Is The Queen Taking Ivermectin To Treat COVID?

LOL, thx 4 the laugh 😀

Does this mean the Queen likes eating “horse dewormer” and self-identify as equine?…. according to FDA/ CDC propaganda 😉

England’s 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth has contracted COVID-19, and is reportedly receiving care privately. A report on an Australian television station caused a stir after indicating that the queen is being treated with a form of the controversial anti-parasite drug ivermectin, leading to a frenzy of discussion online about the British monarch taking the medication frequently derided as “horse de-wormer.” The station later unpublished the clip, alleging that the medication had been included in the report by mistake, and that there was no indication that Queen Elizabeth has been treated with ivermectin.

Jimmy discusses the likelihood that the queen is being given such a controversial course of treatment.

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