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1 hour agoNanshee is boozing back better and often.




1 hour agoShe’s right about that, we’re peasants, Nancy is rich, we don’t know what it’s like to be rich, we don’t have mansions or fancy freezers filled with fancy ice cream. It suddenly all makes sense now. Nancy is important, i sure am glad that she’s fond of us.



1 hour agoI think Nanshee really wants Trump as President again just so she can try to impeach him.


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1 hour agoShe might last 200 years…she is pickled enough.

Student loan guy



7 hours agoI believe that the institutions of higher learning that failed to teach the information that they promised was going to give their students a golden toilet, should be made to give a refund. If you buy a crap tv or washing machine, should the store be made to swallow the debt created by the defective product? No! The crappy manufacturer of the $hit product should be made to either fix the product or give a refund. So much for that masters degree in interpretive dancing.

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Tom D

6 hours agoI heard that a very large portion of student loans outstanding is attributed to those studied/studying to be doctors, etc, etc. In other words…the higher income earners. The very ones that could actually afford to pay them off in the end.

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Christopher Jacobs

6 hours agoA good case of TAX REVOLT is in order . Let the IRS come for tens of millions of disgusted tax payers . We’re fed up with this . No MORE ! ! !

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6 hours agoWe the People do have a choice…”No Taxation without Representation”…its in the Constitution ☺

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7 hours agoNancy at the end…….fuck em !! Lmao

Future historians may call this the ‘Crisis of the 21st Century’

August 22, 2022

In the year 210 AD, after two decades of constant warfare, Roman Emperor Septimius Severus was finally satisfied: he had conquered nearly the entire known western world.

This was the year that the Roman Empire reached its maximum territory– approximately 5 million square kilometers, stretching from Morocco to Georgia, from southern Scotland to western Iran.

Plus Rome controlled absolutely everything in and around the Mediterranean. They controlled the Black Sea. They controlled the Nile and Danube Rivers. They controlled the Silk Road.

In short, Rome controlled virtually every known trade route in the world, and this gave them extraordinary economic power.

But it came at great cost: It’s expensive to wage war. It’s even more expensive to maintain a huge empire.

And in order to pay for it all, Septimius Severus resorted to heavily debasing the Roman currency. The purity of the denarius silver coin plunged from 83.5% down to just 55% during his rule.

Severus died the following year in 211, at which point his son Caracalla became emperor after murdering his own brother.

Caracalla was legendary for his cruelty, brutality, and poor decisions. He executed many of Rome’s most productive citizens, doubled tax rates, and debased the currency even further.

Caracalla was eventually slain by one of his own soldiers. But Rome’s string of bloodthirsty, maniacal emperors was just getting started.

By 218 AD, for example, the new Emperor Elagabalus completely ignored the duties of his office because he was so obsessed with his own sexuality.

Elagabalus reportedly offered to give away half of the Roman Empire as payment to any surgeon who could turn him into a woman, and he used to regularly prostitute himself at local brothels around Rome.

He too, was assassinated.

In fact political assassinations were becoming so commonplace in Rome that it was almost remarkable when an emperor died of natural causes.

In 238 AD, for example, Rome had SIX different emperors in a single year, with each plotting the murder of his predecessor.

Throughout the entire third century, in fact, Rome had a total of 35 different emperors. Only one is certain to have died of natural causes. Most were murdered by rivals.

By mid-century, Rome was in full-blown crisis. In fact historians today actually call this period the “Crisis of the Third Century”.

The political turmoil caused deep distrust in institutions; the Emperors themselves were typically corrupt, depraved, incompetent, or all of the above, and Romans lost all confidence in their government.

Moreover, the currency had been debased so severely that inflation was rampant across the empire.

The government was routinely failing to secure its borders, and various foreign tribes began flooding into Roman territory, causing severe disruptions to trade and agricultural production.

Rising powers in the region– namely the Kingdom of Alemannia– even began conducting raids in the Empire and directly engaging the Roman military. Rome suffered a number of embarrassing military defeats, shattering its reputation as a strong, invincible superpower.

Oh, and there was also a massive pandemic in the year 249. (Stop me when this all sounds familiar).

It was known as the Plague of Cyprian, and it caused even more widespread economic devastation.

In particular, the pandemic caused major labor shortages, and nearly every industry struggled to find enough workers.

