MY VICTORY DAY 2022 mega-EVENT! Those Who Never Learn from History… and How Banned Becomes LARGER THAN LIFE!

Immortal remembrance ❤

Futurist Trendcast

Yesterday, I was all day on my new Telegram channel (TG), posting everything related to Victory Day and the Immortal Regiment March. Come see my posts by clicking here:


In my posts on TG I addressed the questions I posed in my article:

Breaking! Watching Closely for Putin’s Words & May 9 Developments in Israel, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kherson & Donbass!

In short, what happened is that some spectacular and actually positive events took place all over the globe, at least in those countries that aren’t completely poisoned. That includes Greece, Italy, Spain, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, even Ireland. I haven’t seen anything from Anglo-American countries and that’s notable to me (and not in a good way). I got tons of images on TG!

Treptover Park, Berlin. The Soviet WWII Fallen Heroes Memorial – on the monument you…

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