The SMALLPOX BIOWAR – globalists prepare “perfect” scheme to cover up vaccine deaths and cancel mid-term elections by unleashing a new, deadly epidemic

Thursday, November 18, 2021 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) The good news is that the Biden vaccine mandate is almost certainly going to be struck down by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. This will hand Biden a crushing defeat of his attempted agenda to mass exterminate the American people via “vaccine” bioweapons.

The bad news is that once the vaccine mandate is struck down, globalists will be forced to resort to their next devastating strategy to achieve their goals of genocide and depopulation. It looks like their next weapon is going to be Marburg, Ebola or Smallpox.

Smallpox is the most likely choice because it is extremely contagious and almost no one has immunity against it. Bill Gates has repeatedly warned — with a creepy grin — that America should be ready for a smallpox terrorism attack targeting US airports. When Bill Gates warns about something like this, it’s usually because globalists are planning to carry it out.

Yahoo News reported this week that vials labeled “smallpox” were discovered in a Merck laboratory, in violation of US law. In the continental United States, only the CDC’s facility in Atlanta is authorized to store smallpox vials. So what is Merck — a vaccine manufacturer — doing with smallpox vials?

You wouldn’t be crazy to suppose they’re working on the next big bioweapons release to generate another wave of profits from smallpox vaccines.

But a smallpox release by the globalists accomplishes much more than just depopulation…

Burying covid vaccine deaths and halting the 2022 mid-term elections

The effect of a deliberate smallpox release by the anti-human globalists would be a covering up of covid vaccine deaths, which are already beginning to wildly accelerate. Millions of people will die around the world from covid vaccines in just the next six months as immune suppression, Antibody Dependent Enhancement and cancer tumors growths all accelerate. The globalist cabal is desperate to distract the world from the depopulation effects of the vaccine, so they need some larger mass death catastrophe to take the blame.

Secondarily, a smallpox outbreak would also allow the criminals in D.C. to declare a national emergency and suspend the 2022 mid-term elections, where they are likely to be politically slaughtered. Current polls, if projected into election results, show that Democrats are very likely to lose the House, Senate and numerous state governorship and state legislatures, leaving Biden (or Harris) with no effective power other than unconstitutional executive decrees (which the courts keep shooting down).

Thus, Democrats need a bigger catastrophe to cancel the 2022 elections. Smallpox (or Marburg) is their “perfect” choice, given that they have zero respect for human life and would sacrifice every last living American if doing so would keep them in power. They are like crazed, insane animals, willing to do absolutely anything to maintain their control.

Bill Gates paints a picture like “12 Monkeys” with airport release of smallpox

From Yahoo News:

Bill Gates has warned governments to prepare for smallpox terror attacks and future pandemics by investing billions into research and development.

The Microsoft founder suggested that the ‘germ games’ could prepare nations for bio-terrorism such as smallpox attacks on airports. Mr Gates warned that bioterrorism caused epidemics could be worse than naturally occurring ones.

Why did Bill Gates specifically choose smallpox and airports for his example? Because that’s the most effective way for bioterrorists — i.e. depopulation globalists — to initiate their next biowar. It’s a scene ripped right out of 12 Monkeys, the dystopian sci-fi film starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt.

Furthermore, a globalist release of smallpox would likely trap many vaccine skeptics and anti-mask individuals who have become accustomed to taking few precautions in public. While “covid” turned out to be little more than a renamed flu, weaponized smallpox has at minimum a 30% mortality rate and can go much higher depending on its configuration. To survive smallpox, Americans would have to lock themselves down for an extended period of time… perhaps an entire year, with virtually no supplies of food, fuel, medicine, water or other essentials. Many people who have dismissed the severity of covid would inadvertently expose themselves to smallpox, with devastating consequences.

The bigger the crisis, the more the powers that be can assert their false authority and deprive people of basic civil liberties (and human rights). That’s why a smallpox deployment is the single most effective strategy that anti-human globalists can pursue right now to further enslave humanity and crush the United States of America.

