The ppl know what’s up…..

My gold and silver bullion dealer gives his triggers for new gold and silver highs! In this latest video, I pose a viewer’s question to Tim: What events would likely precede Gold and Silver really taking off? I ask him to answer from societal, political, and economic standpoint. We talk about recent government action, like President Biden’s Inflation and Recession Act, and the Fed’s monetary moves to address inflation. We discuss the price of gold and silver, silver rounds, silver bars, gold bars, the spot price of precious metals. What triggers in our American society, economy, and politics (especially with the coming mid-term elections) could send gold and silver prices to all-time record highs? Listen to Tim and find out! Tim Marschner The Coin and Stamp Shop 300 Granite Street Manchester, NH 03102 (603) 624-4400 🥇🥈 ENTER THE SILVER MONSTER BOX SWEEPSTAKES! ➡ 🔔 TEST YOUR METALS WITH THE POCKET PINGER! ➡ 🔥 BECOME A “YANKEE CANNON” MEMBER TODAY ➡ 💪🏼 Hold our government accountable ➡ 👚 Buy Yankee Stacking Merch:

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