Syrian Child False Flag Actor Asks USA to Protect Him from ‘Bad’ Russians (with revealing photos)

Sad to say, but this might be the best paying gig in Syria for up and coming child stars! What a resume and recommendation from Washington!
US false flag actors should be so lucky, most can’t even keep a straight face, let alone cry on cue. We need to hire professionals from Syria! 😉

Futurist Trendcast

‘Poor’ boy, wherever he shows up, having first been very heftily compensated by you know who, it’s those bad Russians who start bombing him… again.

Last year he was a ’15-year-old resident of E. Ghouta,’ suffering from the ‘inhumane Russian bombings.’ This year he is suddenly a ’16-year old resident of Idlib,’ begging president Trump to protect him and ‘hundreds of thousands of other children’ from Assad troops and of course, from those horrible Russian bombings.

Are you still wondering who and why needed the Skripal poisoning spectacle?

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