the world’s lowest rate of “positive” test results, illnesses and deaths, despite shrugging off the plandemic narrative.

If the official narrative was actually true, then Africa should be a giant pile of bodies at the point, seeing as how the injections, the masks, the social distancing, and all the rest is virtually non-existent there.

Instead, Africa is virtually covid-free. And the media all throughout the West does not want people to know this because if enough people learned the truth, then there would be a whole lot of heads from pharmaceutical executives and politicians spiked on lampposts.

The “experts” say they just cannot figure out how there is no covid in Africa, but everyone else with a working brain can clearly see that masks, jabs and lockdowns are causing the thing that the so-called “authorities” insist they help to prevent.

“Other possible explanations forwarded as reasons for Africa’s situation include past exposure to other coronaviruses, youthful populations, fewer patients lacking zinc and vitamin D, past use of the Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccination, climate, genetic background, and parasite load,” reported Ryan McMaken from Infowars.

“In addressing the African ‘enigma,’ one group of researchers in the journal Colombia medica dared even suggest it’s possible – although not conclusively shown at this point – that ‘a mass public health preventive campaign against COVID-19 may have taken place, inadvertently, in some African countries with massive community ivermectin use.’”

More of the latest news about Fauci Flu tyranny can be found at

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PROOF that COVID “vaccines” cause prion disease

Monday, November 29, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) What you are about to read got Steve Kirsch of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund permanently banned from Twitter because it proves that the “vaccines” being administered for the plandemic are causing people to develop prion disease.

Before the shots were first introduced by the previous administration as part of Operation Warp Speed, there were next to no cases of prion disease. Now, prion disease is fast becoming a household name.

“There is no doubt the mRNA vaccines are causing prion diseases,” Kirsch writes. “People didn’t have these diseases before the shot and suddenly they develop them after the shot. There is no other explanation for this.”

“None of the ‘fact checkers’ can explain the cause of the excess rates. Prion diseases are incurable and always fatal. You can die as soon as 6 weeks after COVID vaccination.”

Twitter, meanwhile, says that this is false, even though a simple VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) query shows a considerable “excess” of prion disease cases ever since the injections started getting plunged into people’s arms.

Just a few hours after Kirsch tweeted an article from his “good friend” Jessica Rose about the matter, the Twitter gods eliminated Kirsch’s account, including all of his content over the past 12 years that he made available to his roughly 75,000 followers.

“My messages were removed,” Kirsch says. “There was no opportunity to download my content.”

Twitter is an enemy of the truth

Back in May 2021, Prof. Byram Bridle made public a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request about the Pfizer jab’s bio-distribution data. In this disclosure, it was mentioned that the spike protein was associated with Lewy body formation, which is linked to prion disease.

At the time, Bridle expressed concerns about the injections causing prion diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), the latter of which Rose discusses at length in her article (which is only available to paid subscribers).

It turns out that Bridle’s concerns were warranted. A VAERS query shows that the only injections causing seriously elevated rates of prion disease are those being administered for the Fauci Flu.

Nearly 84 percent of all excess dementia and Alzheimer’s cases this past year are linked to Chinese Flu shots. For Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which is much rarer, that figure is nearly 86 percent.

“Remember, these are 30-year searches for all vaccines,” Kirsch notes in his article.

“Clearly there are excess reports. And we know VAERS isn’t being ‘over-reported’ this year which I’ve shown many times before (events not caused by the vaccine are reported at rates comparable to other vaccines).”

If all of these excess cases of prion disease have nothing to do with the shots as Twitter claims, then what is causing this sudden spike? Should all of the outlying evidence pointing to the injections be ignored simply because the mainstream media is refusing to acknowledge it?

Keep in mind that not a single “fact checker” has even bothered to look at VAERS, or the claims made about the data thereof. They are simply rejecting the evidence because it does not fit the official government narrative.

