URGENT NEW INTERVIEW! A New Tsar Arrived: How Putin is Squeezing US out of NEW Middle East

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As promised, my new interview with TimeMonkRadio‘s THE PLANE TRUTH is here. We recorded it urgently due to major and very important Syria, Middle East, Iran, Turkey and Russia developments!


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Less than a week ago we released my new and very important interview with The Plane Truth: Lada Ray TimeMonkRadio Interview: The Putin Enigma and The Coming Western Perestroika.

You can also click here and listen to it directly on YouTube!

At the same time, as the interview recorded and was being released, all last week I was observing a truly monumental Earth Shift happening in the Middle East, under Putin’s and Russia’s tutelage and with Russia’s invaluable help. And I bet many in the West have missed it entirely.

The news are so huge that we decided to record a full follow-up show…

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Hacker News: Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts Now Run Even After You Close Your Browser


Some websites have found using a simple yet effective technique to keep their cryptocurrency mining javascript secretly running in the background even when you close your web browser.

Due to the recent surge in cryptocurrency prices, hackers and even legitimate website administrators are increasingly using JavaScript-based cryptocurrency miners to monetize by levying the CPU power of their visitor’s PC to mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

After the world’s most popular torrent download website, The Pirate Baycaught secretly using Coinhive, a browser-based cryptocurrency miner service, on its site last month, thousands of other websites also started using the service as an alternative monetization model to banner ads.

However, websites using such crypto-miner services can mine cryptocurrencies as long as you’re on their site. Once you close the browser window, they lost access to your processor and associated resources, which eventually stops mining.Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore.

Security researchers from anti-malware provider Malwarebytes have found that some websites have discovered a clever trick to keep their cryptocurrency mining software running in the background even when you have closed the offending browser window.

How Does This Browser Technique Work?

According to a blog post published Wednesday morning by Malwarebytes, the new technique works by opening a hidden pop-under browser window that fits behind the taskbar and hides behind the clock on your Microsoft’s Windows computer.

From there (hidden from your view), the website runs the crypto-miner code that indefinitely generates cryptocurrency for the person controlling the site while eating up CPU cycles and power from your computer until and unless you notice the window and close it.


Researchers say this technique is a lot harder to identify and able to bypass most ad-blockers because of how cleverly it hides itself. The crypto-miner runs from a crypto-mining engine hosted by Amazon Web Servers.

“This type of pop-under is designed to bypass adblockers and is a lot harder to identify because of how cleverly it hides itself,” Jérôme Segura, Malwarebytes’ Lead Malware Intelligence Analyst, says in the post. “Closing the browser using the “X” is no longer sufficient.”

To keep itself unidentified, the code running in the hidden browser always takes care of the maximum CPU usage and maintains threshold to a medium level.

You can also have a look at the animated GIF image that shows how this clever trick works.This technique works on the latest version of Google’s Chrome web browser running on the most recent versions of Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Windows 10.

How to Block Hidden Cryptocurrency Miners

If you suspect your computer CPU is running a little harder than usual, just look for any browser windows in the taskbar. If you find any browser icon there, your computer is running a crypto-miner. Now simply, kill it.

More technical users can run Task Manager on their computer to ensure there is no remnant running browser processes and terminate them.

Since web browsers themselves currently are not blocking cryptocurrency miners neither does the integrated Windows Defender antivirus software, you can use antivirus programs that automatically block cryptocurrency miners on web pages you visit.

For this, you can contact your antivirus provider to check if they do.

Alternatively, you can make use of web browser extensions, like No Coin, that automatically block in-browser cryptocurrency miners for you, and regularly update themselves with new mining scripts that come out.

Created by developer Rafael Keramidas, No Coin is an open source extension that blocks Coin Hive and other similar cryptocurrency miners and is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

No Coin currently does not support Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer. So, those using one of these browsers can use an antimalware program that blocks cryptocurrency miners.

Swati - Hacking News
Technical Writer, Security Blogger and IT Analyst. She is a Technology Enthusiast with a keen eye on the Cyberspace and other tech related developments.


Thanks for the important updates Lada, VK and Yandex are very good alternatives in place of institutionalized monopolistic FB/ Google. Change is Good! 🙂

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Dear friends, I have lots to share with you, most is good, but there are a few things that aren’t. That said, I am used to squeezing the lemon to make delicious citrus juice. I know that together we will turn around any situation that comes our way!

We’ll start with the great news!


I know this has been a long Thanksgiving weekend in the US. Nevertheless, I hope by now many of you got the chance to listen to my new a very important interview with The Plane Truth: Lada Ray TimeMonkRadio Interview: The Putin Enigma and The Coming Western Perestroika

You can also Click here to listen to it directly on YouTube!

