The Importance of Gourd Crafting

Warning: Explicit Poetry

There was a maidservant
who had cleverly trained a donkey
to perform the services of a man.

From a gourd,
she had carved a flanged device
to fit on the donkey’s penis,
to keep him from going too far into her.

She had fashioned it just to the point
of her pleasure, and she greatly enjoyed
the arrangement, as often as she could!

She thrived, but the donkey was getting
a little thin and tired looking.

The mistress began to investigate.
One day she peeked through a crack in the door
and saw the animal’s marvelous member
and the delight of the girl
stretched under the donkey.

She said nothing. Later, she knocked on the door
and called the maid out on an errand,
a long and complicated errand.
I won’t go into details.

The servant knew what was happening, though.
“Ah, my mistress,” she thought to herself,
“you should not send away the expert.

When you begin to work without full knowledge,
you risk your life. Your shame keeps you
from asking me about the gourd, but you must
have that to join with this donkey.
There’s a trick you don’t know!”

But the woman was too fascinated with her idea
to consider any danger. She led the donkey in
and closed the door, thinking, “With no one around
I can shout in my pleasure.”

She was dizzy
with anticipation, her vagina glowing
and singing like a nightingale.

She arranged the chair under the donkey,
as she had seen the girl do. She raised her legs
and pulled him into her.

Her fire kindled more,
and the donkey politely pushed as she urged him to,
pushed through and into her intestines,
and, without a word, she died.

The chair fell one way,
and she the other.

The room was smeared with blood.

have you ever seen anyone martyred
for a donkey? Remember what the Qur’an
says about the torment of disgracing yourself.

Don’t sacrifice your life to your animal-soul!

If you die of what that leads you to do,
you are just like this woman on the floor.
She is an image of immoderation.

Remember her,
and keep your balance.

The maidservant returns and says, “Yes, you saw
my pleasure, but you didn’t see the gourd
that put a limit on it. You opened
your shop before a master
taught you the craft.”

– Rumi

Bashar – About other people

23 thoughts on “The Importance of Gourd Crafting

    • Hi Lexa, thx for visiting my blog. Keep up the great work, your visuals are absolutely stunning. I love your real life-experiences of the “business”. U’r right, Bashar is amazing! Blessings dear one. ☼


  1. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.


  2. There is always an animal and a human inside our mind. The one that gets stronger is the one you feed more!
    Such stories remind us to feed the human part. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. OMG that’s so horrible! You know it’s going to go all bloody wrong at the start. And you keep reading anyway. Can’t believe she passed away quickly or quietly.
    That’s from Rumi?! So he’s not all hearts and flowers after all. Very wise he was, very wise.


  4. Oh my, Bob Marley as well. Now you are pulling all my heart strings. I have heard this song so many times, but I have never listened to it. Thank you for shedding Light on something I thought I knew so well.


  5. Bashar and Rumi, Oh my! You are a bringer of Light, Maddy. I learning to “keep balance” and creating a version of myself that loves unconditionally. Thank you for these nuggets of wisdom to keep us on the Path. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


  6. Oh! What a weird story! I am coming across a lot of weird stories on wordpress these days. Who’s distributing the madness-virus? Err…what if you have a gift -for doing it another and a better way, won’t you be limiting progress by sticking to the master’s way?


    • Hey word-up wordsmyth,

      Babylon system is the vampire, yea! (vampire)
      Suckin’ the children day by day, yeah!
      Me say: de Babylon system is the vampire, falling empire,
      Suckin’ the blood of the sufferers, yea-ea-ea-ea-e-ah!
      Building church and university, wo-o-ooh, yeah! –
      Deceiving the people continually, yea-ea!
      Me say them graduatin’ thieves and murderers;
      Look out now: they suckin’ the blood of the sufferers (sufferers).
      Yea-ea-ea! (sufferers)

      Tell the children the truth;
      Tell the children the truth;
      Tell the children the truth right now!
      Come on and tell the children the truth;
      Tell the children the truth;
      Tell the children the truth;
      Tell the children the truth;
      Come on and tell the children the truth.

      Bob Marley captured the last days of a failing empire, Babylon System is collapsing dude.
      We need to experience/ understand complete madness in order to transcend it, hence our
      crazy societies. Apparently we need to know what we’re not in order to remember who we
      really are. ♥ There’s always a better way, listen to your higher self is all. Bless up brethren!

      Babylon System (I don’t come to bow…)


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