“Unless you can explain how all these cases of CJD and Alzheimer’s which NEVER showed up (in any significant numbers) *before* these vaccines are showing up in droves *after* these vaccines, then you are putting people in DANGER by censoring my tweet and suspending my account,” Kirsch says.

“If you are going to cancel my account, the least you can do is tell me your unassailable proof that my Tweet was misleading when all the scientific evidence (and VAERS data) supports what I wrote.”

The latest news about Chinese Virus shots that you will not find anywhere else can be found at

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Biden’s “Big O”

November 29, 2021In 1894, a retired university professor named Paul Bachman was living out his golden years in Weimar, Germany.Recently divorced, Bachman filled his days writing books, including what would become a five volume series… about analytical number theory.
It wasn’t exactly a James Bond novel; number theorists study things like prime numbers, infinity, and the fundamental properties of arithmetic.
Here’s a simple number theory example to give you a basic idea: prove that the sum of the first n integers (i.e. 1+2+3+4 . . . + n) is equal to (n2 + n)/2.
Number theory is full of seemingly elementary concepts which can turn out to be incredibly vexing… and much more complex than they initially appear. And the field has been applied widely in modern technology.
Bachman’s 1894 book (which had a spectacularly long German name) introduced an important concept in analytical number theory, something that eventually became known as “Big O notation”.
In simple terms, Bachman’s “Big O” is used to describe certain functions whose output is limited, even when the inputs grow to infinity.
Big O is an important concept in computer science. Coders classify the efficiency of their algorithms using Big O notation.
Google, for example, pays very close attention to the Big O efficiency of their search algorithms; a more efficient algorithm means faster search results and less computing power.
And there are a range of other applications as well.
Anyone who has studied math and physics knows scientists’ predilection for using Greek letters. Pi in geometry, sigma as a summation operator, etc.
In 1976, a Stanford professor named Donald Knuth published a work giving Big O notation its own Greek letter.
And you can probably guess which one– omicron.
This is a bit ironic given that the World Health Organization recently dubbed the newest variant of Covid-1984 as omicron.
It’s like it’s March 2020 all over again; public health officials are already locking down their borders and restricting travel, and the media is swooning over every new omicron case around the world.
Most importantly, governments and central banks are standing by ready to shovel massive, steaming piles of stimulus into their economies.
And this is the part that I find so ironic. Remember, in mathematics, omicron (or Big O) describes functions where the output is limited, even when the input is infinite.
That’s pretty much the case with all of this stimulus.
For these politicians and central bankers, their willingness to print and spend money is without limit; in other words, the stimulus ‘input’ is practically infinite.
But the output is proving to be extremely limited. The more money they print, and the more stimulus they sprinkle around the economy, the less impact it has.
Economists call this diminishing returns. The idea is that every additional dollar, euro, yen, or renminbi you dump into your economy has a smaller impact than the previous one.
And given the rampant inflation they’ve created, it’s pretty clear that the impact of their stimulus has become negative.
We’ve talked about this before– economies prosper when people are easily able to work hard and produce. And economies grow when more goods and services are being produced.
These politicians and central bankers, on the other hand, are making it more difficult for people to work hard and produce.
Their public health regulations have already shuttered countless businesses. They’ve terrified people into not wanting to leave the house. They’ve created absurd incentives for people to stay home, to the point that many businesses who survived COVID are really struggling to find labor.
They’ve passed ridiculously anti-competitive legislation and regulations– labor policy, taxes, environmental rules, etc.
They’ve ordered private businesses to fire tens of millions of people whose only transgression is exercising personal choice.
So, rather than setting economic conditions for workers and businesses to be highly productive, they’re doing the opposite and making it more difficult for people to work.
They also seem to think they can paper over this problem by printing money. But this is deeply flawed thinking; dumping trillions of dollars into the economy doesn’t actually produce anything.
The end result of all of this is inflation… and supply chain bottlenecks. All of their money printing has stimulated demand. But with businesses and workers not able to produce as much, there’s now more money in the system demanding fewer goods and services.
At the same time, there are fewer workers– truck drivers, forklift operators, etc. available to move resources.
And public health orders around the world have compounded this problem, making it more difficult for overseas manufacturers to produce and transport goods.
This is why there’s a supply chain bottleneck… and why prices are soaring– infinite input, limited output. Omicron.
But here’s what’s really crazy, if you want to think a little bit about the future:
Within the next three years, an incredible 51% of the US national debt is going to mature. Given that the federal government is planning multi-trillion dollar deficits until the end of time, there’s no way they’re going to be able to repay that debt.
So how will they deal with it? Simple. The Federal Reserve is going to have to print more money… trillions of dollars more.
And that’s on top of the trillions of dollars they’re going to print over the next few years to pay for all of these new social programs… plus whatever omicron bailout the government comes up with.
It’s truly mind boggling how much money the Fed is going to have to print.
And when we see how disastrous the effects have been thus far, coupled with anti-competitive, anti-productive regulations, there’s no telling how high inflation could soar.
Don’t worry, though, Hunter Biden’s dad is on the case. That’s why he reappointed the current head of the Federal Reserve to a new term… so the chief central banker who helped engineer the worst inflation in three decades gets to keep his job.
Clearly, tackling inflation is this administration’s top priority.
And that’s why he summoned the heads of big businesses to a meeting at the White House to demand that they keep prices low and have store shelves fully stocked for Christmas.
Because that’s the way you solve the inflation and supply chain problems: issuing more commandments.
One Congresswoman actually sent Hunter Biden’s dad a letter urging him to appoint a Supply Chain Czar.
It’s extraordinary. All these people know how to do is create a highly centralized bureaucracy. Make demands. Appoint a Czar. Give the government more power over the economy, even though everything they’re doing is a total failure.
Once again, that’s omicron. Infinite input. Limited output.To your freedom,
Simon Black,

