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This week we’ll take a little trip down memory lane and reminisce. Older songs seem more relevant than ever these days and young people are looking to the past for inspiration. Nostalgia is a great way to revisit the past and create the future we wish to envision. Vinyl records are hands-on, tactile, engaging piece of history that is so dear to my heart. And I must admit, the fidelity of these vinyl uploads are amazing! I’m so happy my grandparents decided to keep their record collection and share those memories, meaningful milestones along the way.

Why Vinyl?

Crosby, Stills & Nash – Wasted On The Way  {Label: Atlantic ‎– 4058
Format: Vinyl, 7″, Single, 45 RPM}

Roy Orbison – She’s a Mystery To Me (Vinyl)  {audio-technica atoc9ml/II cartridge & Rega P5 tonearm}   the Big O, making fans swoon for generations to come! ♥ 😉 ♥

♪Heaven please send to all mankind,
Understanding and peace of mind.
But, if it’s not asking too much
Please send me someone to love.♪  –  Sade

The Beatles – And I love Her (Vinyl)

Led Zeppelin LP – Kashmir   ♪… all will be revealed♪

The Doors LP – Back Door Man

Al Green – Let’s Stay Together (vinyl)  {Fat Possum Records 2009 180g reissue vinyl}

Steely Dan – Aja 1977

LOU REED – Walk On The Wild Side (vinyl) 1972

Salvador Dali and Walt Disney’s Destino paired with Massive Attack – Black Milk  {dedicated to Lisa of the Light} ❤

Jeff Beck – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Vinyl)  {recommend headphones, insanely spacious sound field, airily stereophonic}

Simply Red – Holding Back The Years (vinyl)

Steely Dan – Rikki Don’t Lose That Number – First Press Vinyl  

Gershwin / Kostelanetz / Previn, 1960: Rhapsody in Blue – Original Columbia LP

Yaël Naïm – Toxic  {excellent studio recording, fully digital}

Why Vinyl Sounds Better Than CD, Or Not

Whatever format you choose to listen to, please Enjoy! ♥

Keep spinning! :)

Keep spinning! 🙂

Reminisce with:     Bear     Lisa     Johnny     Antanya     Willow

Petition to release Adam Koessler



Adam Koessler is a loving father who was arrested on 2nd January 2015 for administering medicinal cannabis oil to his daughter Rumer Rose after she was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma.
Adams bail conditions prohibit him from having direct or indirect contact with his own child  who is in the Lady Cilento Children’s hospital – South Brisbane. On the 9th January 2015, Rumer was moved to Intensive care after having seizures.

It is inhumane and unjust to keep a parent, who acted out of love for his child, wanting to prolong her life, away from her during such severe illness.
Aside from the excruciating cruelty of eliminating his parental rights set down on his bail conditions, this decision is contrary to what is already known and well documented with respect to the benefits of medical grade cannabis oil.

Adam is due to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates court on the 20th January 2015 charged with possession of a dangerous drug (cannabis) and administering a dangerous drug (cannabis) to a minor under the age of 16.

Medical Cannabis has been legalised in many countries and jurisdictions around the globe. There is ample evidence to show that it has many beneficial effects for cancer patients without the harmful side effects and other associated risks of current drug treatments. In fact working in conjunction with the recommended treatment regime, medical cannabis has also been proven to alleviate these adverse side effects.

Adam Koessler deserves to have his parental rights to see his child reinstated, the charges against him dismissed by a court, and the right to decide the treatment options for his own child.

In the case of Cooper Wallace in Victoria and his parents Cassie Batten and Rhett Wallace.
His parents are no longer being pursued for administering medical cannabis oil which has had a significant positive effect on Coopers seizures, however this family were put through a nightmare that should never have been their burden whilst dealing with a severely ill child.

Medicinal cannabis oil, its supply and use, should be decriminalised in Australia without further delay.

Close to 200,000 Australians support this proposition as evidenced by the Change.org petition in support of Dan Haslam www.change.org/p/jillian-skinner-decriminalise-the-use-of-medicinal-cannabis-for-people-with-terminal-cancer-like-my-son .

Please join our Facebook page to read more. www.facebook.com/adamfearlessfather


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Created January 11, 2015
Adam Koessler

ADAM KOESSLER & RUMER ROSE: Reefer Madness and Australia’s Crime of Ignorance

The real criminals here are the medical industrial complex. To put a price on someone’s health and to capitalize, monopolize treatment is immoral and unjust. Hippocrates is turning in his grace. 😦

Challenging the Rhetoric

adam-koessler-rumer-rose-go-fund-me IMAGE SOURCE: GoFundMe screenshot *click image to donate to Rumer Rose’s cancer treatment

by Cheri RobertsChallenging the RhetoricThe Guerilla Media Network

Recent headlines, although far too few, tell the story of a fearless father and his 2-year-old daughter who suffers from stage 4 neuroblastoma. This young Australian man is trying desperately to save his little girl’s life so, in addition to the medical treatments being provided, he added medicinal cannabis oil to her therapy. After which, according to Adam Koessler, his daughter, Rumer Rose experienced a remarkable reaction to the new treatment,

The results were amazing. What we saw when Rumer was given the medical cannabis oil what nothing short of miraculous. Her cancer ridden little body was alive againRumer had almost instant quality of life…Her skin color came back, her eyes were sparkling againWe were certain after seeing these results that her…

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