So naturally the imperial government stepped in and started forcing people into government service. They needed more soldiers to enforce their ridiculous edicts, and more tax collectors to steal people’s money. And this made the labor shortages even worse.

Rome was essentially in a period of nasty stagflation. The currency was constantly losing value, prices were rising, and the economy was shrinking.

Trust was at an all-time low, social divisions were extreme, civil war was commonplace, corruption reigned, and people felt like the situation was hopeless.

It was around this time that the Empire literally began to split apart. By 270, in fact, what used to be known as the Roman Empire had actually divided into three distinct regional empires. And it appeared that the once-dominant superpower was no more.

But that’s also when a former soldier named Lucius Domitius Aurelianus became emperor of the new, smaller, regional Roman Empire.

He is known to history as Aurelian, and his top priority upon assuming power was reunifying the Empire.

His military victories were nothing short of astonishing; within just a few years, Aurelian had reconquered nearly all of the Roman territory that had been lost during the Crisis of the Third Century.

He also took steps to reform the currency, heal social divisions, eliminate corruption, and slash the government budget.

Aurelian only ruled for about five years (before he, too, was murdered by rivals). But his actions were so successful in helping to end the crisis that he was given the title Restitutor Orbis– Restorer of the World.

Rome eventually did fall. But without Aurelian, it would have all probably ended in 270 AD.

In just five years he managed to implement enough reforms to keep the western empire going for another two centuries.

Centuries from now, future historians may look back on this time as America’s “Crisis of the 21st century”.

When you think about it, so far this century the US has endured the 9/11 attacks, the War on Terror, the Global Financial Crisis, a complete breakdown of trust, extreme social divisions, chaos at the border, cancel culture, Big Tech censorship, the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of China, humiliation in Afghanistan, war in Europe, record high debts and deficits, inflation, stagflation, and much more.

It looks eerily similar to Rome’s Crisis of the Third Century. And I know for many people it seems hopeless. But it’s not.

The 1970s was another extremely dark period in the United States which included stagflation, crime, political corruption, energy crisis, hostages in Iran, and the constant threat of war with the Soviet Union.

It was a horrible time. But nothing unifies voters and focuses their minds on the right priorities like shared suffering.

And so in 1980, voters threw all the bums out and brought in a new government that, within a few years, tamed inflation, cut taxes, reduced the size of government, strengthened the military, and set much better conditions for economic prosperity.

(I’d actually encourage you to watch Ronald Reagan’s brief remarks during his very first press conference in 1981, summarizing his administration’s mission.)

If we’re being intellectually honest, government bears the bulk of the responsibility for most of the problems we’re facing today. So theoretically, a better, more responsible government has the power to arrest the decline and move things in the right direction once again.

And there is substantial historical precedent for this turnaround thesis; Aurelian is just one example.

But it would be a major affront to our basic human dignity to capitulate all responsibility for our lives to politicians. And frankly I think this is a huge problem.

Too often people believe that they don’t have control over their own lives, and that things will only start to improve once the ‘right’ people have been elected.

Sure, it’s possible that a better, reform-minded government may emerge from this Crisis of the 21st Century.

But the reality is that no one needs to wait for an election, or for some politician to ride to the rescue.

Most of us as individuals lack the authority or resources to fix national problems on a grand scale. But we absolutely have the power, and a multitude of tools at our disposal, to set ourselves up for success.

For example, we know Social Security’s major trust funds will run out of money in about 10 years, causing the program to make drastic cuts to its benefits.

But we also have a number of tools available to fix this problem for ourselves– like setting up a robust retirement structure and channeling side-income into tax-advantaged investments.

We know taxes are on the rise and likely to rise more. But we also have completely legal ways to reduce them.

We may be facing certain domestic risks at home. But there are nearly 200 other countries in the world where we can set up our own personal safe havens.

We can certainly hope the Crisis of the 21st Century ends with voters coming together and electing a responsible government.

But in the meantime, there are countless steps that anyone can take to improve their own lives which don’t require any politician to save the day. Rather, all that’s needed is a little bit of education, and the will to take action.

That’s what a Plan B is all about.

To your freedom,
Simon Black,

What did she just say?