Ten OMICRON “variant” predictions for 2022 and beyond… globalist authoritarian playbook stripped naked

Saturday, November 27, 2021 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) The omicron “variant” media hysteria is pure fiction. It’s nothing but a 1984-style Orwellian psychological terrorism operation that has been engineered to keep the populations of the world enslaved and obedient while terrorist governments carry out their global depopulation / genocide programs.

The evil genius of this narrative is that it requires no evidence whatsoever. Since no one can actually see a “variant” — and since no isolated omicron viral samples exist anywhere in the world for lab test confirmations — a coordinated mass media hysteria campaign simply implants human consciousness with the illusion of omicron, accompanied by extreme fear.

To date, no one in America has even been diagnosed with the variant, and no one has died from it anywhere on the planet. Yet thanks to mass media journo-terrorism, half of America is now freaking out over something that likely doesn’t exist at all. “Omicron” is almost certainly a coordinated fabrication.

Yet out of nowhere, the media has managed to program the population to lose their minds upon mention of the word, “mutations.” Although random mutations in genetic material take place literally millions of times each day in every human being’s own body, suddenly “mutations” are the scariest thing imaginable, according to the hyperventilating media. (Which is why I call omicron a “scariant,” not a variant.)

Over the last two years, globalists have confirmed that FEAR, not “science,” is their ultimate mechanism of control over humanity

Remember when we were all told in 2020 that if just 60 – 70% of the country agreed to take two shots, everything would return to normal and covid would be over? It was all a calculated lie from the start.

The lie promised freedom if people would just comply, but what it delivered was tyranny and fear… along with never-ending obedience to government-coerced vaccine compliance.

What 2020 and 2021 have now exhaustively proven to the globalists is that fear is their ultimate weapon against humanity. Through the use of coordinated fear, they can convince about half the population of the world to be injected with deadly spike protein gene therapy shots that will kill them over time. Conveniently, all those deaths can be blamed on something else — like cancer — thereby avoiding any blame being focused on the vaccines.

