More Arizona counties refuse to certify results following a scandal-filled election

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 by: JD Heyes

(Natural News) Once more, Arizona has become ground zero for election problems after Democrats, as usual, have moved to game the system so that more of their candidates win in a suddenly ‘purple’ state.

More counties have begun to voice doubts that the election in Maricopa County was legitimate after hundreds of citizens and poll workers have complained to the elections board about several problems at dozens of polling stations, including malfunctioning tabulators, printers with no ink, and lengthy lines lasting hours.

“There are only 15 counties in the state of Arizona. So far, Mohave, Conchise, and Yavapai counties have refused to certify the suspect election. Gila county may be following suit,” 100 Percent Fed Up reported this week.

Top Real America’s Voice podcaster Steve Bannon spoke on Tuesday with Caroline Wren, a senior advisor for Trump-backed GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, who supposedly ‘lost’ to Arizona Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (the state’s top election official, by the way) following a boatload of problems on Election Day.

“We are facing an existential crisis as a party. Our Grassroots supporters do not have faith in the elections. Nor should they. And if we don’t fight now, then when?” Wren said.

.@CarolineWren: “@KariLake said this to me, ‘We are facing an existential crisis as a party. Our Grassroots supporters do not have faith in the elections. Nor should they. And if we don’t fight now, then when?”

— Kari Lake War Room (@KariLakeWarRoom) November 21, 2022

“Republicans in the state had 72% of the turnout on election day. Democrats had only a 17% turnout. But for some reason, the remaining ballots after election day broke even between the two parties – despite Republicans holding solid leads in the polls,” 100 Percent Fed Up added.

Earlier this week, Lake posted a video featuring a powerful message to the voters of her state.

In it, she pledged to all Arizonans that she would continue fighting even though some media outlets have called the gubernatorial race for her Democratic opponent, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

“Hi, this is Kari Lake, and I have a message to the people of Arizona and all Americans. 40 days ago, elections in Arizona officially started when mail-in ballots were sent out across our state. Election day was 13 days ago, and Maricopa County is still counting ballots,” Lake said.

“Would you get on an airplane if half of the engines didn’t work? Would our friends in the media be able to broadcast their nightly propaganda if only half of their studio equipment was working?” she continued.


She went on to praise state Attorney General Mark Brnovich for seeking answers regarding various complaints that arose during Election Day in Maricopa County.

Calling the election “botched and broken beyond repair,” she said her fight is for “our sacred right to vote, a right that many voters were, sadly, deprived of on November 8th.”

She explained, “Attorneys are working diligently to gather information, whistleblowers are coming forward and the curtain is being lifted.”

My message to the People of Arizona & the United States:

— Kari Lake (@KariLake) November 21, 2022

Other state Republicans cheered the counties’ decisions not to certify the election, including Arizona Republican Party chairwoman and former state Sen. Dr. Kelli Ward.

“Voters in all rural counties in Arizona are being disenfranchised by Maricopa County’s incompetence/malfeasance. I’m happy to see that my county (Mohave) voted to delay certification,” she said on Twitter.

Voters in all rural counties in Arizona are being disenfranchised by Maricopa County’s incompetence/malfeasance. I’m happy to see that my county (Mohave) voted to delay certification. #ElectionIntegrity

— Dr. Kelli Ward ?? (@kelliwardaz) November 21, 2022

“When Maricopa runs an untrustworthy election, the well run elections in other counties are meaningless. Improperly counted ballots, uncovered votes, & voters turned away in droves in Maricopa Co DISENFRANCHISED rural voters: bad vote counting in Maricopa DEPRIVED rural votes,” she added.

When Maricopa runs an untrustworthy election, the well-run elections in other counties are meaningless. Improperly counted ballots, uncounted votes, & voters turned away in droves in Maricopa Co DISENFRANCHISED rural voters: bad vote counting in Maricopa DEPRIVED rural voters.

— Dr. Kelli Ward ?? (@kelliwardaz) November 21, 2022

Voters in Maricopa County listed many of the problems that should never have happened during a recent hearing of election officials.


Sources include:

The ppl know what’s up…..

