Fully vaccinated individuals are SHEDDING GRAPHENE and infecting the unvaccinated, causing serious health complications

Friday, February 25, 2022 by: Arsenio Toledo

(Natural News) A physician has warned the public that the graphene in Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines is transforming within people’s bodies. Worse yet, the fully vaccinated are now starting to infect the unvaccinated with vaccine toxins through shedding.

Dr. Philippe Van Welbergen, medical director of Biomedics Clinic in the United Kingdom, recently demonstrated that the graphene in the COVID-19 vaccines is organizing and growing into large fibers and structures, gaining magnetic properties and becoming more complex.

In mid-2021, Van Welbergen first noticed a problem when he started receiving more and more patients who exhibited an unusual array of symptoms. He explained in an interview with a South African media outlet that his patients started complaining about chronic fatigue, dizziness, memory issues, paralysis and even late-onset of heavy menstruation for women in their 60s.

Van Welbergen was concerned that it may have something to do with structural changes in their blood, and so he took blood samples from all of them.

Upon examining the blood samples under a microscope, he found that their blood was clumping up and forming strange shapes not typically seen in healthy blood. The shape of individual red blood cells was also not round, but more “crumpled.”

Van Welbergen also found that the nuclei of the cells were destroyed and many of them were starting to form large gold tubular structures.

All of his patients were vaccinated with Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. They all reported feeling extreme fatigue, dizziness, tiredness, a general aura of “not feeling well” and mental confusion.

Thick graphene fibers found in the blood of vaccinated individuals

Van Welbergen explained that the gold tube-like structures resemble the graphene oxide samples found by Spanish researchers. He described them as resembling “folded over toilet paper under paint.” (Related: Researcher sounds alarm after finding PARASITES, nanobots and graphene in COVID-19 vaccines.)

During another interview with the same media outlet, Van Welbergen presented images of his latest blood slides and explained what happened to the blood of his vaccinated patients.

In one image of a blood sample Van Welbergen shared, he pointed out that the vaccinated individual’s blood was coagulated, the red blood cells were badly misshapen and clumped together and the blood was filled with graphene fibers which dwarfed the red blood cells in size. He warned that graphene fibers these massive could block small blood vessels and cause serious health complications.

Van Welbergen also warned that he was starting to notice a magnetic or electric polarity effect on different sides of the graphene fibers. This behavior was not present when he first started examining the blood of his vaccinated patients, but they were now popping up out of nowhere.

“These things have changed,” he said. “Their reaction with surrounding blood cells has changed … and I don’t know what triggered it.”

The vaccinated are “shedding” and infecting the unvaccinated

Worse yet, during one interview Van Welbergen showed a blood sample from an unvaccinated three-year-old patient. He examined the blood and found thin shards of clear material that resemble smaller versions of the graphene fibers he found in the blood of his vaccinated patients.

The three-year-old’s parents were both fully vaccinated. This led Van Welbergen to speculate that the unvaccinated are now being contaminated by fully vaccinated individuals who were “shedding” graphene.

Van Welbergen also had another unvaccinated patient – an eight-year-old child – who came to him because of serious health concerns. The child’s right arm and upper right leg were paralyzed and the child was unable to properly move the affected limbs.

When he examined the child’s blood, he found a large mass of graphene that was forcing the red blood cells around it to clump together and get squished. This large mass of graphene is most likely preventing the child from properly using the affected limbs.

What this shows is that not only are the fully vaccinated in danger of experiencing severe health complications due to the material in the COVID-19 vaccines, but they are now clear threats to the health of unvaccinated individuals as well.

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This video is from The Prisoner channel on Brighteon.com.

Learn more about what’s really inside the COVID-19 vaccines at Vaccines.news.

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Is The Queen Taking Ivermectin To Treat COVID?

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England’s 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth has contracted COVID-19, and is reportedly receiving care privately. A report on an Australian television station caused a stir after indicating that the queen is being treated with a form of the controversial anti-parasite drug ivermectin, leading to a frenzy of discussion online about the British monarch taking the medication frequently derided as “horse de-wormer.” The station later unpublished the clip, alleging that the medication had been included in the report by mistake, and that there was no indication that Queen Elizabeth has been treated with ivermectin.

Jimmy discusses the likelihood that the queen is being given such a controversial course of treatment.


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