Why is there already a 29X increase in stillborn babies, by the way? As Steve Kirsch writes at

There is a 29X increase in the rate of stillborn babies in Waterloo, Ontario that started after vaccination program rolled out. All the mothers of the stillborn babies were vaccinated…

Yes, this is a big deal. But nobody is listening. Cardiac risk could go up 1,000X after vaccination and it wouldn’t matter. Nobody is listening.

As psychologists know very well, when fear is combined with sensory overload (i.e. too much news, too many voices, conflicting reports, etc.), people naturally default to anything that resembles authority. Their rational mind is completely shut down, and they can no longer engage in critical thinking. Once they are sufficiently pounded into relentless fear, the governments of the world herd them into vaccination centers for their obedient depopulation shots. With a page ripped right out of the Stanford prison experiment, they also transform obedient vax recipients into societal “prison guards” / enforcers who demand that everyone else be injected with the same concoction… or else.

This is why so many vaxxed people have turned into raging lunatics who try to force their death shots on everyone around them. (And just maybe, the vaccine prions are eating their brains, too, causing aggressive personality changes…)

Ten predictions for how omicron hysteria will be exploited by terrorist governments to accelerate their murderous genocide against humanity

Over the last several months, I have publicly predicted the release of a new, scarier bioweapon narrative. The coordinated mass media omicron freakout was easily predicted, and many of us across independent media are on the record predicting exactly this.

But what will they do next? That’s also very easy to see, since it all comes from the same playbook as covid. Omicron hysteria will be aggressively pushed and used in every way imaginable to achieve totalitarian control over the masses, who will then be lined up and taken to death camps for efficient extermination.

Here are my ten predictions for Omicron and 2022:

Prediction #1: Omicron variant hysteria will be used to reset everyone’s vaccine passports to zero, coercing people into a whole new round of vaccines for this new variant. Those stupid enough to go along with omicron variant vaccines will be signing up for a never-ending series of spike protein bioweapons injections, which will eventually kill them.

Prediction #2: Omicron hysteria will be exploited to justify aggressive vaccine mandates, demanding that this “new emergency” overrides all human rights, medical freedom and body autonomy.

Prediction #3: Although the omicron variant has so far only been found in fully vaccinated people, the lying corporate media will blame its origins on the unvaccinated.

Prediction #4: The omicron variant will be used as a cover story by the corporate media to try to explain away all the Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) deaths caused by covid vaccines. Even as vaccinated people die in large numbers, the media will blame the unvaccinated (see #3, above) and demand that unvaccinated people be completely locked down and denied access to society.

Prediction #5: Omicron hysteria will be used to attempt to criminalize dissent against vaccines, mandates, government “authority” or the covid criminals behind the gain-of-function research, such as Anthony Fauci. All such dissenting speech will be designated a “danger to society,” and those who utter such speech will be accused of killing people.

Prediction #6: Mass hysteria pushed by the journo-terrorist media will justify governors ordering more lockdowns, leading to more supply chain failures, product scarcity and price inflation.

Prediction #7: If the media can push the omicron hysteria with enough ferocity, it will be used to either cancel the 2022 mid-term elections or demand universal mail-in voting, citing the “extreme dangers” of anyone going out in public.

Prediction #8: Every economic failure caused by the incompetent, criminal Biden regime will be blamed on omicron. This imaginary “variant” instantly becomes the scapegoat for sky-high energy prices, supply shortages and empty grocery store shelves. The media will blame everything on omicron, and then they will blame omicron on the unvaccinated.

Prediction #9: At some point, either the omicron variant or the next one that’s unleashed will be used to justify door-to-door mandatory vaccines in America, along with the medical kidnapping of anyone who resists, taking them away to covid concentration camps for efficient extermination. (This practice has already begun in Australia, where the military is kidnapping indigenous people and taking them away to camps at gunpoint.)

Prediction #10: Omicron won’t be the last variant that’s used to evoke mass hysteria and multi-billion dollar government payouts to Big Pharma. This scamdemic will be repeated every year or so, in perpetuity, for as long as the people remain in fear and go along with it.