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The United Spot2 hours agoWhat Nancy Pelosi do you like better? A. 1987 Nancy Pelosi B. 2022 Nancy Pelosi




2 hours ago“Show me a man/woman that gets rich by being a politician, and I’ll show you a crook.” ― Harry Truman


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2 hours agoThe progress from Nancy to Nanshee we all needed.


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2 hours agoIt’s disturbing to think that one can have all of the money in the world, yet still be worthless and detrimental to a society.


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2 hours agoThis was an absolute classic!


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Out and About with Sam Iam

2 hours agoWhatever she said, it’s either a lie or just earned her another inside trade….


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2 hours agothis channel is one of the best things to happen to comedy on youtube since brandon rogers, or even filthy frank


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2 hours agoIt was a good day for the peasants.


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2 hours agoImagine AOC still being around at this age. Haha the old mule

Approval rating going up



8 hours agoBarry: “Yeah, she [Michelle] loves to swing her wood – but I always got to remind her to choke up on the shaft” – LOL! This line NEVER gets old!

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9 hours ago (edited)“Michelle loves to swing her WOOD” TUS is the best


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8 hours ago“Yep she’s got balls too”…priceless

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7 hours agoThe horrible image of them washing muddy balls together after a hole in one probably won’t ever disappear now

10,000 people A DAY being killed by covid vaccines; worldwide fatalities likely larger than the HOLOCAUST

Thursday, August 18, 2022 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) Covid vaccines are currently killing an estimated 10,000 people a day worldwide, with total fatalities likely in the 5 – 12 million range. These numbers come from rigorous analysis of mortality data (excess deaths) following the introduction of covid vaccines in early 2021. Because excess deaths are very difficult for governments to hide, these excess deaths are emerging as the smoking gun for overall vaccine deaths.

Steve Kirsch estimates that 1 person is currently dead from vaccines for every 1,000 doses administered. In the United States, roughly 600 million doses have been administered so far (yes, more than one for every person in the country), and that roughly equates to about 600,000 deaths in the USA (and counting).

Worldwide, with over 12 billion doses administered, we have likely seen around 12 million deaths so far.

More conservative estimates put that number at 5 million rather than 12 million, but in either case it’s in the millions globally.

Why the deaths are going to continue to climb even if the vaccines are halted right now

Importantly, we know that post-vaccine deaths are distributed over time. While a few people die in the first 48 hours, many deaths are taking place many months or even a year or two after the vaccine injections. Why is this happening?

Our laboratory tests on vaccine clots may provide meaningful answers. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Jane Ruby and embalmer Richard Hirschman who were able to get me post-vaccine clot samples for laboratory analysis, we have been able to establish several shocking facts about these clots:


Fact #1) The clots grow larger over time, inside the body’s circulatory system. This means they are self-assembling systems / bio-machinery.

Fact #2) As they grow larger, they accumulate or harvest certain elements from the circulating blood supply. Via ICP-MS laboratory testing, we have conclusively shown that Tin, Aluminum and Sodium are being harvested from the blood and incorporated into the structures of the clots.

Fact #3) As the clots grow, they take up more space in the blood vessels. At first, the live blood simply flows around the clots. But clots may be dislodged during rigorous physical activity (such as jogging or playing soccer), or the clots may at some point achieve a 100% blockage of the artery, resulting in a “died suddenly” event.

Importantly, it appears that these clots take many months or even a year or two to grow to sufficient size to fully block blood vessels and arteries.

This means the deaths observed so far are only a fraction of the deaths yet to come.

Many people who took these jabs, in other words, are ticking time bombs of inevitable cardiovascular blockage and death. It’s only a matter of time before the clots grow larger enough to halt blood flow. Once blood flow to the brain is halted, death ensues in a matter of a few minutes.

These are not blood clots, and anti-clotting drugs do nothing to resolve these clots

To our knowledge, there is no known cure to dissolve or remove these clots from the cardiovascular system. We have interviewed physicians who have attempted to treat these clots with powerful anti-clotting medications such as Heparin, and these drugs achieve nothing.

That’s because these clots are not blood clots. They are elastic, rugged biostructures that resemble the strength and texture of rubber bands. I have manipulated these clots on live broadcast streaming (via the Alex Jones Show) where, under a lab microscope, I demonstrated the shocking strength and resilience of these clot structures. Again, they are not blood clots. They are strong, rubbery-like protein biostructures that absolutely do not belong in the human body.

