Alzheimer’s Linked to Pineal Gland Calcification from Fluoride

Please do your research, fluoride is a poison. If you take time read the warning label right on the toothpaste, it clearly states: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN, IF ACCIDENTALLY SWALLOWED, SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY OR CONTACT A POISON CONTROL CENTER! This warning is on EVERY single tube of commercial toothpaste that contains FLUORIDE!
Use a good commercial water distiller to make pure water. Buy organic toothpaste which excludes chemicals & fluoride. Mix tsp of organic baking soda with cup of water will raise u’r pH, lower acidity toxicity. Good luck!

NEW Intel and Predictions: Peace and War Crimes in Ukraine? Russian Gas or Cold Winter? Mrs. USA Pageant in Crimea?

Wow thanks for expertly summarizing the inside track on Ukraine. Now it all makes sense, Mrs. USA contest to be held in Crimea, now that’s RICH! Hahaha, politics indeed make for strange bedfellows! Well it looks like EU and Russia gets temporary reprieve from Western bashing, in exchange it’s a free for all on Iraq, Syria and ISIS/ISIL. Oh well, somebody’s gotta be attacked by the rabid dog. 🙂

Futurist Trendcast

Russian gas and peace: peace in Ukraine suddenly on the agenda as winter draws near

I am starting off with something unheard of before! Last night in Gorlovka, DNR, Novorossia (E. Ukraine) there was a joint PEACEFUL meeting of Ukraine army and Novorossia military commanders with the representatives of Russia and OSCE. Russia was represented by General Alexander Lentsov, Assistant Commander of Infantry of the Russian Federation. The military on all sides were discussing why ceasefire isn’t working – the civilian quarters are still being bombed. The participants were trying to solidify the ceasefire agreements. This info in Russian: starts at 2:20 to 4:40. Although no agreements were reached and Ukraine reps refused to talk to the media, the major breakthrough is that the military on both sides is at least willing to talk to each other, instead of shooting. Although this word wasn’t spoken, but in fact the military…

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