NEW🎵🎄🎅Jolly Russian Children’s Songs & Cartoons for Christmas & New Year 2022 🎁Auntie Lada’s Big Compilation! Fun for the whole family! #Holiday2022Party w. Lada Ray! #RussianMusicFilmFest

So cute!!! ❤

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I picked a few of the many such videos and songs! Russians do A LOT so that everyone, including children and adults, have a great and joyful Holiday season!

I chose several cute new songs and cartoons from the newest New Year’s collection, which is Russia’s biggest annual holiday! Good and positive fun for the whole family! Great to play during your holiday get-together! All these have millions of views on YT.

A LITTLE CHRISTMAS TREE IS BORN IN THE FOREST – 🎄 В лесу родилась Ёлочка – детская новогодняя песня! ~ Probably the most famous Soviet New Year children’s song


THE NEW YEAR IS COMING TO US! (song by the Barbariki children’s group)

THE NEW YEAR (song by the Street Magic children’s group)

THE BROWN COW DASHA NEW YEAR’S! (A cute little burionka (brown cow) Dasha is a popular new Russian animation character, winning…

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