Under a microscope, they look like this, which is nothing like a blood clot:

In addition, as we have conclusively shown via ICP-MS lab tests, these clots are almost completely lacking the key elements of life that would be present in blood, such as Iron, Magnesium and Potassium.

ElementBlood ResultsClot Results
Mg (magnesium)35 ppm1.7 ppm
K (potassium)1893 ppm12.5 ppm
Fe (iron)462 ppm20.6 ppm
Zn (zinc)7.9 ppm2.4 ppm
Cl (chlorine)930,000 ppm290,000 ppm
P (phosphorous)1130 ppm4900 ppm

Post-vaccine clot deaths are likely to continue mounting for years to come

What all this means is that post-vaccine clot deaths are going to continue mounting for years to come as the clots expand in size inside people’s bodies. While 1 in 1000 people may be dead already, there could conceivably by another 9 in 1000 who are going to die from clots as they continue to expand, reaching perhaps 10 in 1000 who ultimately die (or 1 in 100).

In other words, in a world where 12 billion vaccine injections have been administered, we could see 120 million deaths (or more).

The thing is, we don’t yet know:

  • In what percentage of vaccine recipients the clots are growing.
  • How quickly the clots are growing.
  • Whether the clots ever stop growing, or what causes them to stop.
  • Whether anything can reverse the clot growth and reduce or eliminate the clots.

There are plenty of theories on all these questions, but to my knowledge, we don’t have anything conclusive yet. The situation is worsened by the fact that the entire medical establishment outright refuses to even acknowledge the existence of these clots, nor will they admit to any link whatsoever between vaccines and excess mortality. Thus, the genocidal cover-up continues, and people will continue to die for years to come.

Covid vaccines have created a “vaccine holocaust” that’s only going to get worse

Given up to 12 million deaths right now, we are already seeing Holocaust-scale mass death from these vaccines. This vaccine holocaust is going to get far worse. Where the Nazi Holocaust reportedly claimed the lives of six million victims, this vaccine holocaust could conceivably kill sixty million, or even ten times that over time. Consider this when you see media reports touting “annual mRNA injections” now being ramped up by the vaccine manufacturers. They want to hit you with one of these shots every year until you die. Anybody gullible enough to keep taking these clot shots will surely die sooner than they had imagined, especially when they stupidly believed the shots were protecting them rather than exterminating them.

Global depopulation, it turns out, has been remarkably easy to achieve. They didn’t need mass ovens, prison camps and a shooting war with the people. All they needed was to release a bioweapon and scare people into taking death shots (euthanasia labeled “vaccines”) and wait for the gullible masses to line up and take the jabs.

Some groups — such as LGBT — have achieved over 95% vaccine compliance and are begging for even more vaccines due to monkey pox. This particular demographic, as you can tell, has no future on planet Earth since they are eliminating themselves from the planet. But the same is also true for many church groups, conservatives and medical professionals who were gullible enough to take these jabs. That’s why so many doctors are falling over dead in recent months, and there’s a whole lot more of that yet to be witnessed.

I cover all this in a podcast released yesterday:

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Previous :EXCLUSIVE: Natural News releases post-vaccine clot ICP-MS elemental analysis results, comparing clots to human blood … findings reveal these clots are NOT “blood” clots

EXCLUSIVE: Natural News releases post-vaccine clot ICP-MS elemental analysis results, comparing clots to human blood … findings reveal these clots are NOT “blood” clots

Wednesday, August 17, 2022 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) We are now releasing ICP-MS lab test results that compare the elemental composition of human blood to the elemental composition of a clot sample taken from the body of a person who received a covid vaccination and then subsequently died. This clot was provided by embalmer Richard Hirschman, and these clots are being widely reported in the bodies of people who have “died suddenly” in the weeks or months after receiving one or more covid vaccinations.

According to rigorous analysis based on excess death data — summarized nicely by Steve Kirsh at Substack — there are currently around 10,000 people dying each day from covid vaccines. Anywhere from 5 to 12 million fatalities have likely occurred worldwide so far, and with these self-assembling clots continuing to gain size and mass inside the bodies of those who have received the mRNA experimental medicine injections, it is certain that many people who have not yet died from the vaccines will experience death in the coming months and years.

