Sermon of No Words, and Anti-Sermon of No Words, by Trevor Leggett

Buddhism now

Kenkun-jinja's (建勲神社) Komainu (狛犬). One superstition says the maw of the open-mouthed (阿形 'A-gyo') lion-dog will close in the presence of a liar. In a test of honesty hands can thus be placed in the fearful statue's mouth. Photo © @KyotoDailyPhotoIn Mahayana Buddhism, emphasis is laid on what is called the Sermon of No Words. This is a sermon preached by mere behaviour, by demonstration of one pointed spiritual effort in calmness, by the absence of instinctive reactions to events, and by what is called a spiritual atmosphere generated by the presence. It is a sermon not by exhortation, reasoning or threats but by example.

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