• If you are interested in a reasonable level of email privacy (securely stored and not scanned) consider FastMail
  • If you want your emails stored in Switzerland consider MyKolab
  • If you want end-to-end email encryption, consider Tutanota or ProtonMail (by invitation only)


Almost all of us would prefer our emails to remain private, or at least not routinely scanned by large corporations and government entities. There are email companies (listed below) that provide a service where your email will remain fairly secure and un-scanned.

Note, however, that regular email is an inherently insecure medium. This is because email is always sent to someone else — thus releasing them into unknown hands. For example, if you send an email to someone who uses Gmail, your email will scanned by Google and the NSA. If you want to avoid this situation, you’ll have to encrypt all you emails, and send them to people who also have encrypted email installed (for example using Thunderbird with Enigmail and GnuPG).

Listed below are email services that offer two advantages over services like Gmail or Yahoo Mail — they do not scan your emails, and they provide a fairly secure environment for email storage. They also do not require personal information like phone numbers during registration.


Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 3.08.41 PM

If you want a reliable, independent email service that doesn’t scan your messages like Gmail or Hotmail, see a provider like FastMail.

Based in Australia, FastMail been running for 15 years, and they have a good privacy policy regarding email storage. Here’s what they say:

  • we use encrypted SMTP for sending your mail when the receiving server supports it
  • we mandate encrypted access for webmail, IMAP and POP
  • we use Perfect Forward Secrecy where possible for all encrypted connections
  • we encrypt all email while at rest on our servers
  • we encrypt communications between our data centers

They have a good web mail client, and offer apps for iOS and Android.

FastMail‘s prices start at $10 per year.


Tutanota Screenshot

Tutanota is a free and open source web-mail client that focuses on privacy. Tutanota has apps for Android and iOS.

Here are some similar services that provide end-t0-end encrypted email:



Kolab Now is one of the most fully-featured private email providers. The service is hosted in Switzerland, because of its strict privacy law. It is run with 100% Open Source software which is developed in-house by Kolab Systems. You can access you email via a webmail interface, or via mobiles devices and email clients via IMAP/POP.

Kolab Now also provides a full groupware feature set to its users. This includes multiple address books, shared calendars, task management and synchronization to various native clients and mobile devices.

They also support an ActiveSync option, which allows you to synchronize all your emails, contacts, events and tasks from MyKolab.com to your mobile device. This works with all devices that support ActiveSync, such as Android, iPhone or Blackberry Z10. You can also decide what folders will be synchronized to your device. Alternatively, you can use CalDAV and CardDAV capable clients to synchronize your data.

Prices are about $11 per month for an individual account.

TOR and The Dark Net Learn To Avoid NSA Spying And Become Anonymous Online

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 What is the Deep Web and Why Is It Worth Exploring?
  • Chapter 2 The Only Ways to Surf Anonymously
  • Chapter 3 Pros and Cons of Using Tor
  • Chapter 4 Pros and Cons of VPN
  • Chapter 5 Pros and Cons of Proxies
  • Chapter 6 The Most Common Mistakes Made in Anonymous Surfing
  • Chapter 7 How to Avoid NSA Spying Chapter
  • 8 Anonymous Email Chapter
  • 9 Getting Rid of Evidence and History (and Why You Might Want To)
  • Chapter 10 What You Might Find on the Dark Market
  • Chapter 11 What Else Can Go Terribly Wrong?
  • Conclusion

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Dying Western Neo-Liberalism and EU Revolt against Russian Sanctions

You called it correctly that HiLIARy will not be president of this banana republic! Latest breaking:

Futurist Trendcast


In the previous post All Putin Speech/ Q&A videos at Valdai Forum 2016 in Sochi in one place (Eng)  I shared with you Vladimir Putin’s speech and remarks at the Valdai Discussion Forum 2016 in Sochi.

Out of various Putin’s remarks, this is the one that stuck out for me.

