Hacker News: Google Gets Record-Breaking $2.7 Billion Fine for Manipulating Search Results


Google has just lost its biggest regulatory battle!

Google has been hit with a record-breaking $2.7 billion (€2.42 billion) fine by the European antitrust officials for unfairly manipulating search results since 2008.

After a lengthy seven-year investigation that was launched in 2010 after several rivals complaint, the European Commission on Tuesday imposed this ‘biggest even financial penalty’ against the internet tech giant for breaking EU competition law.

by using its search dominance to distort search-engine results to promote own shopping comparison service at the top of all search results.

“Comparison shopping services rely to a large extent on traffic to be competitive.” European Commission says in a press release.

“The evidence shows that consumers click far more often on results that are more visible, i.e. the results appearing higher up in Google’s search results. More traffic leads to more clicks and generates revenue.”

The Commission says the amount of penalty has been calculated from Google’s income from its comparison shopping service in Europe. Google’s total revenue in the year 2016 was almost $90 Billion.


Apart from the fine, the Commission has ordered Google to “stop its illegal conduct” and anti-competitive practices within the 3-month deadline or warned to face a further penalty of up to 5% of the average daily worldwide turnover of the Alphabet, Google’s parent company.”

So now Google will have to change its search ranking algorithm. However, the company can also appeal this decision in in EU courts to delay the resolution for years.

“We respectfully disagree with the conclusions announced today. We will review the Commission’s decision in detail as we consider an appeal, and we look forward to continuing to make our case.” Google Spokesperson said in a statement.

Moreover, Google is currently facing two other ongoing EU antitrust investigations.

One says Google Android unfairly force cellphone manufacturers to preinstall Google services to promote its products over rivals. Another investigation targets its AdSense business.

The previous biggest antitrust fine was against U.S. chipmaker Intel in 2009, which was €1 billion.

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Elite TV news anchors are gone: hypnotic effect crumbling

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Elite TV news anchors are gone: hypnotic effect crumbling

The ship is going down

by Jon Rappoport

June 27, 2017

There are many reasons why viewers are deserting mainstream news. This article is about one reason that has been overlooked. One vital reason…

Elite television news anchors are absolutely essential to the hypnotic delivery of fake news. They have always been a mainstay of the mind control operation.

From the early days of television, there has been a parade of anchors/actors with know-how—the right intonation, the right edge of authority, the parental feel, the ability to execute seamless blends from one piece of deception to the next:

John Daly, Douglas Edwards, Ed Murrow, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, Harry Reasoner, Water Cronkite, Dan Rather, and more recently, second-stringers—Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Scott Pelley.

They’re all gone.

Now we have Lester Holt, David Muir, and an as-yet unannounced permanent replacement for Scott…

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Battling Summer Garden Pests Successfully – Without Chemicals!


Source: Battling Summer Garden Pests Successfully – Without Chemicals!

Winning the war against summer garden pests without harsh chemicals.

Summer is here. And so are the myriad of insects, animals and pests that love to invade you and your landscape! From Japanese beetles, tomato hornworms, aphids, cabbage worms, slugs, rabbits, and birds who invade the garden and landscape – to mosquito’s who love to attack us  – it seems there is always something trying to launch an invasion.

summer garden pests
One of the most famous of the summer garden pests, the dreaded Japanese beetle. It showed up this week and started munching on our grape leaves.

This past week, out of nowhere, the Japanese beetles arrived at our little farm. At first, we noticed just a few beetles on our grape leaves. But by day 3, there were hundreds trying to take on our roses, grapes and bushes.

For many, the first response is to grab a…

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5 Forgotten Ways To Keep Food Cold Without Electricity


Source: 5 Forgotten Ways To Keep Food Cold Without Electricity | Off The Grid News

5 Forgotten Ways To Keep Food Cold Without Electricity

We have a hard time even thinking about living without electrical power. We use it for everything, from powering our cell phones to running our factories. Without it, modern life, as we know it, would cease to exist.

That’s why the loss of the electrical grid is one of the most challenging survival scenarios that we as a society face. While electricity is not normally considered a survival priority on an individual level, it is for society as a whole.

Quite literally, the entire infrastructure breaks down without electrical power. Besides all the obvious things that would stop working in such a situation, we would also lose the entire distribution system. Without electrical power to run the computers and the machines, getting products from manufacturers and distributors to stores comes to a screeching halt.


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Devastating Police State Bill Passes New Jersey State Assembly


This illustrates the heart of the problem with the way governance is conducted in this country. We don’t govern where the rights of the individual are respected and exalted.

No, we live in a banana republic where our non-representing Representatives know what’s best for us, and force THEIR will down OUR throats…. regardless of your RIGHT to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This is a bill that does nothing but promote feudalism and obedience under a jack-boot and at the end of the barrel of a gun.

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Source: New Jersey Passes Bill Requiring Schools to Teach Kids How to Interact With Cops

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Doug Casey on “Hunger Bonds”


Source: International Manby Doug Casey

Editor’s Note: Goldman Sachs is in hot water.

A few weeks ago, the investment bank bought around $2.8 billion worth of Venezuelan bonds. The bonds were issued by Venezuela’s national oil company in 2014.

And get this… Goldman paid just $865 million (or 31 cents on the dollar) for them.

Goldman got such a sweet deal because Venezuela is in complete disarray right now.

Its economy shrank 18% last year. Inflation is soaring. And the country is suffering from chronic food shortages. So much so that the media’s calling the bonds that Goldman bought “hunger bonds.”

It’s a true “blood in the streets” situation. And regular International Man readers know that this kind of situation often leads to the best speculations.

Of course, most people aren’t seeing it that way. They think Goldman threw Venezuela’s oppressive government a financial lifeline.

To make…

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How the Government Conditions Citizens to Obey


Source: TheDailyBell.com
June 27, 2017

Can you count how many ways the government manipulates people to be the type of citizen they can easily control?

I think that would be impossible to come up with an actual number when every facet of government is dedicated to shaping the citizen in ways contrary to his or her nature.

It ranges from tax credits for having kids to increased welfare for being a single mom; from subsidies for growing corn to mandates to eradicate invasive species. The government is changing citizens’ behavior with incentives and disincentives, which destroys the natural spontaneous order society would otherwise fall into.

The government has basically turned society into a pinball machine which bounces citizens from here to there, taking away control of their destiny. And then, they use their own coercion as an example of why we need more coercion: because people cannot control their own…

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