one dishpan at a time

Thx for spreading awareness of the water crisis and the conscious decisions u’r family makes to conserve water. If we all gave up meat and use grey water for growing food, then there would be balance. Not only is eating vegetarian/ vegan healthier for the body but it’s environmentally sustainable. Yes it’s more work than ordering a cheap burger/ fried chicken takeout, but we all save money and have a better quality of life. Plus it’s meaningful to understand where our food and water really comes from, we can appreciate and value it more. The earth’s resources are finite and sacrifice is necessary, like our forefathers before us. BTW, your menu plan sounds delicious Alice, and you get to express your creativity, feeding your family’s mind, body and soul. Vegetarian meal is REAL SOUL FOOD! Blessings♥

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and other cities headed for imminent water supply collapse; wave of drought refugees now inevitable

It’s unfathomable that local gov’t doesn’t impose drought restrictions at the very minimum and longer term strategic planning for the population. It’s plain irrational because no one wants the party to end, people… keep dancing as your Titanic sinks.

PressTV: US, NATO powder keg in Europe 100 years since WWI, by Finian Cunningham

What’s amazing to me is most of my fellow Americans do not realize that all mainstream media is state-approved “news” propaganda straight out of Washington! News agencies don’t even report the straight facts anymore, stories are twisted topsy-turvy to suit the establishment’s agenda. Our only saving grace is internet free press and a discerning mind. God bless us all…