Crazy Asylum Overload: Ukraine Bans Communism – Goodbye Chinese Investments

LOL, wow Washington is so blatantly imperialist these days, u’d think they’re the neo-fascist Nazis trying to take over Europe and Russia….. oh wait, THEY ARE! 😮

Futurist Trendcast

Ukraine is very actively and aggressively re-writing history!

On April 9 the Kiev Rada equated communism with fascism. Ukraine president Poroshenko announced that Stalin started WWII together with Hitler. All communist symbolism was banned. The leader of the almost illegal communist party of Ukraine, elderly, white-haired Petr Simonenko was arrested and had to endure an 11-hour interrogation at the SBU. Last year, communist faction (the only legally elected, old faction) was booted out of Rada. Simonenko and other communists’ houses were burned down.

Let me remind everyone that the very first thing Hitler did after coming to power was to boot out of Reichstag the very popular communists. Subsequently, German communists were killed or sent to concentration camps. Next, Hitler invaded the rest of Europe.

So, everything communist is bad, right?

All right, then how about Ukraine also demolishes MOST apartment buildings on its territory, since they were built during…

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