Obama-Backed Electoral College Coup Underway As CIA Moves In (This Is NOT A Drill)

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obama-ss-window-computer-cdpSource: Elliot Bougis 

This is not gossip.

This is not a drill.

This is real.

This is happening.

Just days before Donald Trump is officially and finally elected by the Electoral College, Lame Duck Obama, the DNC head honchos, and the CIA are staging a coup in the Electoral College. This idea is so arrogant and so dangerous that even liberals acknowledge it.

The goal is the same as always: “Never Trump!”

The challenge is also the same: if he doesn’t get 270 official electoral votes on December 19, he will not be the officially elected President.

The House of Representatives will then choose a President from the possible candidates: Trump, Clinton, or the insidious CIA spook known as Evan McMullin.

As Zero Hedge reports, on Monday the Clinton campaign, by way of its top political adviser John Podesta, promoted the effort by members of the Electoral College…

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