Get full details in my short podcast update here:

POLIO is a man-made disease caused by heavy metals exposure, not a virus… the entire history of polio and vaccines was fabricated

Sunday, November 28, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

Image: POLIO is a man-made disease caused by heavy metals exposure, not a virus… the entire history of polio and vaccines was fabricated

(Natural News) A common retort from vaccine advocates whenever healthy skepticism is expressed against vaccination is that were it not for the jabs, we would still be dealing with epidemics of things like polio. But is this actually true?

Forrest Maready, author of the book The Moth in the Iron Lung: A Biography of Polio, tells a much different story about polio that suggests it is not actually a contagious virus that can be vaccinated against, but is rather a set of symptoms caused by environmental contaminants.

While there was no pharmaceutical industry to speak of in 1789, a doctor at that time by the name of Michael Underwood first observed what he described as a “debility of the lower extremities” in children – or what many today would refer to as polio. Not knowing what it was, Underwood chalked it up to teething and foul bowels.

Several decades later, the situation worsened with increasingly more children developing this strange paralysis, usually in their legs. Despite still not knowing what it was, doctors gave it a name: poliomyelitis, with the word polio standing for “grey,” as in grey tissue, and myelitis standing for inflammation of the spinal cord.

“A poliomyelitis was a lesion on your spinal cord,” Maready explains. “You could have more than one of them. But they didn’t know why children had begun developing them, seemingly out of nowhere.”

Scientific tests later linked arsenic, a popular medical ingredient at the time, to paralysis of the hind legs. Mercury, another common metal used in infant teething products, was also linked to the disease.

Throughout most of the 1800s, poliomyelitis would pop up here and there in children but there were no major epidemics of it. Then in the 1890s, the first outbreaks of polio suddenly emerged right around the time that a new arsenate-based pesticide was introduced.

This chemical concoction, which was designed to fight off the gypsy moth, contained both lead and arsenic. It was sprayed all over the Northeast right before the first real epidemics of poliomyelitis first began to emerge in the United States – also, not surprisingly, in the Northeast.

Not only children but also horses, dogs, chickens, pigs and other animals suddenly started to develop similar symptoms and many of them died. The cause? Lesions in their spinal cords caused by, you guessed it: heavy metal-induced poliomyelitis.

“Vaccines” contain heavy metals that cause polio and other diseases

It is important to note that polio as modern medicine defines it does not infect animals. So how, then, did animals “catch” and die from it back in the late 1800s? The answer is that poliomyelitis is a metal toxicity disease, not a contagious viral disease.

Just like there is no such thing as a “covid” virus since SARS-CoV-2 has never actually been isolated, polio has not and cannot be pegged down as a specific infectious disease. Neither of these two illnesses meets Koch’s Postulates, either – meaning they have never been isolated and proven to exist as contagions.

“Koch’s Postulates were some research guidelines that basically stipulated there was a single causative microbe for every disease,” Maready explains.

The fact that polio is not a virus was further confirmed years later when it was discovered that many different things besides arsenic also caused poliomyelitis. One of them is “vaccines,” which we know contain all sorts of viruses, bacteria and other toxic materials that are injected directly into the body, bypassing its defenses.

What this suggests is that seemingly viral illnesses are either injected through vaccines or are caused by environmental pollution. There is no evidence to suggest that either polio or covid is a contagious virus that can be spread through the mouth or nose via airborne particulates.

Even so, the medical consensus is one that seeks to categorize these things as contagious diseases rather than symptoms caused by other factors. This false theory started to gain traction back in the 1800s and has since become the standard by which modern medicine gauges infectious diseases.

It is unfortunate that the practice of medicine went down this wrong path because millions have needlessly suffered, and many have died as a result. With polio, there was always one common denominator that was systematically overlooked as the cause, and that was environmental pesticides.

