Now the Ball’s in Your Court: HOPE OF THE BEGINNING OF RUSSIA-US NORMALIZATION (Best Video Collection) #PutinTrump #putintrumpsummit

Awesome summit for Putin and Russia! 🙂

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I’m sharing with you Lada’s Best video collection of today’s Putin-Trump Summit in Helsinki!

We have lots of discussion and predictions on this topic and much more, in my latest 



(Special Multidimensional Astrology & 4D Geopolitics Report)

Also this week on PATREON we’ll have Quantum Calibrations of the PUTIN-TRUMP SUMMIT – coming Tuesday. In addition, I’ll have a separate analytical piece on the event – most likely Wednesday. For over a month now on PATREON we have been discussing Trump, US-EU relations, NATO, Russia and Putin, with quantum calibrations and much more. Check out all these posts, if you haven’t yet, by scrolling down the POSTS lineup.


Full 2 hour Putin-Trump presser after Helsinki summit, July 16, 2018

The same presser from CBC perspective

Putin arrives to Helsinki. Putin’s Limo: First public appearance of…

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It’s Actually the Year 7526, or How Russia and the World Were Robbed of True History

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Dear friends, this article, generously translated and offered to us all by Stanislav Sokolov (Nemo), resonates directly and compliments my



In order to learn the full complex and forbidden story, I have meticulously reconstructed and brought to you from a higher consciousness perspective, click on link or banner above!  The entire FH&FO Series consists of 15.5 hours of narrative, spectacular images, prophecies, Q&A and additional bonuses!

And I’m sure you’ll enjoy Stanislav’s primer!


Dear Lada. I’ve finally completed the translation of one of the texts on my long-winded plan. 🙂 It so happens that by now you’ve actually covered most of the aspects in the article which I translated, in your Forbidden History webinars and some of your earlier articles. Still, I felt it was important for me to translate it, so as to get…

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Lada Ray Quotes Are Popping Up on Instagram…

Congrats Lada, you are very quotable! Let me know when you get tired of all the praise on FT and LadaRay. Enjoy! 🙂

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Wanted to start my Instagram account – so far a complete fiasco. Too complicated; one has to use smartphone instead of a computer to post… I am too used to my computer for work. Too bad, thought it had potential, but may not be for me.

Instead, my name popped up on the Instagram screen, along with links to some of my quotes. (I didn’t create these cool banners — they belong to someone on Instagram — just the quotes.)

NOTE TO SELF! Perhaps, it’s a good reminder to create a quote bank? Will think on it…


Just before the publication of this post, a comment popped up on FT:

  1. Hi Lada ray, I have subscribed to your YouTube channel. Very informative. Amazing facts are there👏👏👏
    I wish all the readers to please subscribe to the channel.
    Great posts as…

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Hillary’s latest nasty cash grab exposed (it’s bad!)

“On the Holmes Front” with Frank Holmes

Hillary Clinton may have lost the last election, but she is consoling herself by squeezing every last cent out of her failed campaign – and shaking down new donors – for her personal enrichment.

Clinton spent a record-breaking $1.2 billion on her losing 2016 presidential run against Donald Trump – but when she lost, she still had money left over.

All those stacks of cash just sitting around got Hillary’s wheels turning – and her hands rubbing together.

First, she decided to wring every drop of money she could out of her campaign’s wreckage.

The Democratic National Committee paid Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign $1.65 million for her donor list.

Then Hillary turned around and demanded that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee pay her another $700,000 for the same list – giving her campaign a cool $2.4 million.

But even that wasn’t enough. Hillary claimed the list was worth $5 million, so she got a tax write-off topping $3 million for the list as an “in-kind contribution,” too.

By way of comparison, Barack Obama donated his entire list to the DNC, free-of-charge – but the Clintons were just getting started.

Second, Hillary used a huge chunk of that new income to raise even more money.

She shifted $800,000 from her campaign apparatus to start a new “resistance” group called “Onward Together.” But so far, the 5019(c)(4) organization has done virtually nothing except rake in more donations from suckers.

That left her $986,363, which she decided to keep in her campaign fund.

