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I promised you a December and Year 2021 wrap and lookback. I decided to divide it into two parts and this is P1! In it I share an excerpt from the patron-exclusive end of December report!

If you have read this report, please disregard this, well, unless you want to refresh your memory!

The December Wrap and Pivotal Year 2021 Lookback will be in the next FREE post – tomorrow! Don’t miss it! It includes my 2022 OPENING PREDICTIONS! The tomorrow’s post will include the latest Monthly List of notables, plus the links to my prior Monthly Lists for the year 2021!


1. In the end of December I created an all-encompassing Year-End 2021 Report, exclusive to my patrons contributing $10+ and more! It is very popular on LRP and I think many of those who haven’t seen it, will enjoy the quotes and pieces below!

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Great piece of intel, Lada! Thank you! Putin and his team are giving us a wonderful gift. I still remember what you said about the prevention of WW3 years ago. It has been very important to me. Thank you. And Happy New Year to you and all here at Patreon!

Anthony R

That was a very enjoyable read! I tried to anticipate what Putin and team come up with but always perfect on their part and keeps the world spinning somehow.

Teresa mc

Thank you, Lada, you closed 2021 with a golden key post. Things are really boiling, can’t wait to see change really manifest. A Blessed 2022 to all!

Michael Kovacic

This is the moves I’ve been following as they happen, but you did a more complete and non propagandized job, hehe. I’m like go ahead do it idiots and let russia punch them in the nose, remember the arliegh burke in the black sea where one russian countermeasure plane shut down the entire ship in the black sea.

John Casey

Wow… Have to congratulate you on making clear and understandable a hugely complex and multi-layered and fluid situation. Well done, indeed. I was struck by the fact that the Russians’ shooting down of the defunct satellite was done at higher than 600km, which is several orders of magnitude higher than the staged shoot-downs. Also, it sure seems like hyperinflation is one of the many factors pushing the collective West even further into the habit of doubling and tripling down on already terrible geopolitical decisions. They sure are pushing the techno-feudalism measures way to hard and too fast. I think they have gone to the fear-well too many times in too short a time. 

Hypersonics conventionally armed are a total game changer. I also have been wondering whether the as-yet-unrevealed weapon systems include something that is more than an incremental improvement–s400 to s500 to s550, for example–that may be a step toward “new physics.” But this raises the question: If Ukies attack, at US direction, does Mr. Avangard and Mr. Kinzhal pay visits to Washington and Brussels? 

Thanks, Lada. Meanwhile, trying to stay high-vibe and stay in the light as much as possible (LR: as Lada always teaches  😉


In December I published the Year-End 2021 report for my Patreon Members:

PUTIN JUST AVERTED WWIII! The “Quietly” Explosive December ’21 & Putin’s Ultimatum to the US/NATO // China Weighs In // TRIPOLAR WORLD SERIES #3 (LADA RAY YEAR END 2021 REPORT)

It is an exclusive, patron-only report, but I would like to share some of it with everyone. Here’s the opening parts, as well as the main topics and quotes! 



The quietly explosive December, and the Earth Shifting Year 2021 are almost over! Whether in the news or visible only to people paying attention, the world is changing rapidly and explosively in front of our very eyes!

“I call December ‘a quietly explosive end of the Earth Shifting 2021’!” ~ Lada Ray

In December, as many people around the world focus on holidays, as people spend time with happy preparations and family, when people least expect, certain forces and entities, as it happened many times before, are attempting to disrupt our lives in the new year.

Some of the events and attempts in question we discussed in previous articles in December, November and prior to that. We especially need to watch for what happens each December, when we – myself included – want to do it least of all. Like many of you, I want to have joyous and positive holiday, not thinking of world problems. Yet here we are.

I can tell you that throughout December there was a lot of worry and anger in Russian analytical and political circles about what the US/West is again trying to pull, and as I was predicting previously, to coincide with the Chinese Winter Olympics! Because of this, and many other moves, the anger is not only in Russia but of course, also in China. It’s not lost on either what the West is up to.

It appears to me, much of what happened was either downplayed or silenced in the West and most people simply didn’t notice the events, as they occurred. If they did, I doubt the real significance and meaning of what happened was perceived as it should’ve been.