The former president of Finland, Tarja Halonen, who on the video (click on All Putin Speech/ Q&A videos at Valdai Forum 2016) sits on Putin’s right (in gray suit), in her speech remarked that the bells of Finland toll for the killed children of Aleppo. Putin’s response: sorry they toll only for Aleppo; what about the killed children of Mosul (LR: Bombed as we speak by the US-led coalition, where the humanitarian catastrophe is horrendous, per reports. And indeed, where was Finland’s compassion when the children of Iraq, Libya, Serbia and Afghanistan were dying under the US and…

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BREAKING: Feds Leak Details of New Clinton Investigation/Weinergate


Could this be the end of Hillary’s campaign?

The FBI has reopened their investigation into Hillary Clinton after discovering new information on the electronic devices of Anthony Weiner.

Could this be the end of Hillary’s campaign or is it a distraction to draw attention away from more serious crimes and corruption within our government?

On Monday thousands of new emails from Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta were published by WikiLeaks.

Within that new data dump was smoking gun proof that the White House was colluding with Hillary to cover up the fact that Obama had lied to Congress and the American people when he said he learned about the email scandal from the news.

Those new emails stirred outrage within the FBI and took the ongoing mutiny to a whole new level.

The new investigation into Weiner could be a way for the FBI to compartmentalize the larger issue of…

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Anti-Piracy Plans Harm the Worldwide Web

Added: Saturday, October 29th, 2016

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Tech firms urged the US government not to blindly follow the input of the entertainment industry regarding online piracy threats. The representative of Google, Amazon and Verisign warned that it could harm the Internet.


The US Trade Representative received annual “notorious markets” submissions from a number of copyright holder groups, using them in the Special 301 report, which lists the threats to various copyright industries. The report normally includes well-known piracy websites, but now intermediaries are also increasingly added to the mix. For instance, this year domain name registrars were identified as possible piracy facilitators, along with hosting providers and CDN provider Cloudflare.

However, the Internet Infrastructure Coalition believes that the inclusion of these tech firms is a dangerous development and outlines these concerns to the USTR. The Coalition warned that if the anti-piracy associations had their way, the entire web could have been put at risk. The problem is that the anti-piracy agencies “vilify” specific technologies instead of the marketplaces – for instance, MPAA claims that Cloudflare is a service creating “obstacles to enforcement” by helping pirate websites to “hide”, but the IIC says that this is inappropriate, as technologies themselves cannot be bad actors.

Besides, the tech firms also argue that the submissions reveal a misinterpretation of the domain name registrars’ obligations under the Registrar Accreditation Agreement. The entertainment industry groups would like domain registrars to immediately suspend domain names accused of copyright violation, but most of them refuse to do so without a court order. The Coalition says that the vilification of technology and misconstruing of the Agreement are aimed at forcing the web infrastructure companies to act as intermediaries in IP disputes, although this is not the way to fight copyright infringement and not the purpose of the Special 301 process.

The tech firms emphasize that billions of dollars are at stake if the US Government steers policies in the wrong direction, because creating regulatory hurdles to the industry’s progress will impact the overall economy dependent on the Internet infrastructure industry.

Thanks to TorrentFreak for providing the source of the article.

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Date:  Saturday, October 29th, 2016

3 Competing Theories On Why The FBI Re-opened The Hillary Email Server Investigation


The FBI normally avoids acting just before an election in order to avoid charges of political manipulation

3 Competing Theories On Why The FBI Re-opened The Hillary Email Server InvestigationAmerican Thinker

There is no question that re-opening the FBI Investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server is a big deal. The FBI normally avoids acting just before an election in order to avoid charges of political manipulation.  NBC reports:
The FBI is reviewing a new batch of Hillary Clinton emails, bureau director James Comey said in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday.
“In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation … I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation,” he wrote.

The very first thing to note is…

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George Soros on tape: Trump will win popular vote in ‘landslide,’ but Hillary Clinton’s electoral victory is already ‘a done deal’

George Soros

(NaturalNews) In recent weeks, Democrats have attempted to paint Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump as a lunatic for claiming that the election is going to be rigged in favor of his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

Even Republican politicians and former politicians are telling Trump to knock off such talk.

But, as usual, Trump’s shrewdness and defiance of standard political decorum – in which the “opposition” party merely rolls over and surrenders in the face of Democratic pressure – is winning the day.