“Sometimes (losing candidates) do this to pay off campaign debt, or, to keep their war chest full if they were to ever seek office again,” wrote the Center for Responsive Politics. So, the funds could give Clinton a nice little boost if she decides to run for president again in 2020, as multiple sources say she plans to do.

The law only holds out one bright red line: Candidates have to keep their own hands out of the till – no payments for themselves of their family.

“The overarching rule is that it can’t be converted to personal use, but that it can be used for any other lawful purpose,” said a Campaign Legal Center attorney named Paul Ryan.

But these are the Clintons – and they can’t just leave money alone.

So third, Hillary decided to help herself to some the leftover campaign cash with a quick bit of paper shuffling.

Campaign documents show that her campaign has paid $150,000 since last May to a group called ZFS Holdings LLC.

Guess who that is? That’s Hillary Clinton and family.

Hillary had hardly got her feet out the State Department door before she set up ZFS Holdings LLC in Delaware on February 8, 2013.

“ZFS was set up when Secretary Clinton left the State Department as an entity to manage her book and speaking income,” her campaign spokesperson told The Guardian. “No federal, state, or local taxes were saved by the Clintons as a result of this structure.”

Clinton says that this payment to her personal account isn’t “personal use” at all – actually, it’s rent.

Hillary said her presidential campaign building is now her personal office building and the new digs for Onward Together – so her campaign has to pay her rent for using her space!

Voila! Now, the remaining money in her campaign fund can be siphoned off from donors for the Clinton family’s personal use – and it’s all “legal.”

The Clintons have made $240 million since they left the White House – but less than $1 million of unused campaign funds is just too sweet a prize for them to ignore.

Nobody should be surprised. This is the same woman who is accused of taking $190,000 worth of furniture out of the White House in 2001 – and then stealing lamps and other furniture from the State Department a few years later.

Hillary looks at money the way Bill looks at every woman except her.

“If Democrats were smart, they’d realize it’s time to move onward from Hillary Clinton altogether,” said Republican National Committee spokesman Michael Ahrens.

Better yet – Donald Trump should make sure that Hillary Clinton is moved to a jail cell.

Frank Holmes is a reporter for The Horn News. He is a veteran journalist and an outspoken conservative that talks about the news that was in his weekly article, “On The Holmes Front.”

Mexico’s new Left-wing president “builds a wall” along his country’s southern border to stop ILLEGAL immigration into Mexico

Since Donald Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower in New York City in June 2015 to announce he was running for president and promised to do something about “rapists and murderers” coming into our country from Mexico, he’s been hammered by the far Left for his stance on immigration.

But the criticism hasn’t just come from the American Left. No shortage of Mexican officials and citizens have also been critical of POTUS Trump’s promises to prosecute all illegal border crossers and to build a “big, beautiful fence” all along the U.S. southwest border. 

Mexico’s newly-elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO, was also critical of the border wall. Yet now he’s committed to building a virtual border wall, so to speak, along his country’s southern and northern borders.

You can’t make this stuff up.

In an interview with Bloomberg, AMLO’s incoming security chief, Alfonso Durazo, said he and his boss will be building a new border police force aimed at interdicting illegal immigrants from Central and South America that have long used Mexico as a land corridor to the United States. 

The idea is that the new force will act as a ‘wall’ to prevent illegal immigration, as well as drugs, weapons, and human trafficking into and through Mexico.

“We’re going to create a border police force that will be highly specialized,” Durazo said in an interview. “They need to apply the law.” 

Yes, Left-wing America, even Mexico has laws against illegal immigration. Go figure. (Related: Majority of Americans side with TRUMP on border wall, illegal immigration.)

AMLO, who does not take power until Dec. 1, is set to meet with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after the latter returns from Brussels, Belgium, where NATO held a summit this week. Immigration is expected to be on the agenda, of course.

Use of force NOT ruled out

Lopez Obrador will have a tightrope to walk as his country’s chief executive. He’s pledged to help protect his people from POTUS Trump’s ‘hardline’ (liberal code for “enforcing the law”) immigration policies but he runs the risk of being hammered by Mexican citizens if his own border force is seen as using similar tactics ICE and the U.S. Border Patrol employ (really radical stuff like arresting people who came into the U.S. illegally and then detaining them until they can be returned to their home country). 