Az, who follows various American sources (you know I do not follow Western sources as a rule, only when it’s necessary for info’s sake), said that there was practically nothing on Russia or negotiations with Russia this month, including in the US MSM, while the hard-core US alt media seems to have abandoned the Russia theme. It’s understandable to me: many people are lost in the SHIFT and they have no idea any more how to interpret world events, or what’s important, and what’s not, as the world changes dramatically and quickly in front of our eyes. They only have the capacity to perceive what happens next door and in their own backyard, and that’s what they focus on: the US changes, for the most part.

Many alt media sources have stopped working altogether, either because of the US prosecution, demonetizing, banning or shadowbanning, or because they got sick and tired. All this creates a vacuum of information, when the truth and real info is most needed.

We here on Lada Ray Patreon site and are one of the last remaining sources of truth and real knowledge on current events and geopolitics. But of course, my teachings also go much further, and they will go even further in 2022, through Multidimensional Workshops!

And in this regard, I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you…


I again pat myself on the back that I foresaw the bans/prosecution and removed my presence and sensitive material on time from public sharing spaces, such as FT blog, Twitter, FB and my YT channel, focusing on my Patreon site and private community instead.

Yes, because I was unable to promote my work publicly, we didn’t grow, we still remain small, but this smallness allowed us to survive unscathed through the ordeal of witch-hunts and bans. It allowed me to preserve my integrity and continue sharing the most profound and important things with the audience that truly supports me and appreciates my message!

I don’t at all make much money on my Patreon work – the amount of work that goes into each piece and into maintaining the site is enormous.

But I am deeply grateful and feel richly rewarded for the wonderful and highly calibrated community we have built here! Many of you have been with me for years, loyal and beautiful souls who yearn for knowledge and truth!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart! For as long as you support me here, and for as long as you also support me through offerings, by buying my books, webinars, quantum reports and other products, I’ll continue doing what I am doing!

Blessings and best wishes for the New Year 2022!

~Lada Ray


Now, back to the topic at hand!

Meantime, if people don’t pay attention and do not know how to interpret the most important world events properly, this kind of ignorance and info blackout leads to WORLD WARS! It was just like that before: when everyone could not see beyond the tip of their noses, WWI and WWII escalated, seemingly out of nowhere!

This is why I am still writing this end of December 2021 report, even though I’d much rather spend time with happy New Year preparations. But I know that YOU, my friends, want and deserve to know! 

The report includes discussions about:

  • UKRAINE as cannon fodder and changes taking place there


The new global reset, based on renewed US dominance scenario, through WWIII fought around Russia by the exes and Slavs, who forgot who they are.

To prevent such scenario, Russia changed her military doctrine.

This is why Biden suddenly wanted to meet with Putin, and quickly! The US understood that they are running out of time, so the time, somehow, has to be bought!

If the West does not accept Russian terms, Russia will initiate a military and military-technological response to NATO/US expansion. It was left deliberately vague…

The whole report is available for Lada Ray Patreon Members contributing $10+, $25+ and $100+!

PUTIN JUST AVERTED WWIII! The “Quietly” Explosive December ’21 & Putin’s Ultimatum to the US/NATO // China Weighs In // TRIPOLAR WORLD SERIES #3 (LADA RAY YEAR END 2021 REPORT)

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The Imbecile King who put his foot on the gas pedal

History repeating………..

