ESR 3. OLIGRACH WARS. New Earth Shift Report is Here!

Congrats on releasing your groundbreaking report Lada! I’m really looking forward to reading the in-depth scoop behind who’s really pulling the strings in Ukraine. I know it’ll be explosive, especially telling is video of the prank phone call – a drunken, loose-lipped oligarch Kolomoysky admitting his criminal role/ activities. Washington payoffs, murder, staged coups and Victoria Nuland! Classic!! 🙂

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Dear readers,

Lada’s new EARTH SHIFT REPORT is now available! Click on title below to donate any amount and read!

Please note: the new Earth Shift Reports are available for a donation of any amount. We realize that different people have different financial situations and we want to make sure as many people as possible can read Lada Ray’s reports. Lada makes a lot of information available for free on her blog and YT channel. However, the biggest topics, juiciest news and intel will be reserved for her Earth Shift Reports. The money raised through donations will be used by Lada to continue providing free information and predictions, on site and blog maintenance and security, to expand research and to purchase new audio/video equipment and software for Lada Ray Channel. As Paul Craig Roberts once said, “It’s expensive to think in America.” Well, it’s expensive, time-consuming, dangerous and taxing…

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