Durazo said part of the new strategy to control illegal immigration will be to work more closely with Central American countries to improve their citizens’ quality of life so they don’t seek employment and other opportunities elsewhere (Vice President Mike Pence took a trip to Central America last week with similar objectives in mind).

But he also did not rule out the use of force.

“The legitimate use of force by the state is a resource,” he said. “But it shouldn’t be the first resource, it should be the last one.”

One of the ways the incoming Mexican administration will act to combat corruption is by significantly increasing the salaries, benefits, and training for law enforcement personnel throughout the country. More training academies will be created so that double the current number of security personnel can receive training per year.

But for all intents and purposes, according to many experts, Mexico is a massive narco-state where cartels that once thrived only on drug trafficking have now branched out into illegal timber and resource mining and other semi-legitimate operations. And they employ local workers who would rather have a job than worry about morality.

Meantime, POTUS Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, will head to Mexico soon to meet AMLO and work on improving relations. Certainly the virtual ‘border wall’ — the new Mexican border force — will be on the agenda.

Read more about the invasion along our southern border at

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

Sources include:

Hacker Puts Airport’s Security System Access On Dark Web Sale For Just $10


If you can’t find it on Google, you will definitely find it on the Dark Web.

Black markets on the Dark web are not known for just buying drugs, it is a massive hidden network where you can buy pretty much anything you can imagine—from pornography, weapon, and counterfeit currencies, to hacking tools, exploits, malware, and zero-days.

One such type of underground marketplace on Dark Web is RDP Shop, a platform from where anyone can buy RDP access (remote desktop protocol) to thousands of hacked machines for a small fee.

While investigating several underground RDP shops, security researchers from the McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research team discovered that someone is selling remote access linked to security systems at a major International airport for as low as $10.

Yes, that’s $10, I didn’t miss any zeros.

Instead of buying RDP credential, researchers used the Shodan search engine to find the correct IP address of the hacked Windows Server machine, whose administrator account was up for sale, as shown in the screenshot.

When researchers landed on its login screen through Windows RDP, they found two more user accounts, which were “associated with two companies specializing in airport security; one in security and building automation, the other in camera surveillance and video analytics.”

“We did not explore the full level of access of these accounts, but a compromise could offer a great foothold and lateral movement through the network using tools such as Mimikatz,” the researchers write.

“We performed the same kind of search on the other login account and found the domain is most likely associated with the airport’s automated transit system, the passenger transport system that connects terminals.”

According to the researchers, black market sellers usually gain access to RDP credentials by merely scanning the Internet for systems that accept RDP connections, and then launch brute-force attack with popular tools like Hydra, NLBrute or RDP Forcer to gain access.


And once the attackers successfully log into the remote computer, they don’t do anything except putting the connection details up for sale on the Dark Web.

Anyone who buys access to such machines can move laterally within the network, create backdoors, alter settings, install malware and steal data.

As a solution, organizations should consider taking necessary RDP security measures, such as:

  • disabling access to RDP connections over the open Internet,
  • using complex passwords and two-factor authentication to make brute-force RDP attacks harder to succeed,
  • locking out users and blocking IPs that have too many failed login attempts.

NEW Earth Shift Report 22: HOT SUMMER OF RETROGRADES & ECLIPSES (Special Multidimensional Astrology & 4D Geopolitics Report)

Thanks for the astrological roadmap Lada! Your reports reveals so much about Trump and EU leaders motivations and intentions, influences they aren’t even consciously aware of LOL! But their seemingly bizarre actions actually make sense from a multidimensional perspective that you meticulously outline. It seems geopolitics/ and human behavior in general are not immune from planetary influences which help guide us toward truth. 🙂

Futurist Trendcast

Timely and revealing written report! Rare info, timelines & predictions, revelations and advice of both personal and planetary/4D geopolitics impact! Multidimesional astrology of the Trump/NATO Summit, UK/Theresa May, Putin-Trump summit, Ukraine/Poroshenko attempt to start global religious war, and much more! 

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WHY ECLIPSES? And how they work

WHY RETROGRADES? And how they work


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MERCURY RETROGRADE: July 26 to August 19, 2018
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