Kirsch has roughly estimated that 1 person is currently dead for every 1,000 doses of covid vaccines that are administered. This number will almost certainly increase with time, as the clots that are causing so much death appear to be continuing to “grow” (self-assemble) inside the blood vessels and arteries of vaccine victims. Thus, the final toll of covid vaccines will only be experienced over a period of several years and could be orders of magnitude higher, potentially 1 in 100 or even 1 in 10, although we will have to watch excess deaths carefully over the next several years to know where this post-vaccine death phenomenon levels out.

So far, over 12 billion covid vaccine doses have been administered worldwide. Over 600 million doses have been administered in the United States, and Kirsch estimates that 600,000 Americans have likely already been killed by covid vaccines in the USA alone. (That’s about 12 times higher than the total casualties of US soldiers in the Vietnam War, for comparison.)

Here’s a photo that I took of one of these clots, under a lab microscope:

Pursuing the mystery of the post-vaccine clots

Dr. Jane Ruby has been one of the researchers at the forefront of attempting to determine the composition of these clots as well as their mechanism of action in causing fatalities in victims. Dr. Ruby connected us with Hirschman and helped arrange for the clot samples which we have tested via ICP-MS in our ISO-accredited, 17025 approved laboratory which specializes in food and water analysis.

In full disclosure, our laboratory is accredited, audited, inspected and validated for ICP-MS testing in food and water samples, as well as other areas such as cannabinoid quantitation analysis in hemp extract samples. However, the accreditation scope of our lab does not specifically encompass human biological samples, as we do not offer such testing to the public. Nevertheless, we routinely test dog food and cat food samples which are, of course, composed of animal flesh and ground blood vessels, meat tissue, cartilage and other animal-derived biological structures, and we are using the exact same sample preparation, digestion, analysis and reporting methods for post-vaccine clot samples. We also routinely test beef, poultry, fish and other meat samples. Thus, we are highly confident in the accuracy of these results. Furthermore, we did not see any failures during the sample prep process. The entire clot was dissolved in nitric acid, meaning its elements went into solution and were able to be analyzed via ICP-MS.

Here’s a photo of some of the clots found in the body of the deceased:

These ICP-MS tests were conducted on June 23 of this year. We have delayed public release of the results in order to allow time to share these numbers with colleagues and to invite feedback from others. These PDFs have also been shared privately with Dr. Jane Ruby and others. No one with expertise in this field has indicated any apparent problems or concerns about this analysis. If anything, the ICP-MS analysis is rather straightforward: Samples are “digested” into nitric acid, this acid is nebulized into a liquid stream which goes through a plasma torch, gets ionized and then directed through a quadrupole assembly that sorts the elements by their mass-to-charge ratios. Each individual element is scanned and counted on a PMT (Photo Multiplier Tube) which translates individual elements into electrical current that can be accurately counted. These results are mapped against external standards which are NIST traceable to provide very accurate calibration curves, which means the quantitation data are extremely reliable.

We used 0.4528 grams of the clot as the sample mass in this case:

For a primer on ICP-MS and why it is so accurate, see this NIH article.

ICP-MS analysis results reveal that these clots are not made of blood – they are not “blood clots”

Although we intend to conduct more tests on clots and blood samples, the data we see so far make it clear that these clots are not “blood clots.” They are not simply made of congealed blood.

How do we know this? Because the elemental ratios and densities are vastly different. Consider the following comparison chart, based on our ICP-MS results (see full results below), and notice the stark differences between the elemental concentrations in blood vs. clot among nutritive “marker” elements such as iron and magnesium:

ElementBlood ResultsClot Results
Mg (magnesium)35 ppm1.7 ppm
K (potassium)1893 ppm12.5 ppm
Fe (iron)462 ppm20.6 ppm
Zn (zinc)7.9 ppm2.4 ppm
Cl (chlorine)930,000 ppm290,000 ppm
P (phosphorous)1130 ppm4900 ppm

As you can see, the post-vaccine clot sample only contains 4.4% of the iron that would be seen in human blood. This alone is confirmation that this clots is not a “blood clot.” In addition, note the near-total lack of potassium (K) in the clot sample. The clot contains less than 0.6% of the potassium as human blood. It’s a similar story with magnesium, too.

