Microscopy review finds that 94% of covid-vaccinated people with health issues have distinctly abnormal blood

Tuesday, September 06, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Long after a person gets “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), his or her blood remains persistently tainted with foreign matter, a new study out of Italy has found.

Drs. Franco Giovannini, M.D., Riccardo Benzi Cipelli, M.D., and Giampaolo Pisano, M.D. – all surgeons – conducted a microscopy analysis on blood samples collected from people who got “fully vaccinated” for the Fauci Flu. They found that 94 percent of the samples were clearly unhealthy, suggesting that the shots leave behind permanently unclean blood.

Describing the tainted blood as “abnormal,” the study explains that foreign structures plague the blood of the fully jabbed. In some people, they form crystalline-type structures. In others, they create long-forming tubes and fibers that damage blood flow.

These mystery substances end up clotting, in many cases, cutting off circulation and creating a heart attack or even death. (Related: The after effects of covid “vaccination” have left millions of people disabled, research shows.)

Covid jabs appear to contain graphene, which is not labeled on their ingredient lists

One of the substances identified in the tainted blood samples of the fully jabbed appears to be graphene, the atoms of which arrange themselves into hexagons, forming flat crystal sheets.

Graphene is not technically a metal, but it behaves like a metallic compound. Graphene could be one of the mechanisms through which non-blood clots are forming inside the bodies of the fully jabbed.

“The two shapes they noticed in the blood stream were crystal-like chunks and tube-like lengths,” write Jennifer Margulis and Joe Wang for The Epoch Times.

“While the researchers could not confirm that what they saw was graphene, they pointed out that graphene can aggregate into shapes similar to those the doctors observed.”

Graphene is a foreign substance of choice for many new pharmaceutical drugs and vaccine injections. It is used in nasal spray flu vaccines and is currently being looked at for other applications.

None of the currently authorized or approved Fauci Flu shots list graphene as an ingredient. However, this latest study and several others prior have identified what appears to be graphene inside the vials.

While this newest study did not specifically test for graphene, the authors wrote that graphene could be what is self-assembling into structures throughout the bodies of the fully jabbed, allowing blood and other substances to form deadly clots.

“Graphene can self-assemble tiny nano-structures, making it useful for carbon nanotubes and carbon fiber,” the Times piece explains.

“These speculations raise more questions than answers, as neither graphene nor other metallic compounds were supposed to have been used in the vaccines. So why did over 950 people experiencing post-vaccination health issues present with foreign material in their blood?”

An earlier study out of Korea shows that mRNA (messenger RNA)-contaminated blood contains metallic objects that, based on the ingredient lists, should not be present.

That team of doctors, upon analyzing various blood samples, declared that the “preponderance of evidence” points to “foreign materials” inside covid jabs that persist through people’s bodies long after getting injected.

“From the 8 COVID-19 vaccine recipients: 6 plasma samples contained a multilayered disc of unidentified composition; 3 samples contained beaded coil-like materials; 1 plasma sample contained a fibrous bundle of similar appearing beaded foreign material; and a different group of 3 samples had crystal-like formations of foreign material,” the Korean study explains about what those doctors found.

“The various shapes and sizes of foreign materials in the centrifuged plasmas of COVID-19 vaccinated individuals closely resembled the shapes and sizes of foreign materials previously observed directly in the vaccines themselves.”

The latest news about the deadly effects of covid clot shots can be found at ChemicalViolence.com.

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New EvilProxy Phishing Service Allowing Cybercriminals to Bypass 2-Factor Security

September 06, 2022 Ravie Lakshmanan

A new phishing-as-a-service (PhaaS) toolkit dubbed EvilProxy is being advertised on the criminal underground as a means for threat actors to bypass two-factor authentication (2FA) protections employed against online services.

“EvilProxy actors are using reverse proxy and cookie injection methods to bypass 2FA authentication – proxifying victim’s session,” Resecurity researchers said in a Monday write-up.

The platform generates phishing links that are nothing but cloned pages designed to compromise user accounts associated with Apple iCloud, Facebook, GoDaddy, GitHub, Google, Dropbox, Instagram, Microsoft, NPM, PyPI, RubyGems, Twitter, Yahoo, and Yandex, among others.

EvilProxy is similar to adversary-in-the-middle (AiTM) attacks in that users interact with a malicious proxy server that acts as a go-between for the target website, covertly harvesting the credentials and 2FA passcodes entered in the login pages.

