The Empire Strikes Back On Super Tuesday & Bloomberg Drops Out

Jacob Ray
Bernie needs to bring up Biden’s deteriorating mental state. If he doesn’t Trump will and he will be re elected.
Texas did an extremely undemocratic move before this: shut down polling stations in minority regions to prevent them from voting.
montetank tankkiller
Biden will defeat himself in the next debate. More time to speak gives him the chance to demonstrate his dementia. Calm down, people. Its not over.
Hippopotamus Anonymous
“Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of ’em are stupider than that.” George Carlin.
The socialist line is KILLING bernie, we need to start calling him an FDR Democrat
If the country needs a 2nd term of trump to show how the democratic party’s philosophy of propping up Hillary 2.0 candidates will never work, then so be it. I know I’m not voting for either biden or trump in the general.
Sara Gallas
Tulsi 2024. She is taking notes on this and kicking some folks in the balls on some serious points. THAT is who I want in charge of my country!
T B That sentiment is also idiotic. The Democratic establishment will do just fine under another Trump term. However, millions of people will lose healthcare and Trump will continue to chip away at the protections and regulations we already have in place, not to mention a solid generational majority on the Supreme Court.

Saagar Enjeti: Biden can’t even speak, can failed Dems save him anyway?

Congrats to former VP Joe Biden, I couldn’t believe that the establishment Dems actually pulled together and coalesced behind one candidate to stop Sanders!

Now Biden vs Trump is a possible reality come Nov. 3! Well done Obama!!


Saagar Enjeti – “Trump is good for business for the Democratic establishment because they don’t have to do anything, but they can claim that they’re fighting for you!”

DNC ELDER ABUSE- Neolib Voltron Assembles

LOL, I really like this girl!


If Biden wins this, Trump will wreck this dude. He’ll end up just telling people to vote for trump when they ask Biden tough questions.
d b
We’re watching our Democratic politicians sell their souls to the corporate establishment in real time … how exciting.
The DNC using superdelegates to try and screw over Bernie: Your votes don’t matter. The DNC making Biden the nominee and realizing he has no youth support: Your votes matter! We need our establishment hack to get rid of orange man!
Ryan Smith
It’s not that the media loves Biden. They just hate Bernie more.