Several electrically conductive elements were higher in the clot

In addition to the nutritive elements shown above, we noticed a peculiar pattern among electrically conductive elements such as sodium (Na), aluminum (Al) and tin (Sn). For the following table, please note that the tin and sodium results come from a separate “semiquant” report which is less accurate than the “fullquant” analysis used for all the other elements shown here. In essence, the semiquant numbers are accurate in terms of relative concentrations from one sample to the next, but they are not compared to calibrated external samples, so the actual (absolute) concentration reported does not have the confidence interval of the fullquant results:

ElementBlood ResultsClot Results
Na (sodium)1050 ppm*1500 ppm*
Sn (tin)163 ppb*942 ppb*
Al (aluminum)1.3 ppm1.6 ppm

* = SemiQuant results, not FullQuant

With sodium being nearly 50% higher in the clot, and tin showing an increase of 588%, we can only conclude that the self-assembling clot is, in effect, “harvesting” or concentrating certain elements from circulating blood as clot assembly is taking place. It is noteworthy that many of these elements are conductive. Aluminum, for example, is the most common alternative to copper for use in electrical wiring. Sodium is an alkali metal that is highly conductive, and tin is used as the primary component in solder alloys used to manufacture or repair circuit boards.

You can see the numbers on elemental conductivity at this electrical conductivity reference table from Angstrom Sciences.

One conclusion is inescapable: The clot is almost entirely lacking key marker elements that would be present in human blood (such as iron and potassium) yet shows significantly higher concentrations of elements that are used in electronics and circuitry.

We invite the reader to draw your own conclusion of the explanation behind that, merely noting that the patents of Dr. Charles Lieber may be of special interest.

This analysis, notably, does not answer any question of whether these clots are “alive” or dead (like hair and nails). My own professional opinion is that these clots are not living structures. They appear to be self-assembling dead biostructures, from what we can see so far. But that’s just an initial assessment and may change with additional observations or findings. Prions, for example, are self-assembling but non-living biostructures too. They are essentially mis-folded proteins that spread throughout the brain (or other regions), causing morphological alterations that nullify both the normal structure and function of neurological cells. Something does not have to be alive in order to be self-assembling. Even viruses, as described by traditional virology, are dead structures which are nevertheless self-assembling and can “grow” in size and mass in terms of their aggregate population.

The following microscopy picture, taken at our lab at around 1500 x magnification, shows what appears to be a repeating structure on a wire-looking protrusion from one of these clots. In case you were wondering, is not a human hair. It is connected to the clot:

See the ICP-MS results for yourself

For those not familiar with the units being reported here:

ppb = parts per billion
ppm = parts per million
1,000 ppb = 1 ppm (because the metric system)

The units used by the instrument are mass over volume (m/v) and the “mass” is technically mass-to-charge ratio (m/z).

Here’s a screen shot of a section from the PDF report of the ICP-MS results for live human blood:

You can also download the full PDF document for the blood analysis here.

And here’s the screen shot of the results from the clot analysis, showing ICP-MS analysis for the post-vaccine clot:

Finally, you can download the full PDF document of the ICP-MS analysis for the clot here.

Share these results and keep asking questions… more analysis yet to come

Feel free to share these results, incorporate them into your own videos or podcasts, and offer your own explanations for what might explain this apparent anomaly. Please give credit to as the source, as we conducted this exclusive analysis in order to help resolve the mystery of these clots that seem to be killing a large number of people.

We welcome any feedback on these results, including corrections if any errors are found.

We also encourage other labs to replicate these tests for yourself and publicly publish your findings as we have done here.

More analysis results are coming shortly, including additional microscopy images.

Join the Natural News email newsletter (free) to be alerted via email as we announce and release new lab science findings.

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One Of The Longest Joe Biden Gaffes In Recorded History

Can someone plz translate? I’m not fluent in Alzheimer’s demented babble speak.

Antrax HD

Antrax HD

2 months ago“Have you tried turning him off and on again?”


Fernando Palomares

Fernando Palomares

9 days agoThis guy definitely lied on his resume


michael Baziotis

michael Baziotis

2 weeks ago“End of quote. Repeat the line.”- Joe Biden




4 months agoHes not stupid, he speaks to his voters in a way they’ll understand.


Seafire FR.47

Seafire FR.47

3 days agoWhen he said man on the moon, I lost it. 🤣🤣


Frank Walker

Frank Walker

9 days ago“You got the vaccination”… instantly the “voices” told him to grab the wheel…and proceeds to drive the burning bus off the cliff.