If you haven’t, you are missing a lot! There are things in it that are very important, but that I am unable to address on FuturisTrendcast due to a time…

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ONE-THIRD of all Navy brass caught in huge foreign bribery scandal

Source: https://thehornnews.com/one-third-navy-brass-caught-huge-foreign-bribery-scandal/

“On the Holmes Front, with Frank Holmes”

Hundreds of military officials – including some of the highest-ranking brass in the Navy – are accused of helping a shadowy Asian merchant fleece Uncle Sam for tens of millions of dollars… and you probably haven’t heard a peep about it.

It’s called the “Fat Leonard” scandal, and the investigation into bribes and corruption one of the biggest in U.S. military history. The Navy has investigated 440 people, including 60 admirals, for possibly taking bribes in exchange for phony government contracts and sweetheart deals.

That means the Navy suspects that up to one-third of all its admirals were on-the-take from a foreign agent.

“Fat Leonard” is Leonard Glenn Francis – a 6’3”, 360-pound Malaysian businessman who makes his money servicing naval vessels in the Pacific.

He bribed the Navy’s elite with the finer things in life that only a crooked businessman could provide: Money, the finest liquor, luxurious trips for their families.

And, of course, prostitutes. Lots of prostitutes.

Even tickets to see a Lady Gaga concert or the Broadway version of “The Lion King.”

In exchange, Navy leaders would steer huge government contracts to his firm, Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA).

They’d even reroute ships in the Seventh Fleet away from their original destinations to ports run by GDMA.

It was a mystery why Leonard kept getting lucrative government contracts when his company provided such shoddy service.

Investigators say Leonard covered all his bases. He also bribed people inside the Navy’s investigative unit. They’d run interference for him and let him know when honest inspectors were closing in.

Leonard was so well dug-in that he continued to get huge “no-bid” contracts – even while he was under investigation!

Under former President Barack Obama, Leonard’s ripped off U.S. taxpayers for more than $200 million in Defense contracts since 2009. He admitted at least $35 million of that was total fraud paid for services he never even provided.

The problem goes a lot deeper than money. The lives of 40,000 enlisted men – and the safety of the entire free world – depend on military commanders having honesty, integrity, and putting country first.

Imagine if war had broken out with North Korea or China, and our ships were in the wrong port because a Malaysian multimillionaire bribed the right commander with champagne and hookers?

Naval officers say Leonard’s theft and bribery operation was one of the most deep, vast, and penetrating they’ve seen since the days of Communist espionage.

Even a three-star admiral was taking pay-offs, they say.

Leonard and 17 others have already plead guilty – and under President Donald Trump, the investigation is only beginning.

— Frank Holmes is a reporter for The Horn News. He is a veteran journalist and an outspoken conservative. He also talks about the news that was in his weekly article, “On The Holmes Front,” every Saturday.

Washington Post demands a Clinton investigation!

Source: https://thehornnews.com/shocking-washington-post-demands-clinton-investigation/

by Walter W. Murray, reporter

It’s not often that conservatives side with The Washington Post — but their article Sunday titled, “Yes, the Clintons should be investigated” has Americans on both sides of the aisle agreeing.

“Ever since Watergate, the mantra of all major corruption investigations has been to ‘follow the money.’ Well, Americans of all political stripes should be outraged by the fact that both Democrats and Republicans in Washington are up to their eyeballs in Kremlin cash,” Marc Thiessen wrote in The Post.

“Russian money found its way into the pockets of not only Trump advisers like Paul Manafort and Rick Gates — who were recently indicted by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III — but also Democratic power lobbyist Tony Podesta, Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.”

Of course, the dirty Russian money that made their way into the pockets of the Clintons via the Uranium One deal is a scandal that The Horn News and other conservative news organizations have reported on for years.

It seems all the mainstream media needs to grow a backbone and call for an investigation into the Clintons is for the former White House power brokers to be out of favor in Washington, D.C.

Now that they’re out of the good graces of the liberal elite, it seems the knives have come out for the Clintons.

The Washington Post writes, “Ask yourself: How many half-a-million-dollar speeches has Bill Clinton given to Kremlin-linked banks since Hillary Clinton was defeated? How much Russian money is flowing into the Clinton Foundation’s coffers today? If Donald Trump had given a $500,000 speech paid for by a Kremlin bank, and his private foundation had accepted $145 million from Vladi­mir Putin-linked oligarchs and their Western business partners, do you think that his critics would be insisting there was nothing to see here?”

Of course not.

This is something conservatives have been saying for years.

Still, it’s nice that liberal media organizations are finally acknowledging the scandal… even if they are extremely late to the party.

