PER PREDICTIONS! US #InvertedCollapse Intensifies: More Ultimatums & Sanctions for #Russia as Empire Crumbles?

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Inverted Collapse hysteria intensifies as US continues to lose its power, per predictions since 2012-14. US breaks international laws left and right, speaks to #Russia in the language of ultimatums.

And not just to Russia — China, Iran, Syria… the list is long, as usual, except it’s not working as well as before.

We continue hearing empty INF Treaty exit threats from Pompeo. Yeah, we’ve heard that before, we know the decision has been made months ago by Washington, but they need to justify it somehow to their public and EU, who are AGAIN resisting new anti-Russian sanctions. Threatening and trying to make Europeans comply is next on the agenda.

Plus, “The Pain Will Increase!” threat, unless Russia ‘releases Ukrainian Sailors’… or else…

Nothing to see here, just a crumbling empire, trying to take with it everyone it can… again, in total compliance with my predictions!

We’ve been through this…

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Russian Response: Landing of ‘White Swan’ Tu-160 bombers in Venezuela!

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Remember I said that the more US tries to surround Russia with bases, hostile regimes and provocations, the more it will create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Russia would simply be forced to respond.

As the Russian saying goes, ‘Russians saddle slowly bur ride fast.’ NOT a good idea to test Russia, you know. It never ends well for the aggressor.

I told you recently about renewed Russian interest in Cuba. And this is Russia-Venezuela joint drills.

Pompeo is livid.

Spectacular landing of the ‘White Swans!’ Take a watch:




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QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS: RIC, SCO and BRICS vs. JAI (rising global organizations)

PREDICTIONS: Goodbye BRICS? Hello RIC (Russia, India, China)!


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Who’s destroying England and Western Europe?

@Michael Burns… uhh brainwashed much? You sir are the perfect mouthpiece for serving the globalist agenda. Nice job regurgitating MSM propaganda, reinforcing Western imperialism and perpetuating your own demise along with the great unwashed sheeple of the world.

Question #1, has Russia or the Soviet Union ever invaded another country, having imperialist aspirations? Has China?

Question #2, has there ever been a time when the collective West, US, EU and their lackey supporters ever been at peace? It’s been non stop war with EVERYONE since Roman times. Hell, the US of A was founded by war and has bases nearly all over the world, control world economies, oil thru petro$, Forex fix, and manipulating commodity exchanges.

Whatever nation doesn’t go along to get along will experience harsh sanctions and fines. Even face illegal arrest of a sovereign nation’s citizen, ie China b/c don’t happen to abide by US’ corrupt trade policies.

Check out Lada Ray’s work, the West is collapsing under it’s own karmic weight. It’s a great time to wake up and drop the Matrix!

Deep State arrests top Chinese telecom exec without telling POTUS Trump as he dines with Xi: Was it a setup?

Saturday, December 08, 2018 by: 

Image: Deep State arrests top Chinese telecom exec without telling POTUS Trump as he dines with Xi: Was it a setup?

(Natural News) For those who still don’t believe there is such a thing as a “Deep State” running the country despite POTUS Donald Trump’s ongoing efforts to ‘drain the swamp,’ an incident that happened earlier this week involving a Chinese telecom executive ought to prove otherwise.

On Wednesday, news broke that Canadian authorities had arrested Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of mega-Chinese telecom Huawei, the largest in the world, as she was changing planes in Vancouver.

As Fox Business reported, authorities picked her up “as part of a U.S. investigation into an alleged scheme by Huawei to use the global banking system to avoid American sanctions against Iran.” Meng, other reports noted, is the chief financial officer for the company, so on the surface at least, it makes sense that she would be targeted by authorities.

But if the United States was interested in her, why was she arrested by Canadian authorities?

Because they were acting on behalf of a request by the Justice Department, Fox Businessreported. And now she is facing extradition to the U.S. on “unspecified charges.”

Whether or not Huawei has been violating U.S. sanctions against Iran has yet to be determined, though a federally appointed official at HSBC Bank, which is based in London, spotted suspicious transactions involving the telecom and alerted the U.S. government.

So far, so good. But the timing of the arrest could not have been worse — or more insulting to the Chinese government.

On or about the time Canadian officials were moving to arrest Meng, 46, at the behest of the DoJ, POTUS Trump was sitting at a dinner table with China’s president, Xi Jinping, discussing the massive trade imbalance between our countries and how best to resolve it in a way that favors both.

By early accounts the meeting was successful, The National Sentinel reported:

Following the dinner, both sides announced some progress. The U.S. and Chinese governments would suspend tariff regimes for 90 days while trade negotiators from both countries attempted to work out a more permanent compromise.

Making trade fairer between the U.S. and China is a central tenet of POTUS Trump’s economic agenda and a major part of his “MAGA” plan. Without question, there needs to be a better balance: On Thursday, the Commerce Department announced that the U.S. trade deficit has grown to a near-monthly record of about $55.5 billion in October, the highest since 2008. And most of that was with China.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce, through state media sources, described talks as “very successful,” adding “we have confidence in the implementation” of what both leaders agreed upon.

But the news of the arrest has angered the Chinese government and likely scrapped any hope of building on the progress POTUS Trump and Xi had made. Beijing, through state-run media, has likened the arrest to a “declaration of war.

It gets worse. Not only does it defy belief that the DoJ was not aware of Meng’s travel, no one from the department bothered to notify POTUS Trump prior to her arrest.

On Thursday, Peter Navarro, the assistant to the president on trade and manufacturing policy, said as much in an interview with Fox Business’ newest host, Trish Regan. 

It defies belief to think that the Justice Department was not aware of the gravity of the situation or the timing of the arrest, though Navarro played his part in the interview with Regan and blew it off as ‘things that happen in a democracy.’

The point is, Regan is correct: In a normal situation, this is a case the president most definitely should have known about — and would have, if his name wasn’t Trump.

The Deep State remains alive and well, and nothing POTUS has managed to do thus far has slowed it down.

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