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USA’s election clown show… the world is watching

Discrepancies between vote tally in Arizona’s governor and treasurer races point to BLATANT FRAUD and vote count manipulations

Friday, November 18, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Many political commentators are crying foul after it was confirmed that more Arizona voters pulled the lever for the state’s Republican candidate for treasurer, Kimberly Yee, than for the state’s Republican candidate for governor, Kari Lake.

The official vote tally from The New York Times shows that Yee received 1,371,123 votes, or 55.6 percent support among voters, compared to Democrat Martin Quezada who received 1,092,833 votes, or 44.4 percent voter support.

Lake, meanwhile, only received 1,252,548 votes, or 49.62 percent of the vote, compared to Democrat Katie Hobbs, whom we are told “won” with 1,271,821 votes, or 50.38 percent of the vote.

Based on these numbers, we are expected to believe that Lake received 118,755 fewer votes than Yee? How can this be when the governor race in Arizona was much more widely publicized and far more important than the treasurer race?

Are we also expected to believe that Hobbs won despite receiving 99,302 fewer votes than Yee? None of the numbers add up, and those paying attention are furious about it as they demand answers. (Related: Check out our earlier coverage about how many Arizona voters had trouble voting due to faulty ballots that they were not told could be replaced with new ones.)

Abe Hamadeh also being scammed by Democrats out of winning the attorney general seat in Arizona

There is simply no good reason why Arizona Republicans would turn out to vote for Yee but not for Lake. It is also highly unlikely that the “winner” of the governorship received fewer overall votes than the winner of the treasurer position, who is much less known.

“The anomaly was also taken as evidence the governor’s race was fixed, with many suggesting the real outcome of the race should have reflected the Treasury election’s results,” reported Infowars.

It is not yet clear if Lake plans to contest her race and demand an audit. She would surely be within her rights to demand such a thing in light of this very disturbing anomaly.

“So far, almost 115,000 more people voted for Yee for Treasurer but not Kari Lake for Governor,” tweeted Josh Barnett, who ran for Congress in Arizona’s 01 District. “Apparently, the Treasurer’s race was generating tons of excitement that I didn’t know about.”

“Proud Army Brat” also tweeted that there is “NO WAY!!!” a Republican won the treasurer position with more votes than the Republican candidate for governor who allegedly lost her race.

“Something is very wrong in Arizona,” added Josh Cardillo, a former radio and television host. “It makes no mathematical sense that the GOP State Treasurer won reelection by a quarter million votes but Kari Lake and Abe Hamadeh are still behind.”

Hamadeh, by the way, is allegedly losing to Democrat Kris Mayes by just a few thousand votes. The race has not yet been called with an estimated 81,825 votes still remaining to be counted, according to NBC News.

On and on these types of messages flooded Twitter, which is no longer stamping them with “misinformation” labels ever since Elon Musk took the helm.

“Here is the difference,” wrote a Natural News commenter about what happens in response to election fraud in the United States versus election fraud in other countries.

“In Brazil, a million plus people take to the streets to protest their election. Here in the U.S.A., we yawn, and go back to the couch to watch the NFL! Do you really expect a different outcome?”

Another emphasized that most of the problems are once again occurring in Maricopa County (Phoenix), which is exactly where most of the problems occurred in the fraudulent 2020 election.

The latest news about the fraudulent 2022 midterm election can be found at

Sources for this article include:

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FTX: It takes a village to fail this big. . .