3 months agoMan switched from vaccinations to neighbors to kids to moon to aliens. 😂


Youtube Sucks

Youtube Sucks

10 days agoWhen Biden dies, the inscription on his gravestone will read “End of quote. Repeat the line.” Right beside his wife’s with “I love tacos.”Show less




3 days ago“It’s all fine grandpa, now go back to bed”


Jonathan Argumedo

Jonathan Argumedo

2 months ago“I’m Joe Biden and I forgot this message”


King Julien’s Feet

King Julien’s Feet

3 weeks ago“I mean it” yeah we know you mean it we just dont know what you mean 😂




7 days ago“Biden.EXE has stopped working”




1 month agohe took “never let them know your next move” to the next level.




11 days agoHes the type of person to say “I took my tesla to the gas station cause I needed some gas”




1 day agoThis is beyond “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. It’s more like ” Yeah, we know he’s a demented fool and can hardly speak. But we’re your masters and if we say he’s the most brilliant president we’ve had, you better repeat it!” They already changed the meaning of :Recession Definition, Democracy Constitutional Republic WomanShow less


Connor Futrell

Connor Futrell

3 months agoHe sounded genuinely shocked/concerned that dude got the vaccine 😂😂


dani b

dani b

2 weeks agoDamn dude finish a thought before you go in to the next! Jesus!

Our turn: Americans have every right to sue over covid mandates, especially now that the CDC is backtracking on its guidance

Wednesday, August 17, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Just days before millions of American children returned to school for the fall term, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) surprised the country by reversing course and finally recognizing the right of all individuals to make their own health decisions – at least for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). Because of this, say lawyers, those suing for damages over the mandates now have an even stronger case against the government and every institution that engaged in medical tyranny.

The New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) says it fully expects that defendants in natural immunity challenges will try to argue that such lawsuits are now moot because of the CDC’s backtracking. But according to attorney Jenin Younes, those cases are still fully valid, no matter the CDC shenanigan of the day.

“… because we argued that their constitutional rights were already violated, and we are seeking recognition of that going forward, the courts should not dismiss the appeals (or cases still pending in lower courts) on mootness grounds,” Younes wrote in an email.

At least four separate NCLA cases are potentially affected by the CDC’s policy reversals, including one against Michigan State University‘s employee mandate, another against Rhode Island’s healthcare worker mandate, and a number of class-action suits against federal employees and federal contractors.

Every American negatively affected by covid mandates needs to sue the CDC

Attorney Michael Senger is outraged over the CDC’s about-face, seeing as how millions of workers, students, and others lost their jobs, were told they could not receive an education, or were forced to take unwanted jobs while facing exclusion “from everyday life activities and basic medical care,” all because of “a differentiation that the CDC now admits does not make sense.”

Senger was involved with a now-dismissed Big Tech case that is seeking to be reinstated.

There are other cases as well within the military, for instance, which is not changing its jab mandate requirements despite the changes made to the CDC guidance.

Attorney R. Davis Younts, who successfully represented a Navy lieutenant in a mandate challenge from back in the spring, says the military “absolutely should” change its policy “because the whole justification for denying religious accommodation [requests] is that there’s no safe alternative to the vaccine.”

Now that the CDC has admitted that the shots are medically useless, Younts hopes that military servicemen resisting them will resubmit their RARs based on the fact that the CDC’s position on the matter has changed.

“It seems like every day the FDA or the CDC or some report continues to confirm what we’ve been saying: that there’s no reason for these shots,” says Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver.

Liberty Counsel is actively challenging the jab requirement in the armed forces, and Staver has promised to provide updates about the “various different courts we’re in.”

“I think this is another mile marker in the long march of incompetence from Washington bureaucrats that claims to follow ‘science’ yet this science has been out for well over a year and has been ignored by the CDC and the corporations that are clearly state actors,” added U.S. Freedom Flyers co-founder Joshua Yoder, whose group challenged jab mandates for pilots.

Yoder says that regardless of what the CDC is saying now, its prior mandates caused “unimaginable, unquantifiable damage” to people’s lives. And simply changing the narrative now “will not exempt them from accountability,” he says.

Meanwhile, both adults and children alike who were forced to take the jabs are now suffering from heart inflammation and other health damage that is more than likely permanent.

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