🎉🌟🧧Lada’s Very Special 2022 Message! + Christmas, Spiritual & Chinese New Year of the Tiger Tips!

Awesome holiday spirit Lada!

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Hello dear friends,


Chinese Numerology & My 9 Periods Theory:

I want you to be prepared for the amazing shifts of 2022! This year is also the precursor for the upcoming and very important Period 9, which happens to be the current 180-year cycle’s final Period!

Western Numerology & Galactic Dawn:

Numerologically, 2022 is a very rare and special year, where the #2 is repeated 3 times! The last time the same number repeating three times happened in the year 1011 and 1101, or 1000 years ago! This year, along with some other pivotal years, is heralding the transition to the Galactic Day and the Aquarian Age!

All this constitutes a part of the GREAT EARTH SHIFT!

The best lesson and best usage of the upcoming year 2022 is to focus our intension, in order to create…

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