January 3, 2022Charles II was only three years old when he became the supreme ruler of the Spanish Empire in 1665. But anyone who took just one look at the child knew they were all doomed.Charles had come from a long line of prominent European nobles known as the Habsburgs– a family so exclusive that they frequently married one another in order to keep their blood line ‘pure’.
Genetic defects abounded at as result.
Charles II inherited some of the worst of these genetic defects; his father and mother were uncle/niece. And his grandparents were first cousins.
So it comes as no surprise that Charles II was deformed, spindly, weak, constantly sick, and partially paralyzed. He was also referred to by his contemporaries as the ‘imbecile king’ for his slow-witted stupidity.
Spain had been the dominant European superpower only a century prior to Charles II. It had vast colonies all over the world, a terrifying army and navy, and unimaginable wealth.But history proves that an Empire’s wealth and power never last forever.
And even well before Charles II took the throne, Spanish rulers were already running everything into the ground.
One clear lesson from history is that empires tend to be extremely expensive… especially when you’re the dominant superpower, and all of your rivals are constantly waging war against you.
Spain was no exception. Their empire was extremely expensive to administer, and they were routinely engaged in costly wars.
The emperors were forced to borrow a lot of money to pay for these wars. And Spain’s debt became so vast that the government defaulted at least SEVEN TIMES between the mid 1500s and mid 1600s.
Desperate to make ends meet, the government also hiked taxes to exorbitant levels, including imposing a 14% sales tax. (Somewhere the governor of California is taking notes…)
The government also predictably began rapidly expanding the money supply and debasing its own currency… resulting in one of the worst long-term episodes of inflation in all of human history up to that point.
Spain’s Emperors also began interfering heavily in trade and commerce; they passed rules granting special monopolies to favored businesses, essentially killing off competition, and they inserted extreme government bureaucracy into some of the most important industries like shipping and mining.
It wasn’t long before economic and trade activity began to shrink as a result of these policies.
Between 1600 and 1700, in fact, Spanish shipping volume from the New World had declined by an astonishing 75%.
Part of this decline was because of emerging social trends.
In the early 1400s and early 1500s, the seas were teeming with Spanish explorers– Cortes, Pizarro, de Soto, Ponce de Leon, etc. These men were regarded as national heroes in Spain, and international trade was considered a highly respected industry.
By the mid 1600s, however, trade, commerce, and production had all fallen out of favor. Traders and industrialists were viewed with suspicion instead of esteem.
The economies in cities like Valencia, which had once been famous for its factories and high quality products, quickly decayed. And suddenly Spain found itself importing most of its goods and services from its chief rivals– France, England, and the Netherlands.
Meanwhile the Spanish Inquisition was busy killing off thousands of intellectuals… and condemning tens of thousands more to life imprisonment.
Their crime? Expressing independent thought that differed from the official narrative.
Spain’s message to the world was clear: freedom of thought had no place in the Empire. So anyone capable of innovation stayed as far away as possible.
And as a final point, Spain had suffered a series of embarrassing military defeats from the late 1500s through the mid 1600s, including the Spanish Armada’s humiliating loss to the English in 1588.
Suddenly the rest of Europe realized that Spain was not invincible. The Empire was bankrupt, economically weak, socially decayed. And its military had been embarrassed.
Remember– this was already the situation BEFORE 1665.
And that’s when Charles II took the throne.
In other words, a weak, mentally incompetent fool was put in charge of an Empire that was already in serious decline… and whose chief rivals were rising rapidly.
You don’t need a PhD in European History to figure out how that movie ended: the situation became much worse under Charles II.
And within a few decades, Spain would go on to lose a major war against its rivals that struck the final blow to its dominance.
That’s when the torch was passed, and France became the dominant superpower. Eventually the UK surpassed France, then the United States surpassed the UK.
This cycle has been taking place for more than 5,000 years. Empires rise and fall. Economies rise and fall. And no nation holds the top spot forever.
It’s not hard to understand why.
When an economy is on the rise, people are hungry. They work hard. They save money. They’re focused on the future.
Governments run lean budgets and spend responsibly. They maintain a sound currency.
Once an economy has reached its peak, however, priorities change. Hard work and saving are no longer prized social values. People become more focused on consuming in the present, rather than investing in the future.
Debt levels skyrocket. Government spending balloons. Regulations soar. Prices rise.
Little by little, a nation chips away at the very values and institutions that made them powerful to begin with.
If fiscal responsibility has made the nation wealthy, they begin printing record sums of money, engineering inflation, and taking on mountains of debt.
If capitalism has made the economy prosperous, they cheer socialism.
If personal freedom and self-reliance have created a strong society, they embrace totalitarianism, intolerance, and censorship.
Not to mention, there always seems to be some rival, rising power lurking, ready to take advantage of the situation… and some weak leadership like Charles II who hits the gas pedal on the way towards the precipice.
This story is as old as human civilization. And while the exact circumstances today are different, the themes are very similar.
To your freedom,
Simon Black,