Will they really pull the trigger on this and release it? We have no way of knowing in advance, but we’ve already seen their willingness to unleash other horrendous weapons against humanity that are resulting in mass death across the planet (i.e. spike protein “vaccine” injections that are biowarfare murder weapons).

According to, 52.4% of the world’s population has received a covid vaccine. That’s over 4 billion people, and the number is growing by nearly 30 million per day. With a 50% long-term fatality rate from these vaccines — spanning short term, medium term and long term causes of death — it means globalists are effectively slaughtering 15 million human beings per day.

That’s TWO Nazi Holocausts each day, every day, as the vaccine holocaust continues to mass murder humanity. All the deaths aren’t instantaneous, so it will take years for these numbers to be fully realized, but once a person is injected, their death clock is already counting down.

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Italian government categorizes peaceful protesters as terrorists to justify police raids on homes of covid vax pass protesters

Thursday, November 18, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Protesters in Italy who oppose their government’s tyrannical new Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine passport” scheme are now having their homes raided by police in retaliation.

According to reports, the Turin prosecutor’s office directed multiple police raids in several Italian cities against people believed to be opposed to the so-called “Green Pass,” which is now required in Italy to buy and sell.

Italian law enforcement claims that the raids were only perpetrated against people believed to have “extremist links” and “criminal backgrounds.” These include prior convictions for theft or using plant substances that the government considers to be “illegal drugs.”

The General Investigations and Special Operations Division (DIGOS) of Palermo claims to have found containers of an “acid substance” in one of the raids, which was supposedly intended to be thrown at police during a protest.

Police in Brescia and Cremona further claim they found knives and a crossbow in other raids. (RELATED: The Italian government is also committing economic terrorism by demanding that employers stop paying their unvaccinated employees.)

Unlike Americans, Italians of all political persuasions are opposed to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) fascism. Both the far-left and far-right, as well as everyone in between, have been seen at protests across the country.

The Italian government is free to commit chemical violence against its citizens, but protesting against it is not allowed

The Italian government is also freaking out about Italians using online chat platforms like Telegram to organize their protests. Officials claim that these types of apps are encouraging “extremism,” and some want them to be shut down in response.

One chat group called “Basta Dittatura,” or Enough of the Dictatorship, appears to be one of the primary organizers for anti-Green Pass demonstrations. One member of the group is accused of threatening Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

The raids, meanwhile, came about after the Italian Interior Ministry promised to crack down on anti-Green Pass protesters, who are being accused of committing “violence.”

The government’s chemical “vaccine” violence, conversely, has been sanctioned as normal by government officials who believe that informed consent is no longer valid within the realm of medicine and science.

Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese recently ordered that all anti-Green Pass protesters be banned from historic city centers. He would prefer that their protests be limited to “sit-in style” protests that have no effect.

“The so-called No Pass demonstrations have been paralysing every Saturday, for weeks, the historic centre of many cities, creating inconvenience to citizens and traders, as well as generating gatherings among the unvaccinated,” announced Carlo Sibilia, the undersecretary of the interior, in a recent statement.

This announcement came just days before the Mayor of Trieste Roberto Di Piazza banned anti-vaccine passport demonstrators from the city’s Piazza Unità d’Italia.

“They (the governments) never seem to have the resources to raid the homes of migrants without passports, though,” noted one Breitbart News commenter about the utter hypocrisy of these raids.

“Reminds me of the Nazis going from house to house looking for Jews,” wrote another.

One man pointed out that governments that refuse to listen to their people – which seems to be most of them in the West these days – “will eventually suffer.”

“Reap what you sow,” this person added. “The last Italian totalitarian dictator, Mussolini, came to a sticky end. There will still be a few who remember that.”

Another commenter wrote a famous quote that describes the current state of our world to a T:

“When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Society is breaking down at breakneck speed due to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) tyranny. To keep up with the latest, visit

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