November 18, 2022You’ve probably been following the news that FTX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, is in hot water. And frankly that characterization is an insult to hot water.FTX has already filed for bankruptcy. Potentially $10 billion or more of customer money is at risk. The new CEO states that the company’s internal controls were “a complete failure”.
And the company’s founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, has proven himself to be, at a minimum, an irresponsible, reckless child, if not a full-blown fraudster.
It’s easy to lay the blame exclusively on him. And he clearly deserves a lot of it.
But a failure (if not fraud) of this size cannot be perpetrated by a single individual. Even Bernie Madoff had accomplices. Or people who should have noticed but were totally negligent at their jobs.
In fact the Madoff scandal is a great example. Madoff’s firm had to undergo routine regulatory examinations. And yet, year after year, the Securities and Exchange Commission completely failed to notice the rampant fraud.
In the aftermath of the Madoff scandal, a US Department of Justice investigation concluded that in the SIXTEEN YEAR period between 1992 and 2008, the SEC had “more than ample information” and that they “could have uncovered the Ponzi scheme well before Madoff confessed.”
The report further blames the regulatory agency’s failure on “systematic breakdowns in which the SEC conducted its examinations and investigation.”
Talk about being asleep at the wheel…
In the case of FTX, there were also a lot of people who failed to notice what was happening.
Most notably, Sam Bankman-Fried became the #6 biggest political donor in the United States; 99.6% of his contributions went to progressive candidates.
Did any of those politicians really scrutinize where the money came from? Did any of them ask for audited financial statements to make sure the money was clean… or to make sure that the guy wasn’t spending his customers’ money?
Apparently not. Politicians happily cashed the checks and didn’t ask any questions.
This is an outrageous failure. Politicians constantly pass rules and regulations making financial compliance far more onerous for everyone else.
(If you don’t believe me, try going down to your local bank and withdrawing $25,000 in cash… and see how quickly they treat you like a criminal suspect. You’ll be there all day filling out forms and justifying your actions.)
But do they apply those same rules to themselves? Absolutely not. They just take the donations. It’s a despicable double standard.
Also culpable in this massive failure are the prominent venture capital firms who enabled this overgrown man-child to go rogue.
Sam Bankman-Fried raised at least $1 billion from investors, including firms like Softbank and Seqoia Capital.
Softbank, of course, is infamous for its enormous investment in WeWork, effectively encouraging CEO Adam Neumann to recklessly spend other people’s money.
It seems that Softbank didn’t learn its lesson, because they once again dumped a mountain of cash on a guy who is even worse than Neumann.
More importantly, however, Seqoia and Softbank are hard core, sophisticated investors. They have huge teams of lawyers, bankers, and analysts. And, even though FTX is a private company, as investors they would have had access to the company’s financial statements.
In other words, they should have seen the impropriety. They should have seen it, and they should have done something about it.
But they didn’t. They stood by once again in silence, enabling Bankman-Fried’s irresponsibility.
Despite this colossal failure of a major player in the crypto sector, however, it’s important to separate FTX (the company) from crypto (the idea, and the asset class).
In my view, FTX isn’t even a crypto business. It’s a financial institution, little different than Bank of America.
Whenever you make a deposit at Bank of America, that money becomes BOA’s asset. In other words, legally it’s no longer your money. It’s Bank of America’s money. You become an unsecured creditor of the bank.
And, subject to certain regulatory limitations, Bank of America can go and gamble away your money on crazy loans and investment fads.
We’ve seen plenty of examples of banks recklessly speculating with their depositors’ funds in the past. The entire 2008 financial crisis, in fact, was because banks gambled with their customers’ money. And it almost brought down the banking system.
This is basically FTX’s business model. They took in customer deposits, including cash and crypto. Those deposits became FTX’s assets, and customers became unsecured creditors of FTX.
This is the way any financial institution works. And FTX was essentially a financial institution– highly centralized with a distinct lack of transparency… with the added risk that a single moron had total control over everything.
Frankly this is the opposite of what crypto represents. Crypto is all about decentralization and transparency, and that no single person or group has control.
So FTX in no way represents crypto; it’s just another conventional financial institution that acted irresponsibly with other people’s money.
It’s not the first. It certainly won’t be the last. And its failure underscores even more how important a decentralized financial system is.
This is the topic of our podcast today.
I walk you through the history of several other industries, starting with railroads, that underwent spectacular financial bubbles rampant with fraud.
But even after the bubbles burst, the good ideas still remained.
Railroads were a great idea that fundamentally improved our civilization. And even after the railroad bubble burst in the 1840s, great companies and great technology remained.
The same goes for the Internet– it’s a great idea that has fundamentally improved our civilization. And even after the dot-com bubble burst in 2000, great companies and great technology remained.
Crypto is still a fantastic idea. It has the power to move the needle on human civilization.
(When you think about it, it seems almost bizarre that in 2022, highly centralized and bureaucratic financial institutions still exist and operate largely in the same way they did in 1822.)
And despite some of the recent failures in the crypto sector, some fantastic assets and great technology still remain.
You can listen in here.
To your freedom,
Simon Black, Founder
Sovereign Research & Advisory

