Mar 27, 2023 – Govt and media pushing ZOMBIE AVIAN FLU narrative as vaccines and drugs stockpiled for next plandemic

HPAI infections in the US… Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 virus

Google: Peramivir – Avian Flu Medication

Side effects listed on and

Resembles a zombie apocalypse!

  1. Blistering, peeling or loosening of the skin
  2. Confusion, lose track of time, place, recognition
  3. Cracks in the skin
  4. Dizziness
  5. Fast heartbeat
  6. Skin rashes
  7. Puffiness or swelling of the eyelids, around the eyes, face, lips or tongue
  8. Red irritated eyes
  9. Swollen skin, red skin lesions with a purple center
  10. Scaly skin (reptilian skin)
  11. Seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there
  12. Sores, ulcers or white spots in the mouth or on lips
  13. Trouble breathing
  14. Unusual excitement, nervousness or restlessness
  15. Holding false beliefs that cannot be changed by facts!! (Actual listed side effect)


Tectonic Shifts on Our Planet Influence Everyone! INSPIRING & Uplifting Friday Message! (FREE MDU/MHAP)

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Orig. post Tectonic Shifts on Our Planet Influence Everyone! INSPIRING & Uplifting Friday Message! (Open MDU/MHAP)



Had a waking flash, and thought it too important not to share with you right away!

The tectonic shifts, which are happening on our planet as part of the Great Earth Shift, are felt by everyone and everything alive today. We all, you and me included, are influenced by it all the time. As you see from my TG posts and everything I speak and write about on LRP, the events and shifts are accelerating and becoming more shocking, as old alliances and notions break up and new appear and grow, like mushrooms.

At this time, it’s especially important for the like-minded people to stick together. Sure, there are always one-two occasional people who fleet in and out on a spur of the moment, who just stumble in and out without knowing where they are heading and why… 

But at the very core, WE, here and now, are a soul family!

Many of us are those who hold this world together: the Earth Shifter, Earth Keeper, Earth Protector; Wisdom, Memory and Truth Keepers; History, Space & Time Keepers; the Bridges, Lightworkers, Balancers and Earth Energy Beacons — we are all meant to be here. We are all needed at this time of extreme shifts!

It is for us — those who belong — that I created this Patreon and TG sites, workshops and programs, as well as my new podcast!

We see everything: the good and the bad, the positive and the negative! We shine the light, balance and hold the space for truth. 

We are not mainstream, we are not like everyone else. We are unique and precious! Our community helps keep the world spinning and holding it up, no matter what crises happen and who tries to tear it apart!

This work is hard and important, and rarely seen or appreciated! It is the work of Atlases of old. It’s the most honorable work in the world. Be proud of what you are and what you are helping to achieve!

As said in this TG post

“There are those who care, and they hold up the entire world” — an old Russian postcard 

To those here, who do care…

And above all, take care of yourself by staying positive and hopeful, no matter what! I say it because many of my clients, who feel responsible for the world, approach me with these issues. It needs to be remembered by all of us and this is why I sometimes try to hold everyone of you up by posting the uplifting messages: the emotional, psychological and spiritual health of our community is the most important thing to me!

You are too important; the world needs you at the top of your game!

~ Lada


P.S. So excited! 

Working on new MULTIDIMENSIONAL UNIVERSITY (MDU) Workshops on 

All Cosmic and Earthly Souls and Species, their traits and missions on Earth!

I know many of you have been waiting for this new series! You’ll be pleased to know that I created the preliminary Course 2 Title, Banner and began working on the itinerary and content! 

Unveiling soon: the title, banner and some of the future content! 


Created 3 “secret client” readings which will give you a taste of what’s to come in the MDU workshops! The first one’s coming: 

SOUL READING: THE GREY-HUMAN UPGRADE (A “Secret Client” Reading for Topaz)

It’ll be posted FREE everywhere soon as a new ESP w. Lada Ray podcast! Looks like I’ll be re-activating my Rumble and YT channels! As well as I’ll post it on my new podcasting platform (still figuring out how it works, bear with me)! 

Stay tuned!





Excellent QR quality report Lada! WE appreciate you 🙂

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Lessons from One of History’s Biggest Scumbags

March 3, 2023Two weeks ago, I told you that the US government had just published its annual financial report.The government by its own admission lost $4.1 TRILLION in FY 2022. And this is 34% worse than the the previous year’s $3.1 trillion loss.
And the rest of the financial report only gets worse from there…They describe Social Security’s extreme insolvency, projecting total unfunded liabilities of the program to be $76 trillion.And they forecast that US government debt will one day reach 566% of GDP.I’ve written about this extensively over the years, because history tells us that the consequences of this type of financial mismanagement are severe.This is not the first time that a country has had a lot of debt, nor the first time incompetent leadership has consistently failed to recognize and solve big problems.So in today’s podcast episode we go back in time thousands of years to heed the lessons of one of history’s biggest scumbag rulers.Unsurprisingly, he raised taxes, debased the currency, violated the rule of law, confiscated property, eliminated dissent, vastly expanded the government, and created all sorts of idiotic and destructive laws.BUT, this is fixable.And today we actually discuss some common sense ideas to demonstrate how easy it should be, at least conceptually, to take giant leaps in the right direction once again.Unfortunately, the people in charge seem to have zero interest in doing any of that.So I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for politicians and bureaucrats to ride to the rescue.But at the same time, as I often point out, this is not a bad news story.The world is not coming to an end.In fact, I believe the world is still full of abundant and incredible opportunities, despite the trajectory of its largest superpower.And we close this episode with the core central message of this organization: we have control over our own lives.Regardless of what they do or how badly they screw up, you do not have to go down with a sinking ship. You have the power to solve these problems for yourself.You can listen to today’s podcast here.To your freedom,
Simon Black, Founder
Sovereign Research & Advisory