None other than billionaire investor and longtime Democratic supporter George Soros has said that the fix is literally in for the election, in favor of Clinton – no matter how much of the popular vote, and from which battleground states, Trump captures.

As reported by Top Right News and other outlets, during a recent interview with Bloomberg News, Soros – a Democrat mega-donor – openly admitted that Trump will win the popular vote in a “landslide.”

However, he said that none of that would matter, because a President Hillary Clinton is already a “done deal.”

In the interview, which is now going viral, Soros says with certainty that Trump will take the popular vote, despite what the polls say now (which are completely rigged to oversample Democrats), but not the Electoral College, which will go to Clinton.

When the reporter asks if that is already a “done deal” – that Clinton will be our next president no matter what – Soros says “yes,” and nods his head.

Is Soros just making a prediction out of overconfidence? Or does he truly know something most of us don’t know?

In a recent column, Natural News founder and editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, says that Soros and Democrats have “bribed electoral college representatives” in a bid to “fix” the election outcome in favor of Clinton. In truth, that would be the only way it could be done, short of massive voter fraud through electronic balloting, as some reports have already claimed.

Adams further pointed out that Soros was one of the main money men behind the Black Lives Matter movement, which is being blamed for generating hatred and mistrust of police officers all around the country – some of which has led to the deaths of several officers already.

Soros also funds left-wing websites and groups that locate, pay and deploy volunteer “agitators” at Trump rallies, to start fights and engage in physical violence against Trump supporters (acts that the establishment media then blames on Trump).

But aren’t electors legally obligated to cast a ballot for the presidential candidate who won the majority vote in that elector’s district? No, they’re not.

Nine-nine percent of electors have done what they’re supposed to do throughout our history, but this is no ordinary election

Per Archives.gov, there is no constitutional provision or federal law requiring electors to vote according to the results of the popular vote. Rather, these pledges fall into two categories: State law and those who are bound by promises made to respective political parties.

In the past, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Constitution doesn’t require electors to be completely free to cast ballots as they please and, therefore, respective political parties may “extract pledges from electors to vote for the parties’ nominees,” Archives.gov notes. Some state laws hold that “faithless electors” could be subjected to fines or disqualification for casting an invalid ballot, and could then be replaced by a substitute elector.

“The Supreme Court has not specifically ruled on the question of whether pledges and penalties for failure to vote as pledged may be enforced under the Constitution. No Elector has ever been prosecuted for failing to vote as pledged,” said Archives.gov.

The site notes that throughout our history, 99 percent of electors have voted as required. But this is no ordinary time, and it’s no ordinary election. And Democrats (and the establishment media) have already proven that they will do anything to stop a Trump presidency. Plus, establishment Republicans don’t want Trump either, so you can bet they wouldn’t balk at or challenge the buying off of electors.







FBI to conduct New Investigation of emails from Clinton’s private server

What’s the point, FBI director James Comey will only cover up the scandal further by reiterating that she did nothing wrong. This is a ruse to validate/ reaffirm HilLIARy’s candidacy.
What a farce! The only rational thing to do is boycott this phony election and expose the deceit!


The FBI will investigate whether additional classified material is contained in emails sent using Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was secretary of state, FBI director James Comey informed congressional leaders Friday.

The announcement appears to restart the FBI’s probe of Clinton’s server, less than two weeks before the presidential election, an explosive development that could shape the campaign’s final days.

Source: FBI to conduct new investigation of emails from Clinton’s private server



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Why America has Become Another Banana Republic. Voter FRAUD!

L.A. Marzulli's Blog

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Has America essentially become a “banana Republic?” Here’s the definition of the words.
Banana republic or banana state is a political science term for politically unstable countries in Latin America whose economies are largely dependent on exporting a limited-resource product, e.g. bananas. It typically has stratified social classes, including a large, impoverished working class and a ruling plutocracy of business, political, and military elites.[1] This politico-economic oligarchy controlsthe primary-sector productions to exploit the country’s economy.[2]
OK, so we don’t export banana’s but as far as a  politico-economic oligarchy I would state we’re right there with the best of them. Think about this. Trump has been warning us of a rigged election. O’Bummer mocked him and told us this wouldn’t happen. Of course O’Bummer is the same guy who told us: we could keep our…

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