Meanwhile in Arizona… lol

Bob Dole

Bob Dole




ShadowCast YT

ShadowCast YT

4 hours ago (edited)Living in a clown world folks, Fetterman, Biden, and now Hobbs winning solidifies the fact



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john tintle

john tintle

2 hours agoRefusing to recuse herself from AG oversight in an election where she was a candidate forever has tainted the results.



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Google Sucks

Google Sucks

1 hour agoI live in Arizona and voted for Kari Lake and Blake Masters. There’s no way anyone can convince me this was an honest election.



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Trey Pierce

Trey Pierce

28 minutes ago (edited)The people of Arizona should come together and reject this woman and immediately have a recall 🤔





1 hour agoIt’s sounds like Arizona needs to recall her and force a special election. Petition anyone.



1 hour agoAs an Arizonan, I’m dumbfounded on how this happened. Why so many people even voted for her when she was a no-show 90% of the time. It’s all absurd.



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This is how democracy dies: Cameras go dark for 8 hours in Washoe County, Nevada – and now GOP candidates are under threat of losing

(Natural News) Republican Adam Laxalt is currently leading unpopular Democrat Catherine Cortez 49% to 48% in Nevada’s U.S. Senate race.

(Article by Jim Hoft republished from

Laxalt earlier on Thursday announced that his opponent had no path to victory.

But then this happened…

Anthony Scott reported earlier on the cameras going dark in Washoe County.

As of right now, only 90% of the vote is in and counties all across the state are still counting ballots.

In order to have some kind of “transparency” many of these counties have been live-streaming ballot counting.

One of those counties counting ballots while live streaming is Washoe County.

However, “transparency” went out the window because at 11:24 PM Washoe County’s live stream went offline which led to viewers staring at black screens.


Looks like Washoe County’s live stream, which has been showing 4 angles of the ballot counting rooms, did go dark last night at 11:24p and stayed dark until just before 8a this morning.

We’ve reached out to Washoe County to ask what happened.

— Ben Margiott (@BenMargiott) November 10, 2022

According to Washoe county, this occurred on November 9 at 11:24 PM until November 10 at 7:53 AM.

And the county says no one entered the room.

In an official press release, Washoe County claimed that all staff left for the night 60 minutes before the live stream went offline.

Here is the statement released by Washoe County.

In that press release officials from Washoe County stated “The courtesy cameras are connected to a computer application designed for livestream events. They intermittently lose connection with the application.”

We know that our election livestream cameras went dark overnight. We investigated what happened and how to prevent it happening again. Learn more here:

— Washoe County (@washoecounty) November 10, 2022

Washoe County, bizarrely stated, “In the future, we will look for a solution that would prevent software disruptions or simply not offer a courtesy livestream feed.”

No one is buying this.

Unfortunately, this country is headed for a horrible outcome. No self-governing society can suffer the strain to civil society that comes from loss of regime credibility.

Not even the United States of America.

— Rich Baris “The People’s Pundit” (@Peoples_Pundit) November 11, 2022

On Friday morning Richard Baris told Steve Bannon on the War Room, “When your surveillance “goes dark,” as they put it, and then the ballot drop does not match the pattern, people start to get upset.”

This is how democracy dies.

And the greater point being, it doesn’t matter if it’s sinister or incompetent. The loss of credibility is the outcome and it will inevitably lead to destabilization.

— Rich Baris “The People’s Pundit” (@Peoples_Pundit) November 11, 2022

Read more at:

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BREAKING: Now-collapsed FTX crypto slush fund laundered Ukraine donation money to Democrat candidates to help rig mid-terms

Saturday, November 12, 2022 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) The FTX crypto slush fund run by now-disgraced Sam Bankman-Fried (and his MIT college buddies) laundered money for Ukraine into nearly $40 million worth of campaign donations for Democrats in the 2022 mid-term elections.

