America’s Failure to Support Troops…Economically

Thought provoking post about our vets.

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Yesterday, I was stunned by the statistics in this post by Brendan Birth … I think you will be too!  The United States has the largest military budget in the world, in fact it is larger than the next seven nations combined!

defense-spendingAnd yet … we have homeless veterans, and military families who must rely on government assistance simply to put food on the table.  There is something wrong with this picture, folks!

Thank you, Brendan, for this eye-opening post!

“Support our troops.” People in the United States frequently hear and see this phrase in a variety of settings: on cars, from politicians, and from friends posting on social media, to name a few. We hear it especially on days like Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

And I agree. We should support our troops. While my personal opinion is that we should avoid war except in the most extreme of…

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One thought on “America’s Failure to Support Troops…Economically

  1. The sad fact of the matter: wars are started by rich, powerful, politically connected elite class. Their agenda is power and control, control over the masses, planetary resources, gov’ts etc. Their means of domination over weaker troubled nations are regime change wars, to overthrow the democratically elected official and install a puppet that can be easily controlled. The US soldier is a means to an end, unceremoniously deemed “cannon fodder”, usually poor/ under educated ppl of color who have no other choice but joined to survive. The elite class considers the soldier a liability after they are no longer in service, like a broken toy to be discarded, the trashbin of society’s “useless eaters.”
    This is the reality we are facing today, which is why Washington pays lip service to the heroic veteran, but does nothing significant to help our fallen brothers and sisters who bravely, naively served their country (their psychopathic masters).
    The system is certainly unjust, absolutely criminal, and should be changed. Senator Tulsi Gabbard is the only soldier among Democratic candidates talking about this issue, but the DNC so desperately want to shut her up, hence the dishonorable smear campaign launched against a fellow sitting congress person, a woman of color and a war hero, a member of their own party!
    Can you see now that the problem is not just Donald Trump or Dems vs Repubs, the real enemy are the elite psychopaths whom we elected to run this country maintaining the status quo to protect their interests at the expense of the ppl.
    In ancient Rome, Caesars distracted the public with bread and spectacles, well lookey-here – we have arrived! This current Impeachment is not about justice, more of a distraction to avoid the major issue… when are politicians gonna stop screwing us and actually represent the interests of the ppl? Why are we the only civilized Western nation not to have free universal health care? Why are majority of students upon graduation become debt slaves with tens to hundreds of thousands owed to banks? Why are graduates with Bachelors and Masters degrees working as baristas or fast food slaves for minimum wage? Why is homelessness reaching epidemic proportions in the richest nation on Earth? Why are for-profit-jails incarcerating record number of our citizens for petty crimes like weed, while wall st banksters, death dealing drug companies, greedy insurance companies, corrupt politicians stand to make million/ billions every year while the middle class shrinks and the poor get poorer? These are very real hard hitting questions you’ll never see during our “prime-time” national debates… more bread and spectacles to lull the sleeping masses. Just pick a side… too bad, what ever our choice, we lose!
    BTW Pearl Harbor, like 9-11 is a blatant false flag, a conspiracy to engage in war. Alas we will never hear about direct government involvement until 50+ years later when info becomes officially “declassified”. By that time no one cares enough to remember or fight back.
    So many facts in plain sight:
    Like the army motto says: stay alert, stay alive.


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