‘Cognitive decline’: Biden tries to ‘shake hands with thin air’ during Israel trip

Here we go again…..

US President Joe Biden is being mocked online after seemingly attempting to shake hands with nobody during his two-day trip to Israel. President Biden received the Israeli Presidential Medal of Honor at a ceremony in Jerusalem with Israel’s President Isaac Herzog on Thursday. Unfortunately, at the end of the ceremony, it seemed President Biden was momentarily disorientated.

Barney Cockburn

3 hours agoCorrection- whoever thinks this man is ACTUALLY RUNNING this country must be at his level 😔

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Eric C

Eric C

2 hours agoThis is just sad. The fact that he’s done this multiple times now and is still being pushed out there is a testament to the sorry group of people around him.

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Rocco Rodriguez

Rocco Rodriguez

2 hours agoIt’s beyond frustrating… He truly is a perfect representative of the current state of affairs in the United States. What a shame

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