Over the last year, Joe Biden and the Democrats have pushed through well over $50 billion in funding for Ukraine, using US taxpayer money. Internationally, over $100 billion has been donated to Ukraine, according to which has compiled worldwide donations and grants to the Ukrainian cause.

FTX simultaneously processed donations to Ukraine by using its crypto infrastructure. As reported in May of this year, “Ukraine Partners With FTX, Everstake to Launch New Crypto Donation Website.”

In other words, the corrupt Ukraine regime partnered with a corrupt crypto slush fund to take dollars from the corrupt US government and funnel them into the hands of corrupt Democrat candidates to win rigged mid-term elections.

According to data published by, Sam Bankman-Fried donated nearly $40 million to political candidates in the 2022 mid-term elections. Only $235,200 went to Republicans, with the rest going to Democrats. FTX, in other words, was a Democrat slush fund money laundering operation that helped Democrats win mid-term elections (on top of their obvious cheating, ballot stuffing and ballot harvesting operations).

It begs the obvious question: Which Democrats took this dirty money from FTX, which had stolen the money from its own customers? We know that Fetterman received substantial financial support from FTX, for example.

As reports:

“Aid for Ukraine,” which has the backing of crypto exchange FTX, staking platform Everstake and Ukraine’s Kuna exchange, will route donated crypto to the National Bank of Ukraine, Everstake’s Head of Growth Vlad Likhuta told CoinDesk. Ukraine’s crypto-savvy Ministry of Digital Transformation is also involved.

The country’s collective efforts have already raised some $48 million in bitcoin (BTC), DOT, ether (ETH), SOL, tether (USDT) and other cryptocurrencies, according to the website. Other estimates place the amount closer to $100 million, but totals vary with market swings and exactly which websites are included.

Put another way, if you donated money to “Ukraine” via this mechanism, you actually donated to Democrats in a rigged election funded by illegal campaign contributions laundered through FTX (which is increasingly emerging as the crypto hub run by people with globalist ties).

Here’s the propaganda pushed by the Ukraine regime to help narrate the cover story for all this:

The central bank is using donations to support “humanitarian aid programs” as well as Ukraine’s armed forces, according to the website. “The people will continue their fight for freedom, but they need more ammunition and necessities,” the website read.

We don’t know how much of these funds actually went to Ukraine, but we know Sam Bankman-Fried was one of the largest donors of cash to Democrat candidates in the 2022 mid-term elections (nearly $40 million, as shown above).

An attempted takeover of regulatory agencies and lawmakers

As is also reporting, Sam Bankman-Fried was apparently trying to buy off securities regulators and lawmakers in the federal government, obviously to pay for “protection” as he carried out numerous financial crimes and money laundering operations.


Dem Megadonor Under Federal Investigation Bankrolled Lawmakers Overseeing The Agency He Was Lobbying

Cryptocurrency CEO and Democratic donor Sam Bankman-Fried funded the campaigns of key lawmakers overseeing the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the agency tasked with regulating the crypto industry, as he was lobbying the CFTC for greater oversight over the digital asset marketplace.

Bankman-Fried donated to the chair and ranking member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, the committee that has jurisdiction over the CFTC, as well as numerous other members of Congress involved in CFTC oversight.

The FTX CEO also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying lawmakers and the CFTC on legislation that would expand the scope of the agency’s role in regulating the crypto industry.

Here’s a graphic of some of the acquisitions and investments by FTX, assembled by Fortune / Anthony Kwan, sourced from Crunchbase:

Massive “self-hack” has drained another nearly $1 billion from FTX accounts

Late last night, the FTX app was auto-updated and transformed into a Trojan Horse app that logged into user accounts and stole their money. We covered this in a previous story on So far today, we know that around $1 billion in remaining funds has been looted from FTX. This is widely believed to be a “self-hack” of FTX by its founders or insiders who are attempting to take the money and run, Mt. Gox style.

As reported today:

More than $600 million was siphoned from FTX’s crypto wallets late Friday. Soon after, FTX stated in its official Telegram channel that it had been compromised, instructing users not to install any new upgrades and to delete all FTX apps.

