Five ‘Raging Grannies’ Arrested In Anti-Shell Protest At Terminal 5


Image via Twitter/@DJackQ13FOX Image via Twitter/@DJackQ13FOX

By Jennifer Sullivan and Evan Bush | Seattle Times

Five members of the Seattle activist group the “Raging Grannies” were arrested by police Tuesday morning during a protest outside Terminal 5.

But it wasn’t easy.

The women, dressed in long skirts and sun hats and sipping from porcelain teacups, were bound together by so-called “sleeping dragons,” makeshift sleeves constructed with materials designed to make their removal difficult and time-consuming.

The “grannies” were part of two simultaneous protests against Shell’s offshore oil rig, which is at the terminal being prepared for Arctic drilling this summer.

While a group of younger protesters camped out on an overpass above, with two heavy oil drums and signs, the grannies chained their wooden rocking chairs together on the BNSF Railway tracks below. The women were also bound together by the homemade arm sleeves.

Seattle police Lt. Jim Arata warned the younger protesters…

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2 thoughts on “Five ‘Raging Grannies’ Arrested In Anti-Shell Protest At Terminal 5

    • There is a movement toward senior activism, because police would less likely beat down a granny. In Ukraine, old women protested the drafting of young people and shamed the police into standing down. Awesome!! More power to the Raging Grannies and senior citizens rock! ❤


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