At this rate, only three more years until someone in the mainstream media notices that President Barack Obama secretly shipped $400,000,000 in unmarked cash to the Iranians. Whoops, missed that one?

What about the shocking amounts of mysterious deaths that seemingly follow the Clinton family everywhere?

Or maybe the massive amount of voter fraud being used to rig elections in favor of Democrats?

Or the accusations that Obama tampered with the FBI investigation into Hillary’s emails to help her win the election?

These are stories that The Horn News has reported on for years. These are also stories that were completely ignored by mainstream media outlets like The Washington Post and CNN, whose producers have been caught on camera admitting they’ll say just about anything to make a profit.

For The Washington Post, Sunday’s opinion piece was at least a start.

— Walter W. Murray is a reporter for The Horn News. He is an outspoken conservative and a survival expert, and is the author of “America’s Final Warning.

Lada Ray TimeMonkRadio Interview: The Putin Enigma and The Coming Western Perestroika

I been reading about the gov’t putting pressure on social media to crack down on alt media, quelling dissent through blacklisting sites that do not fall in line with the official narrative.

Your timely info and truth sets the record straight, so you are certainly on their radar and hit-list.

Interesting that YouTube (Google) who is definitely in bed with the deep dark state has been scrambling to stifle voices of reason, love and peace.

It’s so obvious that they are resisting the inevitable Earth Shift. Yes indeed, dark forces do Be careful! This site is definitely harmful to the establishment, dinosaurs of the perpetual war era.

Lada keep spreading the light and these roaches (no offense to bugs) will be the ones extinct, or fade into obscurity.

Futurist Trendcast

My new interview with TimeMonkRadioNetwork The Plane Truth show host Paul Plane is now live! This interview has been planned for a while, ever since our last interview in June 2017.

Don’t miss it! There is so much in it, including more on the Putin Enigma; Calibrations for Putin, Trump, US, EU and Russia; German stalemate and my predictions on Merkel; geopolitics and forbidden history; present witch hunt against those who tell the truth and question the establishment, including your truly; a few secrets about Russian economy and financial situation revealed; fresh timelines and predictions for the West and the upcoming Western Perestroika, and so much more…

Click to listen to it on YouTube!

My previous interview with The Plane Truth: Shifting Energies, Dark Cabals, and a Rebalancing World

See my interviews playlist on LadaRayYT Channel

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Earth Shift Webinar 4: PERIOD…

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How Does Your Consciousness Make Everything Real?

Tales from the Conspiratum

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With permission from


Josh Richardson

Nov 17, 2017

How Does Your Consciousness Make Everything Real? 

Does reality exist without us? Physicists have found it maddeningly difficult to write the observer out of quantum theory. Now some are contemplating a mind-boggling alternative: that a coherent description of reality, with all its quantum quirks, can arise from nothing more than random subjective experiences.

It looks like the “perspective of a madman”, says the author of this bold new theory, because it compels us to abandon any notion of fundamental physical laws. But if it stands up, it would not only resolve some deep puzzles about quantum mechanics, it would turn our deepest preconceptions about reality itself inside out.

It is well established that the body can absorb information from sensory stimulation – you only need to look at the success of hypnotherapy to see how effective it can…

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The House Tax Bill Robs Students so That the Rich and Corporations Can Have More

Tales from the Conspiratum

Typical buffoonery from greedy sold-out American doofus politicians.

“The most valuable asset in America is not factories. It is not formulas for making drugs or the algorithms that make the Internet work. Our most valuable asset is the gray matter between the ears of young people.

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The bill abandons investing in brainpower in favor of permanent tax cuts for the already rich and corporations.

Photo Credit: Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock.com

The House tax bill is an all-out attack on the future prosperity of America, not that any of the major news organizations are telling you that in plain English. Lost in the dense bureaucratic language of modern news reports is the simple fact that the House bill takes from striving students so that the already rich and major corporations can have more.

This bill is…

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Cannabis a medical miracle – it’s official

Tales from the Conspiratum

“Scientific tests of ‘wonder drug’ give patients new hope.” 
Don’t get too excited. This article is 16 years old. It was published in
So basically, the UK gov has known since 2001 that marijuana is a wonder plant, and this knowledge comes from one of their own studies, but decided to bury the evidence because it contradicted the political opinion? Shame on all those involved in burying the truth.

With thanks to my friends at

Anonymous Portugal Internacional

Cannabis is a ‘wonder drug’ capable of radically transforming the lives of very sick people, according to the results of the first clinical trials of the drug.Tests sanctioned by the Government are proving far more successful than doctors, patients and cannabis campaigners ever dared hope. Some of the patients are simply calling it a ‘miracle’.

Taking the drug – which it is still…

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