“FTX has been hacked. FTX apps are malware. Delete them. Chat is open. Don’t go on FTX site as it might download Trojans,” wrote an account administrator in the FTX Support Telegram chat. The message was pinned by FTX General Counsel Ryne Miller.

In essence, now after having built the world’s largest crypto slush fund to try to keep corrupt Democrats in power, somebody with inside access at FTX is apparently looting the last billion dollars worth of assets at the company.

CNBC also reports that Sam Bankman-Fried had a secret “back door” into the financial accounting system that allowed him to “transfer billions” without any regulatory scrutiny whatsoever. From

Between $1 billion and $2 billion of FTX customer funds have disappeared, SBF had a secret ‘back door’ to transfer billions: Report

As Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX enters bankruptcy protection, Reuters reports that between $1 billion to $2 billion of customer funds have vanished from the failed crypto exchange.

Both Reuters and The Wall Street Journal found that Bankman-Fried, now the ex-CEO of FTX, transferred $10 billion of customer funds from his crypto exchange to the digital asset trading house, Alameda Research.

This story just went full John McAfee, in other words, and it’s not even over.

Note that FTX had huge holdings in Robinhood (HOOD symbol on Wall Street), and we are anticipating total market chaos for HOOD come Monday morning.

Bitcoin, interestingly, is weathering this storm relatively well after having fallen from the $21K range to around $16K in the chaos. Bitcoin’s exposure to FTX fallout may be limited, although Bitcoin and all other cryptos are almost certain to face heavy-handed regulatory scrutiny after this fiasco fully unravels.

Get more details in today’s Situation Update podcast:

– FTX was a massive digital SLUSH FUND for Democrats
– Money was created out of nothing via FTT (tokens), then sold off to victims of the scam
– Millions went to Fetterman and other Dems to sway mid-term elections
– Sam Bankman-Fried had pledged $1 billion to Dems by 2024
– Globalist media outlets like Reuters and Forbes then attacked rival Binance
– Binance CEO CZ needed just two tweets to bring down the FTX fraud
– Binance is more libertarian and wants to coexist on Twitter with Elon Musk and free speech
– Binance doesn’t pilfer user deposits / funds and make crazy bets (like FTX did)
– We are watching the collapse of dollar hegemony
– BRICS+ nations will shortly launch a new global reserve currency backed by commodities
– Hubs like Binance will likely allow Americans to buy BRICS+ currencies via stablecoins
– This would give Americans a way to SAVE money without losing to dollar devaluation
– The future of world trade will rest on honest money, backed by real commodities






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11/10/2022 The Zelenko Report: Ann Vandersteel ft. Chris Alexander & Edward Haugland

Watch “The Zelenko Report” Live on every weekday from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST

Zelenko Freedom Foundation found at @annvandersteel @annvandersteel

Tucker Carlson: It’s hard to understand this

LOL, the fix is in…. again 😉

Joseph Talmadge

Joseph Talmadge

4 hours agoFlorida 7.5 million votes counted in 5 hrs this is absolutely sickening what’s happening in Arizona



36 replies



3 hours agoWhat’s unbelievable is that NO one has held them accountable because this isn’t the first time this has happened 😳



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2 hours agoArizona native here! This is a bunch of bull! We’ve been better than this in the past and we won’t let this go when it’s over whether we win or lose. They’re busy counting out all the early Dem votes first and waiting on the Election Day in person votes strenuously on purpose. Lake and Blake all the way!



1 reply

JR Pablo esq

JR Pablo esq

1 hour agoI lived in Orange County, CA for many years. It’s always been conservative. I don’t think demographics have changed that much. You’ve got a machine in CA. No ID, ballot harvesting, dumping ballots into dumpsters. I left CA many years ago. I’m afraid it’s never coming back. Too far gone.



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David Barfield

David Barfield

3 hours agoNo wonder why Katie Hobbs didn’t want to debate…. She knew she already “won”!



1 reply

Creekwood Joe

Creekwood Joe

1 hour ago (edited)Check dumpsters at the AZ polling stations, as well as the back rooms of the Us Postal Service. They did this in 2020. Thank you for this report.