“I believe ingested pesticides, known to cause cellular membrane dysfunction, created a path directly from the intestines to the bottom of the spinal cord, located directly behind, for the viruses and bacteria to take hold,” Maready says, noting that polio almost always affected young children the worst, and nearly always in the same lower part of their spinal cord right behind their intestines.

“This is why multiple viruses (poliovirus, coxsackievirus, echovirus, etc.) all began paralyzing children around this time. It wasn’t a genetic mutation. It wasn’t sanitation improvements. It was a physical alteration of the gut integrity by pesticides.”

Maready’s thesis also explains why older people are not nearly as at-risk for polio compared to younger children. As a person grows older, the positioning of the spinal cord in relation to the intestines moves apart, decreasing the risk of the gray matter of the spinal cord getting infected and inflamed.

“This is why the injected Salk polio vaccine worked so poorly,” Maready further explains.

“It created antibodies for only one of many viruses that could paralyze, and it created antibodies in the blood – a useless defense against an intestinal infection” (you can read the rest of the story on Maready’s Twitter thread).

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Brave ICU doctor warns about covid “vaccine” injuries, deaths

Wednesday, November 24, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) After being repeatedly ignored by public health officials, Dr. Patricia Lee decided to risk it all by coming forward to warn about the horrors she is witnessing in her ICU from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Dr. Lee’s bravery inspired at least 11 others to do the same, revealing in sworn declarations how “fully vaccinated” patients are flooding hospitals with serious injuries caused by their injections.

Attorney Aaron Siri explains on his Substack how Dr. Lee was told by all of the relevant three-letter agencies (i.e., the FDA and the CDC) that despite what she is witnessing with her own eyes, the injections are perfectly safe.

“These agencies typically respond by saying that VAERS is not showing a safety signal so there is nothing to worry about,” Siri explains.

“If you don’t already know, VAERS is the system that the CDC and FDA say cannot show that a vaccine causes an injury, but yet can show a vaccine is safe. Meaning, heads they win, tails you lose.”

Many of the other physicians who contacted Siri say that they themselves were injured by Fauci Flu shots, and that their requests for treatment were dismissed just like they are being dismissed for other injured people all around the world.

Their stories read like that of Maddie de Garay, a child who now uses a wheelchair and eats through a feeding tube in her nose after a Chinese Virus injection injured her.

Young Maddie was reportedly told by doctors that her symptoms were “psychological.” Only after the right physicians were found did Maddie receive a proper diagnosis of a vaccine injury.

“If physicians are dismissed as ‘making it up,’ imagine what the average individual without medical knowledge and access must deal with after a Covid-19 vaccine injury,” Siri says.

Life and liberty should never be contingent upon getting a forced medical procedure

The 11 declarations Siri received are more than likely just a small sampling of the true number of physician vaccine injuries that are out there but that are not being reported due to fear of retribution.

It is politically incorrect for anyone in the medical profession to question Chinese Virus injections, even though the injury and death counts are soaring even by the government’s standards.

“It should not be that public health authorities listen to physicians only if they parrot their preferred messaging regarding Covid-19 vaccines,” Siri says.

“To the contrary, physicians should especially be listened to when their clinical experience directly opposes that messaging. But the experience of these physicians, and the many more who have contacted my firm, evidence precisely the opposite is true.”

On his Substack, Siri has published each of the declarations for public viewing. In most cases, the writing physicians are no longer able to work, or are severely restricted compared to their pre-jab health state.

The lesson in all this, Siri says, is that civil and individual rights should never be contingent upon someone getting a medical procedure, in this case a Wuhan Flu shot.

“Requiring informed consent – which means giving every American the ability to give or withhold consent without coercion – is the last and final backstop to the dangers that result when we permit the government to decide what must be injected or placed into or onto our bodies,” he says.

“This is no hyperbole as the current state of affairs is that you cannot sue the manufacturers for Covid-19 vaccine injuries, cannot see the data underlying the licensure of the vaccine, cannot discuss Covid-19 vaccine injuries on social media, and cannot say no to the vaccine if you want to keep your job or attend many universities.”

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