Putin: If the US gives missiles to Ukraine, Russia will strike new targets

Tuesday, June 07, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) On June 4, Russian Federation Pres. Vladimir Puttin issued a warning against the United States that if it proceeds with sending missiles to Ukraine, Russia will have no choice but to strike new targets beyond its “special operation.”

Procuring Kyiv with more weapons, Putin said, will only “drag out the armed conflict for as long as possible.” In the event that longer-range missiles are sent to Ukraine, Putin added, Moscow will draw “appropriate conclusions” and strike facilities that it has not yet targeted.

“If they are supplied, we will draw appropriate conclusions from this and use our own weapons, of which we have enough, in order to strike at those facilities we are not targeting yet,” reads an English translation of Putin’s words on Russian state television.

Putin’s statement came in response to statements issued by the corrupt Biden regime about supplying multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) to Ukraine. The Resident-in-Chief himself confirmed that the U.S. plan is to send more advanced rocket systems to Ukraine at the request of authorities in Kyiv.

The White House statement, which was issued three days before Putin’s response, indicated that the U.S. plans to “lead the world in providing historic assistance to support Ukraine’s fight for freedom.” This includes giving the country “new capabilities and advanced weaponry, including HIMARS with battlefield munitions … to defend their territory from Russian advances.”

HIMARS, by the way, stands for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System. These weapons, which are produced in the United States, can hit targets up to 300 miles away, depending on the type of rocket used.

Russia says it is on a humanitarian mission; Ukraine says Russia just wants to murder innocent people

Since Ukraine does not have any such weapons of its own – just the bioweapons produced there by the Pentagon, apparently – the country has been requesting multiple launch rocket systems such as the M270 and M142 HIMARS to strike troops and weapons stockpiles at the rear of Russian forces.

On May 31, a senior White House official told reporters from multiple news outlets that the U.S. will send “munitions that will enable the Ukrainians to more precisely strike targets on the battlefield from a greater distance.” Ukraine, this official added, will not strike any targets inside Russia.

On June 5, for the first time in many weeks, Russian forces struck Kyiv while Ukrainian officials said a counterattack on the main battlefield in the east had supposedly retaken half of the city of Sievierodonetsk.

Ukraine claims that Russia carried out the long strike using long-range air-launched missiles fired from heavy bombers as far away as the Caspian Sea. Such a weapon is supposedly more valuable than any tanks that Russia says it has hit.

“The Kremlin resorts to new insidious attacks,” tweeted Ukrainian presidential adviser Mikhailo Podolyak. “Today’s missile strikes at Kyiv have only one goal – kill as many as possible.”

In a separate interview, Putin said that Russia’s anti-aircraft troops have taken down multiple Ukrainian weapons, describing the success as “cracking them like nuts.”

Ukraine, meanwhile, continues to accuse Russia of simply being out for innocent blood, despite detailed accounts from Russian officials as to the nature of this special operation and the reasoning behind why it had to be done – one of them being the Pentagon’s bioweapons laboratories littered all throughout Ukraine.

“U.S. involvement in any form with the Ukraine / Russia conflict is a violation of our neutrality,” wrote someone at The Epoch Times.

“Just like that idiot Wilson and his money lenders got us into WWI, Biden and his criminal cabal are involving us in the Ukraine to cover for his son’s underhanded dealings.”

The latest news about the Russia-Ukraine conflict can be found at WWIII.news.

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