It’s offered on a subscription basis per service for a time period of 10, 20, or 31 days, with the kit available for $400 a month and accessed over the TOR anonymity network after the payment is arranged manually with an operator on Telegram. Attacks against Google accounts, in contrast, cost up to $600 per month.

EvilProxy (Phishing-as-a-Service) – Google 2FA from Resecurity on Vimeo.

“After activation, the operator will be asked to provide SSH credentials to further deploy a Docker container and a set of scripts,” Resecurity said, adding the technique mirrors that of another PhaaS service called Frappo that came to light earlier this year.

While the sale of EvilProxy to prospective customers is subject to vetting by the actors, it goes without saying that the service offers a “cost-effective and scalable solution” to carry out social engineering attacks.

The development is further an indication that adversaries are upgrading their attack arsenal to orchestrate sophisticated phishing campaigns targeting users in a manner that can defeat existing security safeguards.

To add to the concerns, the targeting of public-facing code and package repositories such as GitHub, NPM, PyPI, and RubyGems suggests that the operators are also aiming to facilitate supply chain attacks via such operations.

Gaining unauthorized access to accounts and injecting malicious code into widely used projects by trusted developers can be a goldmine for threat actors, significantly widening the impact of the campaigns.

“It’s highly likely the actors aim to target software developers and IT engineers to gain access to their repositories with the end goal to hack ‘downstream’ targets,” the researchers said.

Entire German economy being plunged into Dark Ages due to insane electricity prices; manufacturers HALT production

Monday, September 05, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Energy has become so expensive in Germany that the (soon-to-be former) economic powerhouse of Europe is now seeing a manufacturing shutdown that threatens to collapse the nation – and eventually the entire continent.

Calling the situation “alarming,” economic minister Robert Habeck announced that while industry has been working over the past several months to reduce gas consumption, including by switching to alternative fuels like oil, many companies have just “stopped production altogether.”

“It’s not good news,” he said, “because it can mean that the industries in question aren’t just being restructured but are experiencing a rupture – a structural rupture, one that is happening under enormous pressure.” (Related: Germany is about to lose at least half of its crop harvest as well due to drought.)

Year-ahead electricity prices in Europe soared to record highs this past week, only to drop by half not long after. Still, the price is obscenely high – see the graph at this link – and manufacturers are responding by closing up shop.

“Europe is facing economic devastation and depression at a scale that will make 2008 seems [sic] like a walk in the park,” reports Zero Hedge about the situation.

Germany’s excessive operation leverage is “much more than Lehman Brothers,” warns financial expert

Everything from large industrial companies to small trading firms and medium-sized businesses – all of these make up Germany’s “Mittelstand” – is feeling the crunch. And firms within each of these sectors are shutting their doors because it costs too much to keep operating.

“Wherever energy is an important part of the business model, companies are experiencing sheer angst,” Habeck added.

Keep in mind that every business relies on energy – cheap energy, to be more specific. Without it, conducting business, especially in a globally competitive economy, quickly becomes impossible.

It turns out that large swaths of the German economy rely not on not just cheap energy but Russian energy, which Europe is refusing to buy due to United States-led sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine.

Other regions supply gas as well, but not as inexpensively as Russia, which holds some of the world’s largest reserves of oil and gas. Unless Germany starts buying from Russia once again, which does not appear likely, then Germany’s economy will go bye-bye in the coming months.

Habeck basically confirmed this, stating that the Russian energy competitive advantage that Germany has long maintained “won’t come back any time soon, if it ever comes back at all.”

Over the weekend, financial expert Zoltan Pozsar said much the same, explaining that Europe faces a “Minsky moment” triggered by excessive financial leverage – meaning the highly corrupt markets and financial system that feed them are once again to blame for this calamity.

“And in the context of supply chains,” Pozsar added, “leverage means excessive operation leverage: in Germany, $2 trillion of value added depends on $20 billion (worth) of gas from Russia … that’s 100 times leverage – much more than Lehman’s (Lehman Brothers).”

Meanwhile, the Nord Stream 1 (NS1) pipeline is once again closed for “planned maintenance.” This means that no Russian gas is flowing to Germany right now.

“The outage comes with European countries already laboring under sharp price rises as a result of dwindling Russian supplies,” reports the Hedge. “Prices have more than doubled since Russian exporter Gazprom first restricted deliveries through Nord Stream 1 three months ago.”

Siegfried Russwurm, the head of Germany’s main business lobby, BDI, says that recent interest rate hikes in the U.S. coupled with slowing growth in China is hitting Germany with a second punch because China is one of the country’s largest export markets.

The collapse of the global economy is well underway. To keep up with the latest, visit Collapse.news.

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