Hoax about Russian domestic violence, anti-Trump protests and Soros agenda

Lies/ fake news abound, as the last gasps of the old dying administration leaves White House. Perfect example:

After listening to this, many commenters reply:
Putin is a smart Man, I like him,
To listen to comments from a REAL president is always refreshing, even if it is someone from another country,
Amazing. I never would have believed that I would trust Russian info and news sources more than main stream media.
If Russia is so bad, with all the crap Obummer has said and done to them, why have they not started WWIII? Hmm, maybe THEY aren’t the problem?

Futurist Trendcast

soros-clintonA question from Polli Oliver:

Dear Lada, can you please comment on the petition currently on Change.org started by Alena Popova which states: In Russia, one woman sustains injuries from domestic violence every 12 minutes. That’s 36,000 women each year. The number may be higher since there is no official mechanism for keeping track of family violence cases.

Legislation in Russia already allows courts to be lenient with those who commit acts of domestic violence. Now, the Duma – Russia’s legislative body – is considering officially decriminalizing domestic violence by passing a new law.

Lada’s reply

Dear Polli, I can’t comment on this as I’ve never heard of such ‘statistics,’ such ‘law,’ nor of ‘Alena Popova.’ Since I monitor Russian news very seriously, this is telling.
I seriously doubt that Russian government would deliberately encourage domestic violence through legislature or any other means.

I also happen to know that the rule of…

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